Disfortune-D-beat Noisemarines cdr 2011

Raw D-beat from Bristol, UK: Disfortune is a quartet of crusties and D-beat Noisemarines is their first effort which comes in cdr format and delivers six pieces of raw and distorted D-beat with rough and distorted vocals. The song titles Victims of a Giftgasattack and Straightedge My Arse make things clear: Expect nothing less than endless feed back of noise, empty beer bottles on the ground and a drunk and raw D-beat attack in the vein of Disclose, Giftgassattack, Electric Funeral, Atrocious Madness etc, as they say "We started a band, we stole some riffs, we played like shit,We're alright I suppose, but we're no Giftgasattack", yes they are alright and they fuckin shred, i like this shit. The cdr lasts only seven minutes but this is enough to deafen your ears.

listen in in soundcloud or get it here


Kawakami Nightmare & Nulevoy Effect-split cd 2012

Disclose worship from Belarus/Ukraine vs dark neocrust from Russia: I posted Kawakami Nightmare's demo in here so you can find a lot of info about them, their next release, the spit with D-beat-ers Disgod on Total Punk Records floated very fast on blogsphere (grab it here if you already haven't) and so does their latest work (thanx Eugenio!) which is a split with Нулевой Эффект (Nulevoy Effect) from Arkhangelsk, Russia. This is the best Kawakami Nightmare recorded material so far and delivers their cult for Disclose (a cover of Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare is included as well as Discharge's Always restrictions) in five songs. I don't know anything about Nulevoy Effect, they bring five tracks of dark heavy D-beat influenced crust with screamed vocals in Russian, thick guitars with some emotional melodies popping up (Без Права Дышать) and add the gloomy pessimistic feeling of neocrust genre.
Link is provided by Eugenio of Kawakami Nightmare



The Book of Deadra-Black Sacrament demo cdr (2011)

The Book of Deadra is a black metal duet from Oregon, United States, Pugsly sent a mail with a shitload of information: "Formed sometime around December 2009 as Rectal Discharge and we played Harsh D-beat kinda reminded me of Anti-Cimex's Anarkist Attack ep. We decided we wanted to start something new so we scrapped all of the Rectal Discharge records and changed our name to The Book Of Deadra and wrote out a 3 track demo which is called The Black Sacrament. Our main influences are: The Elder Scrolls I Arena, The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall, The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim... We plan on Recording a full length this summer called The Dark Brotherhood which will consist of 10 tracks rangeing from Grindcore, Death Metal, Black Metal and Crusty Stenchcore". Im not into Elder Scrolls but i have to say this inspiration made them write three pieces of raw black metal, influenced by heavy crust (check Loud Ass Crustie Old Punk ahaha, what a title!!!) and black metal (check Pathetic Christ): (Pugsly)Influences are: Stormcrow,Kult Ov Azazel, Gorgoroth, Axegrinder, Axeweildm Zoe,SKAVEN,Iskra,Xasthur,Poikeus, Death, Suffocation, Possessed,Acid Witch, and last but not least Deviated Instinct and mine(Ian) is Tool, Zoe, Ax7, Hellhammer, Gahlhammer, Traahlhammerin, Gaahlgoroth(Lebanon Oregon 1 man bm),Iskra, Against Empire." The sound is raw as hell with some hints of melody popping up sometimes and the usual high pitched and acid black metal vocals. As of now Ian Lives in Oregon City and Pugsly in Lebanon Oregon playing in Gaahlgoroth 1 man black metal. I believe Ian has started Wood back up again". Give it a listening.



Baltring Terror-2nd demo

Baltring Terror is a trio from (Bretagne?) France and include members of Krevar and Bakounine, this is their second demo which delivers eight tracks of mercilessly tortured noisy D-beat punk: In less than eight minutes they bring some feed back of furious D-beat noise: Pure raw sound, distorted vocals, distorted bass and guitar, noise and noise again recorded in four track and no mastered. I can say Baltring Way of Life is my fav. song. They have one more demo and a split tape/cdr with Dispose from Sweden



Pololtia Micpetlacalli-Chichiquitzatzilztli (2011) & Yeztlichichihualayatl (2012)

Pololtia Micpetlacalli is an one man experimental project from Peru: Alexander (cheers!), the guy who formed PM describes his project as Raw Metal - Noise - Folk and the truth is his music is as strange as the language his sings in: Pololtia Micpetlacalli means forgotten coffin in nahuatl which "is a group of related languages and dialects of the Nahuan (traditionally called "Aztecan") branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family. Collectively they are spoken by an estimated 1.5 million Nahua people, most of whom live in Central Mexico". Its very hard to classify the music, there are not any real instruments here (except percussion) but computer sounds: fast drumming keeps the beat for the extreme noises, there are atmospheric ambient-ish passages here and there or even ballad-like tracks, high pitched acid black metal vocals and lyrics about nature and death. Sometimes it sounds like raw black metal and sometimes goes beyond that. Some tracks are uploaded in Youtube so you can have an idea of what you should expect:here, here, here and there.

Chichiquitzatzilztli (2011)
Yeztlichichihualayatl (2012)


Crypt Of The Zombilord-Untitled cd/tape 2011

No don't get mislead by the name, this is neither goregrind not deathgrind but crusty grind-thrash heavily influenced by old school grindcore and even metal punk: Crypt Of The Zombilord come from Borås, Sweden, they formed in 2011 for the "love of older grindcore and punk/metal bands. It’s not that we wanted to be stuck in the past or glorify it but wanted to do something that had the organic energy and delivery of the bands we grew up with." If you want more details about them, there is an interesting interview in Pest zine, you can visit their facebook, twitter and their blog.
This eight track demo cdr was recorded in summer of 2011 and was released in January 2012, there is a limited to only 50 copies tape version of it (Sacrificial Tapes) . Music wise there are eight tracks "influenced by bands such as NAPALM DEATH, AMEBIX, DISCHARGE, REPULSION, DARKTHRONE and CARCASS": Genres come all in a blending of crust with grindcore and thrash, brutal growls and yelled/shouted vocals all combined in stinking liquid shit in a boiling cauldron in hell. Beats move from mid paced to fast, no blast beating wall of sound in here, sometimes they are more into grind and sound like Obituary (check The Lost Trailblazers) and sometimes they bring some metal crustie parts (Cultural hyphae). This is available from free in their bandcamp but if you want a real copy just contact with the band.
CoZ are included in PUNK AID: JAKARTA CALLING" via Movement Records (Indonesia) and Evacuate Records, their discography also includes a split tape/cdr with F.U.C.K.

get it here


Våldsamt Motstånd-Wermland demo 2011

Våldsamt Motstånd hail from Karlstad, Sweden, the home city of Deathsters Vomitory and this is their third demo recorded and released in spring of '11 in cdr format. They were formed in 2010 and so far they released three cdr demos, Lagen om alltings jävlighet (2010), Högre tempo - djupare gravar (2011) and Wermland (2011). I don't know what they delivered in their first and second demo but with Wermland they bring seven tracks and nearly fourteen minutes of fast käng hardcore/crust reminding of Skitsystem and Bombstrike. All songs are fast minus Normal and Vagval's intro which reminds me of AC/DC (the intro,not the song!), the vocals are yelled with some growls here and there and music wise some (black) metal hints (check Vargad) pop up in the crust mayhem. You need some brutal shit? go ahead and get it!


Aterpe-Aurkitu Bidea (Demo 2011)

Here is a combination of Thailand and Basque punx in a Thailand based band called Aterpe and their two track demo: "we are a Thai-Basque Country band , singing in Euskara the languague of Basque Country , with the help of Thai friends we recorded these 2 songs "Aurkitu bidea" ( find the way ) and "Ukatu ideia"(deny the idea ) , early 7 Seconds style with influence as well from Basque country bands like Ezin Izan or Bap and a touch of crust, with lyrics about finding your way in life and refusing to live by the "normal standards", Aterpe the name of the band means Shelter or Refuge .



Dispor/Tropical Youth-split

This split was kindly offered by the Brazilian punx Dispor (obrigado!) and its their split with their country mates Tropical Youth. Never heard before the bands so both are new to me. Dispor appear in Mix Tape Free Aceh Vol 1, Despite the Dis name (and bringing down my expectations) , they are not a D-Beat band, they deliver four songs of anarcho-hardcore punk with raw sound, dual vocals, fast and mid paced tempos and melodic lines here and there, Tropical Youth bring five songs of fast, violent and thrashing aggressive hardcore which reaches the borders of powerviolence. Download link includes the artwork, lyrics (the singers sing in Portuguese but there is translation in English) and texts for both bands.



Möwer-Demo tape 2011

Möwer come from Pittsburgh USA and this is their four track tape released in the summer of 2011, they tag their music as "d-beat hardcore punk rock and roll thrash-core" and Cvult Nation has a cool review of it: "Black distortion, black feedback, black noize,this sleazy d-thrash band is kick ass plain & simple! This Pittsburgh band does not play their songs, they just fucking charge through them at break bones speed. When I listen to this band, I can hear & see the blackened flame coming off the guitar. MOWER have a couple different tempos to their d-boogie jams: fast, faster & just all out lightspeed, this is the type of music to start your day & you might beat up a cop! (read the whole review here), i don't have to say anything, they said it all (kali dikaiologia e?nai variemai) go and download it.



Wormorot members arrersted by religion police in Malaysia

The religious anti punk shit in South East Asia continues: Singapore's grinders Wormrot were arrested while touring in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities, they were taken into custody from one police department to another and finally they had to pay $950 USD per person and be free, their crime was been unmarried women and men in the same room the same time, this is ridiculous as shit...
the following is taken from Terrorizer mag: "Singaporean grinders Wormrot were arrested in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities.According to the band's Tumblr, Wormrot were playing a New Year's Eve show in Kuala Lumpur. While at their hotel, the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) came into their room. Azean, the band's manager, says:"After several questions and telling us that it is wrong for unmarried Muslim men and women to be in one room, they took our passports and we were taken to the police station to give our statements and call someone to bail us." check the page for more.
Take a look at band's tumblr site, here and read more details about the incident and the situation there about religion matters.
Demo link is taken from Cephalochromoscope blog
Wormrot-demo 2007
Wormrot/Diseptic-split tape


Contort-Endless myopic bastards tape 2011

Endless Myopic Bastards is the second tape of Irish punx Contort, recorded and released in 2011 by Distroy and Headwrecker delivering the same raging noise as they did in An Island of Noise In An Island of Silence. 300 green cassette copies were made and packaged in a nice looking plastic box and the double sided fold out lyric insert you see here and secured with a screen printed wrap around. Music wise it brings seventeen minutes of GAI, Confuse and Gloom influenced noise raw punk and to coin Chris of Agitate zine "..the reverbed vocals..reminding me of 'Perdition' era Disorder", so you know what you get here. There is an entry in Headwrecker blog (here) with some cool details about the band, past tour, etc. Download link is provided by the band.



Menolak Janji Pemimpin-Made In Kilang Demo 2011

Menolak Janji Pemimpin (Rejecting Leaders Promise) come from Malaysia, i don't know anything about these punks, the demo was sent by one of the members (thanx Riq!) and their blog is in their native language: The demo brings five tracks and nearly eighteen minutes of noisy hardcore with angry shouted vocals and political lyrics in English and Indonesian. The last entry in their blog informs "We have been featured in (the 64 band) Free Aceh Punx MIXTAPE Vol.1, a project by Bandung Pyrate Punx Records". Good! Keep it up and stay strong! cheers!



Toke De Keda-Globalizacion assesina demo 2007

Toke De Keda come from Santiago, Chile and this is their demo from 2007 delivering twelve anthems of political anarcho punk despite the "crossover metalpunx" follow to their name in their facebook page. this is all out political punk, with anarchist lyrics about the usual topics, (elections, corporation greed, globalization etc), there are many melodic and sing along parts here and there and the sound is descent. They seem to be very active since they have a bunch of releases under their belt,you can find their catalogue and download links too in their facebook shit, i didn't listen their other releases yet, so i can't tell what's was their direction after Globalizacion assesina, from the myspace tracks is obvious that they walked into crossover/thrash pathway. Anyway this is good Latino American Anarcho punk so give it a listening (link is provided by the band)



Warning//Warning-Nuclear cult (tape,2010)

Let's start the year with something chaotic as hell coming from France and including people from Gasmask Terror:I posted the first tape of Warning//Warning many moons ago (here), this is the second demo tape of Warning//Warning. titled Nuclear cult and released in 2010, and was the follow up to their first tape and My World 7" ( Flower Of Carnage/Kick Rock), 130 copies in red pro-tape were made and sold out, music wise it delivers twelve minutes of totally distorted, raw and chaotic hardcore with full guitar and bass distortion, insane yelled vocals full of reverb and chaotic drumming. This is close to Confuse, Gloom, Giftgassattack, Atrocious Madness and such noisy crashercrust acts. The dnwld folder comes with artwork scans and is provided by the band (actually all dnld links here are provided by the band), enjoy it :)