Wormorot members arrersted by religion police in Malaysia

The religious anti punk shit in South East Asia continues: Singapore's grinders Wormrot were arrested while touring in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities, they were taken into custody from one police department to another and finally they had to pay $950 USD per person and be free, their crime was been unmarried women and men in the same room the same time, this is ridiculous as shit...
the following is taken from Terrorizer mag: "Singaporean grinders Wormrot were arrested in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities.According to the band's Tumblr, Wormrot were playing a New Year's Eve show in Kuala Lumpur. While at their hotel, the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) came into their room. Azean, the band's manager, says:"After several questions and telling us that it is wrong for unmarried Muslim men and women to be in one room, they took our passports and we were taken to the police station to give our statements and call someone to bail us." check the page for more.
Take a look at band's tumblr site, here and read more details about the incident and the situation there about religion matters.
Demo link is taken from Cephalochromoscope blog
Wormrot-demo 2007
Wormrot/Diseptic-split tape

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