Toke De Keda-Globalizacion assesina demo 2007

Toke De Keda come from Santiago, Chile and this is their demo from 2007 delivering twelve anthems of political anarcho punk despite the "crossover metalpunx" follow to their name in their facebook page. this is all out political punk, with anarchist lyrics about the usual topics, (elections, corporation greed, globalization etc), there are many melodic and sing along parts here and there and the sound is descent. They seem to be very active since they have a bunch of releases under their belt,you can find their catalogue and download links too in their facebook shit, i didn't listen their other releases yet, so i can't tell what's was their direction after Globalizacion assesina, from the myspace tracks is obvious that they walked into crossover/thrash pathway. Anyway this is good Latino American Anarcho punk so give it a listening (link is provided by the band)


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