Dispose-Apocalypse of darkness cdr 2010

Dispose hail from northern Sweden and deliver D-Beat RawPunk inferno very close to the vein of Disclose. They formed in 2007 "because off the unfortunate demise of Kawakami" and so far they have released a shitload of CD-R's and tapes. Apocalypse of Darkness came out in 2010 in 100 copies on CD-R format released by Reset Not Equal Zero Records and brings eight tracks of noisy D-takt Råpunk. The usual Discharge logo, the black and white and death & destruction related artwork (also related to Disclose), the raw guitar sound, the d-beat drumming and the war themed lyrics, all are here plus these crazy distorted solos that pop up here and there from time to time, the voice of singer reminds of Fofão and the whole thing is close to Besthoven, Dischange and of course Disclose. Tapenoise distro made 10 copies of this and some tracks are going to be used for a split ep with Displode from France on Smyt Records. Check their site for more info about their numerous releases, finally some vinyl releases by them can be seen on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

how do i download?!?

7inchcrust said...

i fixed it,the link is there now.thanx!

Metal Demo Maniac said...

The D-Beat machine rolls on!! Killer shit! Thanks!!!