Paranoid ( 偏執症者 ) - N.W.O.B.H.M. – Volume 1 & 2 12″ & Hardcore Addict 7"

Paranoid ( 偏執症者 )  just announced the release date of  N.W.O.B.H.M. – Volume 1 & 2 as well the re-release of Hardcore Addict 7". N.W.O.B.H.M.  comes in two pieces of 12" vinyls, including songs from their 7" 's, split 7" 's, compilation and unreleased tracks. Hardcore Addict 7" comes out too with a slight different cover. Release date is March 25 and pre-orders are on. Co-released by D-Takt & Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher
* Hardcore Addict, 7″ (gatefold, black vinyl) – 65sek
* N.W.O.B.H.M. – Volume 1, 12″ (black vinyl) – 130sek
– Destroy Future Less System
– Distortion Faith #1, V/a
– Split w/ Absolut
– Critical Mass #2, V/a
– Cover track
– Previously Unreleased
* N.W.O.B.H.M. – Volume 2, 12″ (black vinyl) – 130sek
– Punkdemonium Hell
– Praise No Deity
– The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat, V/a
– Cover tracks
– Previously Unreleased
* N.W.O.B.H.M. Deluxe bundle (gatefold, limited to 250copies) – 395sek
– Hardcore Addict, 7″ (red vinyl)
– N.W.O.B.H.M. – Vol. 1, 12″ (red vinyl)
– N.W.O.B.H.M. – Vol. 2, 12″ (red vinyl)
– Kaos, flexi (exclusively for the deluxe version)


Glaükoma - Alle Må Dø (demo tape) 2018

This is the first demo tape of raw punks Glaükoma from Belarus. If you are into noisy D-beat raw punk you probably know them, for those unfamilar with the band, Glaükoma hail from Minsk and includes Zheka of Masspollution in their ranks. The cassette was released from Voice from Inside, the band uploaded a 4 track vid in youtube back then and now here's the complete demo. The cassette includes eight tracks, lasts nearly eight minutes and delivers Disclose's worship raw punk.The band wishes to release this as 7 inch and is still looking for label.



Haavat-Demo 1 2019

Haavat is a new band from Norwich UK formed by members of Agnosy, Viha, Deviated Instinct and Revulsion. Demo 1 is obviously the first recorded material of band, recorded at Plug Studios, Norwich UK and engineered by Pete Fellows.
The demo consists of nine tracks and brings female fronted D-beat driven hardcore punk reminding of Viha because of Katri's vocals and her singing in Finnish but also because of Mid's guitar work. This is fast and intense hardcore punk with a slight Finnish flavor. The artwork of cover brings Mid's signature and the whole demo lasts seventeen minutes. The recording is available in bandcamp. First gig of Haavat is with Doom, Agnosy, Myteri (Sweden) and Arboricidio, here


Morbid Scum-Demo tape

Morbid Scum hail from Montpellier, France, they are a stenchcore crust trio and this is their debut demo tape. The band is active since winter 2017/2018 and according to their bandcamp they were active enough in 2018 (they played about 10 gigs). The cassette came out in January '19 and it consists of three tracks and 13:30 minutes running time and brings crust stenchore with old school flavor, heavy D-beat driven crust in mid/fast pace and rough dual vocal attack
The demo is available in bandcamp for streaming/downloading and for orders. Morbid Scum are goin to play in  Montpellier in a few days and then in April they are going to visit Bremgarten in Switzerland and Tübingen in Germany,(check dates in bandcamp)



ANOXIA-Demo tape 2019

Raw punk from Seattle, Washington United States. ANOXIA is a new band, this is their first release and there's nothing on internet informing about them. The cassette tracks were recorded in October '18 and released n January '19, there are seven songs and 13:30 minutes of total running time and the band delivers D-beat raw punk ar its finest with echo-ed vocals and guitar and bass in reverb and distortion. Maybe this is a general description but Anoxia is realy good in what they deliver. I don't see any physical copies for sale around, there' isn't any band site just a babdcamp page, where the demo is available fom streaming/downloading, probably the cassette is available through the band only. All and all, this is an excellent demo, the band recorded and delivers some nice distorted raw punk here, i hope they will record more in futurre.



Nervous SS-7 track ep

Nervous SS is one man band from Skopje, North Macedonia formed by the ex drummer of Disease.  This is the first recording and here there was a helping hand in bass from another guy. The ep consists of seven tracks including a Totalitar cover, it lasts sixteen minutes and delivers kängpunk/raw d-beat punk. There is a Swedish flavor here and the usual aggression and furry of genre and the whole thing is above the middle average of one man bands. Hope to hear more from Nervous SS in the future. Available in bandcamp and youtube



Frantic-Demonstration 2

This is chaotic noise punk from Los Angeles, United States. Demonstration 2 is the second release of Frantic after their 5 track demo from 2018, it comes in cassette format and consists of five tracks of chaotic and filthy crashercrust/noise punk with cacophomous shouted vocals, blasting drums, overdistorted guitars and japanese flavor blended with old school UK grindcore (Sore Throat meets Extreme Noise Terror) reminding of Zynose and Confuse. Five tracks and 8:40" total running time. Available from Soap and Spikes and also in bandcamp

Soap and Spikes


SRÄM - Demo ii

This is D-Beat Crust Punk from Moscow Russia: SRÄM is a new band, they formed in 2018 and include ex members of ГИЗМО, they recently shared the stage with Swedish legends Mob 47 during their Russian Mangel Attack along other local punks.They recorded their first demo in November, 2018, Demo ii is their secord recording, it brings three tracks of rough crust punk and about 6:30 min of running time. This is definitely better than their first recording. Comes with nice artwork (more from the same artist here) and is available in digital format at the moment in bandcamp and Youtube.



Fukker - Demo tape

This is chaotic Raw punk coming from west Australia: Fukker hail from Perth and include members of bands of local scene such as Warthreat, Self Harm and No Future. The demo was self-released, it came out as cassette and is available from Televised Suicide. Music wise it consists of six tracks including one No Fucker cover, it lasts 9:30 minutes and delivers primitive and chaotic raw punk full of distortion and reverb. Still available from Televised Suicide, some copies come with bonus goodies, sticker, patch, pin. Also available in bandcamp and youtube.

Televised Suicide store
Live footage


"Influential, unique, immitated yet mostly butchered and misinterpreted.
After countless months of everyday dedication to preparing this album, we are proud to present it to you. Our take on what Finnish Hardcore is all about and how it's meant to be played in 14 songs sung in Greek, with a Finnish version coming soon." (writting by Terminal Records)
This is pure Finnish punk worship at its finest and comes from Greece: Konnepistooli are going to release their first vinyl on Terminal Records and the label unploaded the greek version both versions of songs in bandcamp, same tracks sung in Greek and in Finnish language. The band delivers excellent Finnish punk in the vein of Rattus, Kaaos and the likes, ast and catchy hardcore punk full of energy, This is the first release of Konepistooli after their demo from 2016. A first taste of whats coming was this Rattus cover a few months ago.
Terminal Records has some other great releases worth to check(in digital format at the moment) such as Trapdoor, Last Rites, etc

Finnish version
Greek version


MORE NOISE FOR LIFE is D.I.Y. festival in Czech Republic raw punk d-beat crust hc/ grind friendly bands, only D.I.Y. punk, no commercial bands will be supported here, no tolerance of sexism, racism, authority and another likewise shit. At the place you´ll find distros, vegan food, included a benefit money box for animal freedom. If you´re got a distro, you´re heartily welcomed, write to email. Everything is done D.I.Y., this way all the money from the entrance goes to the bands for travelling expenses, think of that. No shitty people, no DOGS!

Aback distro records


Disease/Earth Crust Displacement-Split 12'

Here's a massive sonic attack of Raw Punk D-beat noise: Disease and Earth Crust Displacement join forces and deliver a D-beat hell released by the Melbourne based Black Against Night Records. Disease need no introduction, they are one of the best raw punk in Europe, here they contribute six Disbones anthems of chaisaw noise reminding of the Apocalypse of Death era of Disclose. Great as always. Earth Crust Displacement hail from Berlin, Germoney, they started in 2012 and have several releases under their belt, here they contribute seven tracks of raging and filthy raw punk.
The record comes in 300 copies (200 black and 100 gray vinyls), there are also 28 test pressing copies with inverted colour of the artwork,  The record just came out and is available from Black Against Night. Disease are going to a three month tour in Europe for their 'Distort Fucking World' tour, starting in March 9th from their homeplace, Skopje and they are going to visit Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Rep., Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and finally in Serbia in June 1st.

Disease bandcamp
Earth Crust Displacement bandcamp
Black Against Night site

Plaguefiend-Endless Devastation

Stenchcore crusties Plaguefiend from Denmark called it a day. An announcement in their facebook informs that the band cancels all activities because members are too bussy in life and since they are involved in others bands there is no free time for Plaguefiend. Endless devastation is their last recording, this was supposed to come out as split 7" but ended up just in digital format in bandcamp. For those unfamiliar with the band, Plaguefiend was a heavy D-beat driven stenchcore band, formed in Copenhagen in 2014, they recorded a demo in 2015 and an amazing st ep in 2018.
All merch of band will be available from Wargame Records as long as supplies last. Hope to see the band getting back in action sometime in the future since their last ep was a great piece and stenchcore and very promising, anyway enjoy they last chapter of their legacy



Disable-Extinction (tape)

Atlanta's raw punk D-beaters Disable are going to release Extinction, four track cassette on Kiev based label Voice from Inside Tapes. Extinction came out in 2017 as promo cassette, the 2019 release consists of the same tracks, remixed and appearing with different row in tracklist while the cover artwork is the same but edited. The band uploaded the cassette in bandcamp and there's a youtube vid. This is raw punk at its finest where Discharge meets Disclose. Jeremy the guitarist sings in two songs and Ben the bassist sings in the other two. The cassette is coming out in next months in 100 copies

Voice from Inside blog

偏執症者 (Paranoid) / Sex Dwarf - split 7" out soon

Some great news come from Sweden: 偏執症者 (Paranoid) and Sex Dwarf released a new song each band, taken from their upcoming split 7".  Paranoid  side will consist of two tracks, recorded by Jocke D-takt at Studio Mangel, Frösön,. mixed and mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station, one track is available for streaming in bandcamp. The band seems to be very active lately since apart from this split, there is a double lp discography on the works as well a re-release of their debut Hardcore Addict 7".
Sex Dwarf  uploaded one song in their bandcamp too, their side will include three tracks recorded 5 Jan '19. The record will come out in May on D-takt & Råpunk/PND (Europe) and Konton Crasher (US).Cover artwork by L.A. Funeral, there will be 20 copies, 7" of test pressing with alternate cover, 150 copies, of trans-blue vinyl with screen printed tour edition cover, 50 copies of trans-blue vinyl for the mailorder edition and 500 copies, of black vinyl. No pre-orders yet.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) bandcamp
Sex Dwarf bandcamp



"Not wasting any time after their first full-length LP Minneapolis’s GEIGER COUNTER strike back with 4 new tracks on the “Nuclear” EP on Profane Existence. On this release, GEIGER COUNTER pummel us with the familiar barrage of distorted scandi-influenced crust core that we all love, want, and expect from the Minneapolis crust scene.
For those unfamiliar GEIGER COUNTER style wise are reminiscent of late 90’s/early 2000’s greats like STATE OF FEAR, SERVITUDE, & REACT but they also have an obvious love for Japanese hardcore of the same era.
From the artwork to the lyrics and the music itself GEIGER COUNTER’s “Nuclear” EP is a dark, bleak, and desolate trip into our societies unrelenting quest for power and the ever-looming threat of annihilation. While these topics might seem redundant in punk GEIGER COUNTER have a chilling approach that will leave you speechless as your mind travels to dark places considering both our future and the past.
This EP is available on mixed color recycled vinyl or traditional black. Overall we have 8 different color options to choose from!
(text is from Profane Existence's bandcamp)

Profane Existence store


Arseholes - PHL 2019

Arseholes is a Raw Punk band from Philadelphia USA, including members from Pollen, NeverEndind Mind War and Mauser, Nevermind The ****here's The.... was their debut cassette and a blast of raw punk in 2018 on Black Konflik and Sickhead Records. Here we got their fresh new cassette titled PHL 2019, co-released by the same labels and considering the bands members are/were  involved, this ca not be bad: PHL 2019 delivers nearly five minutes of noisy and distorted raw punk of Shitlickers era of Disclose. Wish there were more tracks. Black Konflik run out of cassettes but Sickhead Records still has copies so act fast before its gone. The cassette is available in youtube

Black Konflik
Sickhead Records
Sickhead Records store