D-takt & Råpunk needs help!!!

Jocke from D-takt & Råpunk Records is facing a difficult situation: Records and merch, tour/band gifts and parts of his private collection is totally drenched, ruined, a total loss of 41.200€ / $54.900 / 35.200£ / 5.650.000YEN, Jocke's insurance covers only a small part of this ammount since all stock was located in a storage room so things are really shitty for D-takt & Råpunk.  This is the post about the whole shit in label's blog and this one as well. There is a donation account, here, for people who want and could help financially Jocke's effort to recover from this disaster. Knowing this man's and this label's history is just enough to move everyone to give a helping hand. I don't want to sound moral or whatever, we re living in hard times but a little help is sometimes enough. Best wishes Jocke, have patience and courage.



This is how the shit goes: there will be no more posts/updates, i don't know if this is the swan song of this blog but its surely the last one for this summer, i don't know when i get back and if i ever get back (i will probably come back and will be in autumn or winter). Its been a long time since a part of fun for blogging went away and was replaced by the obligation to post every demo/official release sent by the bands and this noise always being posted the way i did it so far (sitting down and listenig it and writting some crappy reviews instead of just posting it with only a few words above the dnld link), so there was no time left to post favorite or bands that i 'd like to post but honestly and since the majority of recordings send by  the bands was nice and  cool stuff then i could handle it. Recently some shit came up, (talking about family and financial matters) and all energy and strenth to continue was lost, so this is the end or just another blog hiatus, time will tell, hopefully we will meat in a few months


Nuclear Altar-rehearsal

ok, here we are. i got some releases sent by the bands waiting to post but i don't know if i manage to do it soon, i ll try my best and see what will happen, no much free time, no mood and no shit at all. Anyway here go go again: Croatian D-beaters Nuclear Altar entered the studio for some rehearsal, we first met them in the nine track Blessed Ruins, this recording was a really nice surprise to me and later these tracks appeared in the Nuclear Altar/Hellback split tape on Mentalna Smrt 'zine. Here we got them in a rehearsal sometime in April '14, they practice on three new tracks titled Slavonian Funeral, Ghostblood Rituals and Reaper's Cross. The first two tracks seem to bring down the pace while the last one is a typical D-beat crusher, hope to see these in a new release soon along with more songs.


Genocidio Chimico-Demo 2014

Genocidio Chimico (Chemical Genocide) is a quartet from Italy and this is their first demo, released in 2014: "We are 4 guys from Teramo (Italy), ex members of local grindcore and hardcore bands like Bloodraised, Mestruophagia, SpermBloodShit, Mud and Slowly Suffering... In Febrary 2014 we formed Genocidio Chimico. We have a DIY attitude and in April 2014 we recorded our first demo in our rehearsal room, mixed and mastered at home. Our lyrics are inspired by social ills, ridiculous stories of murders, our pessimistic view of the world in the future, the current state of deterioration in Italy." The demo was recorded during March and April of '14 and consists of nine tracks of rough crust with hardcore flavor, shouted vocals and D-beat driven force. Lyrics are in Italian, download links are provided by the band. Check a brief history of band in their site and also their songs in ReverbNation,  Youtube and farcebook. Apologies to the band for the delay.


Diskobra/Displease-Displit 2014

This is the Diskobra/Displease split which comes as cd and cassette on Trismus Records. Diskobra is familiar to the blog visitors since i have posted their previous releases (Demo 2013 and A Diskobra visszatér tape from 2014), this is not their last release since the Distorted Minds In A Sick World 4-way split lp w Final Slum War, Fear Of Extinction, Diskobra, Krueger just came out on Rawmantic Disasters. In this split they contribute four songs of their Discharge worship, same as their previous releases but the fact is that they are getting better and better in each new release. This is in the vein of Distress, Dischange, Varukers, Disaster, Discard, Dispose (from Slovakia) and such bands. Displease come from Ukraine, don't know much about them, they released a cd in 2010 titled Think! on Trismus and Miravoice and they are going to release a split with Besthoven. Here they deliver four tracks of D-beat in the vein of Avskum, with a slight metal flavor. Its really great to see there this punk life in this fucked up country who's in war and while nazis are on the rise.The split comes out as tape (60 copies) and cd and includes the lyrics. All and all this is a nice D-beat release and as the Trismus description says "If you miss technial riffs, ultra fast solos, well... Listen to something else", this is for pure D-beat lovers. No need to say more shit, go and get it. Download link is provided by the bands.



Ahna/Contorture-split 7"

This is the Ahna/Contorture-split ep, co-released by Neanderthal Stench Records (Belgium), What Is Making Us Sick (Canada), Active Rebellion (UK), and Into the Abyss (Austria).  Ahna was always a secret to me despite the many releases under their belt, until recently when i discovered them in their split with Cetascean (posted here). Here they contribute two heavy as hell songs of death metal driven crust, influenced by early Bolt Thrower, the first song has shouted/yelled vocals instead the usual deep low growls but that works really nice too. The brutal growls return in the second track and add some more goughness in band's sonic inferno, the heavy crust in well mixed with hints of doom/drony and punk-hardcore and deliver a piece of heavy and deathly pimitive crust created by a bassist and a drummer. Heavy as hell stuff. Contorture from Sweden is an all girl band connected with other bands such as Agrimonia, they formed a few years ago back in 2009 and released a six track demo and later the amazing Who's in Charge lp, here they contribute four songs of fast and raw D-beat crust following the Swedish tradition and deliver relentless D-beat full of manic wrath and power and raging vocals, their songs are short as fart, hardly make it over one minute. This is really great stuff that delivers the goods. I don't know who's side to preffer. both sound nice to my ears. Both bands uploaded their songs on bandcamp (along with their complete discograhies).

Contorture side
Ahna side


Doomed Again/Παροξυσμός-Doomed Paroxysm split 7"

This is the upcoming split ep with Doomed Again and Παροξυσμός, two bands from Greece that are familiar to this blog frequenters since i have posted their previous works: Doomed Again come from Thessaloniki and include members of Slaktgrav and Head Cleaner, they released Democracy R.I.P. cdr a few months ago (posted here). Here they deliver four tracks of D-beat crust, simillar to their first cd and slightly reminding a D-beat version of Napalm Death with brutal deep low vocals reminiscent of Barney's singing style. Short songs, metal flavored guitar sound, fast yet steady beat pace and sociopolitical  lyrics. Παροξυσμός started as one man band under the name Diseptic and released a split tape with Wormrot (posted here) and later was transformed into Παροξυσμός as one man band and released Χημικά Κατάλοιπα (Chemical waste) demo, Gods of Oblivion 7" and in this split it became duet with a third person doing some vocals in one song, future plans include a 12" lp with the Για πάντα στο σκοτάδι (Forever in darkness) cover songs digital release which appeared only on youtube (here) and the tracks from Χημικά Κατάλοιπα which came out only as digital release on bandcamp. Here they contribute three tracks influenced by the greek crust scene of '90's (Naytia, Panikos, Ashen Breath, Chaotic End etc). Fast, aggressive and thrashy crust with rough yelled vocals that sounds like a Chaotic End revival. Overall this split is a great piece of crust with each band delivering the goods in its own way  (Napalm Death and metal edged vs thrashy crust). Doomed Paroxysm will come out in a couple of months on  Clean Head Productions and Screamings Victim Recs

Doomed Again side
Παροξυσμός side


Bombardeo-D-beat purista punk

Bombardeo is a D-beat duet from Santiago, Chile and D-beat purista punk is their first release, released and distributed by Sin Futuro Diskos. The band is a side project and includes two members of Estereotipo Degollao (both ED releases are posted here and there). As the name of title and the cover artwork aesthetic reveals, D-beat purista punk consists of D-beat and a pure worship of  Discharge, Anti Cimex and Disclose: There are seven tracks here, four own songs and covers of Discharge and Destrucciön and Olimpo Dis as well which is a short of medley and lyric wise repeats the titles of some classics (Protest to survive, Hear Nothing, see nothing sea nothing, When the innocent die, Once War Started.). The sound of recording is raw but descent and the lack of bass is not noticable, lyrics deal with war and its horror (Bombardeo translates bombing). There is no any reinvention of (D-beat) wheel here, these guys just pay homage to their influences and deliver the same shit brought by myriads of other Dis bands and managed to keep it in a descent level, nothing more and nothing less than this, so D-beat lovers this is for you. Hope to hear new songs by them soon. D-beat purista punk is available for free on bandcamp (along with the lyrics in Spanish) and there also is a download link provided by the band. No more ranting, go listen it.


Disprazer-Oriente Médio 2011

Here we go again, some really bad shit happened and i had to have this break, i don't know if i 'll manage to update the blog in regular basis from now on but i can only promise to do my best in posting all bands that have send their work. Apologies to all for the delay but we are back so lets roll it: Disprazer come from Brazil, they were born from the ashes of Fatal Conflict, they are a long running band but only in recent years they recorded some shit: They formed in 2001, they got more serious as band in '03 and later in 2008 they recorded a 13 track demo which included covers of Discharge, Lixomania,Colera and Restos De Nada. In 2009 they released the Middle East cdr and Oriente Médio in 2011. They recently appeared in Freedom Punker Vol 18 comp. If you are good in Portuguese take a look at these interviews in Sohno Negro and Zine Punx Caoticas and you will learn more details about them.  Oriente Médio came out as cdr and consists of eleven tracks blending their influences from Brazilian scene with European bands especially from UK's scene of '80's and delivers wrathful old school hardcore with filthy and raw sound quality and the usual D-beat, lyrics are in Portuguese and deal with topics such as war, death, life in punk subculture etc, the cdr lasts nearly 22 minutes. All and all this is old school flavored hardcore with loads of nostalgia for the '80's hardcore. Thanx to the guy who uploaded in youtube



Doom Live @ Plan B, Moscow Russia April 4, 2014

Doom were on the road during the last months and after the release of Corrupt Fucking System lp, they visited Indonesia, Australia and unleashed their crust inferno, recently they visited Russia and here is their full set @ Plan B club in Moscow in April 4, 2014. One hour of Doom's crust with old classics and songs from their latest lp. Many thanks to Olemus Olemus who filmed the gig,  The quality of video is decent, Enjoy it! I don't know why the blogger doesn't allow me to embed the one hour vid, the one you see above and is from another user and lasts 9 minutes, click HERE to watch the complete set


Crotchmutt-V Series demo

Crotchmutt (whats the meaning of this?) come from Toronto, Canada, they are a new band who formed sometime in 2013, V Series is a five song demo recorded a few months ago, the bandcamp link appears on their farcebook wall as four track  album in December '13 and later six as track album while currently it consists of five tracks. Anyway V-Series delivers rough old school primitive D-beat coming straight from the eighties and influenced by the usual suspects: Discharge, Anti Cimex, Varukers, Doom etc especially from Anti Cimex since they sound like early Anti Cimex and they also cover two classic tracks, Progeria Power and Warmachine. The sound is raw and rough but listenable, there are rough vocals and fast yet steady pace for the drumming, the Anti Cimex tracks are decently butchered with Warmachine being my favorite track of demo. Not any reinvention of wheel, just pure rough D-beat and '80's worship. I don't know if this comes out as cdr or tape, it is available on bandcamp for your listening ear tortment. Apart from V Series they have a live recording with Discharge covers, available on bandcamp too, there. There is a video from their appearence in Springbash in 2013 among other bands such as Silent Order, Lost Youth and others, check it here. No more ranting go get it.



Dypnea/Unfit Earth-split lp

"Dyspnea from Tyrnavos (Greece) strike back following a six year long hiatus! It is noted that their split ΕΡ with Nakot was the first release by Scarecrow Records in 2007. Five gloomy and depressing crust songs composed during the past few years and recorded one afternoon in May 2013. Unfit Earth from Volos (Greece) present three heavy metallic crust songs recorded in spring 2013. Jaw-dropping artwork by the "almighty" Admczeroseven and mastering by Dan/Mammoth Sound Mastering. 500 copies on black vinyl. Dyspnea deliver excellent heavy & dark crust in the vein of Ictus, Dagda and Leadershit and also add a personal touch of bleakness & despair that transform into feelings of anger and vegeance through their lyrics. Unfit Earth go for a more old-school approach of the term “crust” sounding at times like a hybrid of Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death whilst not being afraid to throw some slow tunes here and there that bring to mind Fall Of Efrafa."
All these infos come from the labels pages and couldn't said better what we got here, just to say that Unfit Earth's first release was the split 7" with Dirty Wombs (listen here, download it here) while Dyspnea have a couple cdr releases. posted by Crustcracker. This is co-released by the bands and the following labels/distros: Sabrota DIY, Scarecrow, Scull Crasher Records, Weird Face Productions, True To The Game Records, We Don’t Fight It. Score a copy and listen it on bandcamp and soundcloud

and here and there


Cetascean/Ahna-Imperial Decline split lp

My apologies to the guy from What Is Making Us Sick for the delay but it is better late than later :). Here we got two Canadian bands, Cetascean come from Winnipeg, to be honest i never heard about them before, they have released a self-titled 7" on Mercy of Slumber and  the Crows 10" on Mercy Of Slumber, What Is Making Us Sick and Phobia Rec.s. Ahna come from Vancouver, British Columbia, they started as a duet and later they added a guitar player, they have a shitload of releases under their belt. check their bancamp for more and their interview with many many details about them, for Profane Existence. Imperial Decline was co-released by Profane Existence, Phobia Rec.s, Neanderthal-Stench, Doomed Society, What is Making us Sick and Mercy of Slumber, with such labels behind it, this record can't be bad: Cetascean start with a fast but heavy crust/stencore thunder which connects the band with hteir previous releases though the real face in this record is revealed in the second track where the band slows down tha pace: Simian is a heavy stenchcore song with slow/midpaced first half part that gets fast yet steady in the end. the rest songs move in the same pathway of heavy stenchcore with hints of sludge and hardcore. After a listening to their previous releases the process of leaving pure crust areas and reaching heavier, doomy and stenchore territories is obvious and thats what their side reflects here. On the other side of vinyl, Ahna deliver heavy and brutal crust inspired by the demo recordings and In Battle There is No Law sessions of Bolt Thrower: Heavy as hell death metal driven crust with deep low throaty vocals (and some screamed backing vocals here and there), thick metal edged guitar and mid paced/fast drumming, the whole thing reminds of early Bolt Thrower, a hell of deathly crust massacre at its best. Lyric wise and as the description in Profane Existence site says "the record delivers thought provoking themes critiquing imperial war mongering, weapons manufacturing, vivisection, environmental annihilation, neo-colonialism, and systemic oppression within and outside the DIY punk community". Good.. good! I said too much.... The record is available via the labels, the seven songs of split are on bandcamp.

there or here/there


Ssyndrom-Demo tape 2014

Ssyndrom is a raw D-beat punk quartet from Sacramento, California and include members of Side Effects, Crour, Beer Junkies and Earslaughter, this is their first demo tape, released by Shithammer in 2014. The cassette contains four tracks and nearly seven minutes of raw punk, similar to the other Shithammer releases and heavily influenced by Shitlickers and Anti-Cimex. They describe their band as "Raw D-beat punk reminiscent of Anti-Cimex / Shitlickers with hints of Disorder, wildly blunt angry lyrics depicting the decay of one's self, to the atrocities of killing in the midst of war and revolution". The sound is raw and primitive but delivers the goods, the vocalist has a nice voice and reminds of Jonsson, in Nanking Contest and especially in War Torment his voice and the songs sounds like a forgotten recording of Anti Cimex from early '80's. Overall this is a little shit of noise which walks the same path of '80's worship just like countless other D-beat bands and pays homage to Anti Cimex and Shitlickers legacy, wish only there were more songs here. There is a little confusion about where they come from, in their farcebook they say Sacramento but Shithammer says they are from Oakland.The demo is available on band's and Shithammer's bandcamp (that label has released some killer tapes:Bombsplinter, Deras Krig, Ssyndrom, really great work!). Anyway no more blurb, go and listen it.

here and there


Wagars-Sidrabenes lāsts

Latvian black metallers/crust punks Wagars strike again with Sidrabenes lāsts, their fresh new release after the eponymous cd,(posted here) which was awarded as the Best Debut of 2013 at Latvia’s Metal Music Awards (an annual event which took place earlier this year in Riga at “Melnā Piektdiena” club.). This thing sounds strange for a crust related band but wtf here is Sidrabenes lāsts: The title  refers to one of the pre Christian castles destroyed by crusaders twice in the territory of today’s Latvia. The recording is currently available on bandcamp and there is no any release in physical copies. The release consists of ten tracks and this time there is translation of lyrics in English. Music wise they seem to made a step closer to metal area and this is obvious in most of songs but they kept the crust flavor and the D-beat driven force that appears in a nice way in tracks such as Zem Sventes, Dārd debesu pamale and Nemiera ugunsputns while in Bezgalīgā ātrumā they sound like covering an Altare demo song. The vocalist is completely in the black metal territory and the lyrics deal with ecological issues, admiring nature power, downshifting movement (as they said in their post in Anarcho-Punk Net. All and all this is a nice follow up to their first cd, maybe less primitive and rough since they worked on sound quality and added some melody in some songs. I preffer the D-beat driven songs and  Bezgalīgā ātrumā which tends to be my fav. from this release. As i said this is on bandcamp. wish 'em to release it as cd soon.



Krigblåst-Power till Demise

Back in 2012 i posted three demo tracks by this band named Krigblåst when i accidentally found them on ReverbNation, the band was formed by members of Final Conflict, Leftover Crack and Phobia. Power till Demise is their next recording and currently only in digital format, available on Soundcloud while a new 7" titled Hell to Pay comes out in a few days, released by Bloody Scythe Records. The prelude of  Power till Demise is an epic acoustic intro for the first track, Burn It All which soon turns into a crust thunder that could be recorded by Wolfpack during the sessions of New Dawn Fades or Bloodstained Dreams. I think that describes it all, Krigblåst are heavily influenced by Wolfpack and Wolfbrigade and thats what they deliver here: D-beat crust punk with powerful shouted vocals, catchy guitar riffs with a slight metallic flavor and with great melodies in the leading parts that some times get very clear (Watch Them Die) but the same time they keep the heaviness in line. The demo tracks are included here, the singer has a great voice and in any case he doesn't reminscent Jonsson or Micke. The sound quality is excellent and the whole recording last for nearly 24 minutes. Overall this a great piece of melodic crust known by Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Wolfpack etc but their eye is on the Sweden's side and not US. I can't find a song inferior to the others, all stand equal and in high level. As i said Power till Demise is available on Soundcloud,  its worth and hope to see this coming out as vinyl. And don't forget Hell to Pay 7", it comes out in a few days in only 300 copies (66 white vinyl).



Absolut-Punk Survival lp

One more post about Absolut, they come from Toronto, Canada and include members of Rammer, Saigon Distress Signal and others, I have posted their Insane Power Demos and 1st Demo tape, now and after these two demo releases they make a step and release their first lp titled Punk Survival on Electric Assault Records. Knowing what they delivered in their demos makes things clear of what Punk Survival contents:  Frantic and relentless raw D-beat punk in nine songs and having its inspiration in Swedish (Anti-Cimex) and Japanese (Gauze, Nightmare) scene. Sound wise, the production is better than the demos and delivers the chaos, the singer's voice is rough and full of echo, the bass is heavy, the guitar is thick and drawn in reverb and distortion, there are some insane solos that pop up from time to time and along with the echo-ed shouts/screams create a vicious veil over the D-beat mayhem. All songs stand in the same level, no fillers here.This is for fans of  Nomad, Koward, Kozmar, Kromosom, Leprosy, The Helpless,Warvictims, Dropend etc etc, really good stuff equal to these bands. The record is available on Electric Assault bandcamp and for physical copies contact with the label. Electric Assault is a small label based in Broklyn, NY and so far they released several records for bands such as Creep, The Golden Grass, Zex and others.