Human Fault - Zjevné Předurčení 12" LP

Human Fault come from Czech Republic and Zjevné Předurčení (Obvious Predestination) is their new LP, released by Aback distro/label: The band is active since 20011 and after years of playing, the band was completely honored to release their first vinyl record, featuring 11 sharp hc/punk shots into the human race with critical lyrics that have something to say especially in this ultra busy time of fucking celebrities and consumerism society, where the main interest are profits of corporations. Musically there is influence of pre-revolutionary, Czechoslovak bands of the 80's. Years full of melodic guitar tone and choral singing in music. The recording runs as a well oiled machine and is seems to be over in just a snap of the fingers with the sound of Davos studio. The record offers an honest representation of what the band has worked on over the years into the world without any inhibitions. It comes as colored red vinyl with black splatters. 525 pieces made, no limited edition, no creation of false privileges, equality for everyone in and outside punk!
The record is available in soundcloud


Metachrist - Plays Anti Cimex

This is the 4rth release of Canadian old school stenchcore crusties Metachrist, the band formed in the fall of 2019 and self-released four cassettes. In this latest recording they recorded the entire Rapped Ass and Victims of a Bomb Raid 7"s of Anti Cimex  and bring them in cassette format too. The Anti Cimex classics are properly mutilated and delivered with Metachrist's filthy, heavy and primitive '80's UK crust sound. Available in bandcamp and as cassette from the band

Convince - Russian Jawbreaker

Convince is a D-beat crust punk band from Moscow, Rusia, they formed about a decade ago and have several releases in their discography.  Russian Jawbreaker is their latest release, it consists of re-recorded old songs which marked the beginning of band 's history. The band delivers D-beat crust punk remindiing of Anti Cimex of the era of Absolut Country of Sweden and Scandinavian Jawbreaker. There are 7 tracks with excellent sound quality, interesting and non one dimensional D-beat driven Crust punk with rough vocals in Russian language. This is currently available in bandcamp


Concrete Sox - Sewerside CD

UK hardcore/crust band Concrete Sox was formed in the early 80's, their third album Sewerside comes out for first time on CD as a reissue from the vinyl released in 1989. Sewerside continues in the noisy thrash tradition of the previous lps, but this time increasing speed,metallic and raw, even you can feel the influence of early grindcore in some riffs and drum beats.One of the best bands of the late UK 80's scene, next to Heresy, Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, and Ripcord.Released by Black Konflik Records


Instinct? - Pray to Death

Brutal and ferocious raw punk from Philadelphia, United States: Instinct? is a new band and Pray to Death is their first recording, there is absolutely nothing about them or their recording on internet but a page in bandcamp.
Pray to Death is a punch in the face, a sonic storm of distorted D-beat it 5 tracks and lasts for 7:25"delivering primitive and chaotic raw punk in the vein of Doom and Extreme Noise Terror, This is brutal as can be. Listen it in bandcamp



Nervous SS ‎– Future Extinction LP

Nervous SS started in Skopje about a year ago with the 7 Track EP being their debut recording, the band was formed by the former drummer of raw punks Disease, it started as one man band and later with the addition of another guy on bass duties.
Future Extinction is the 2nd release of the band, it comes out as vinyl by D-Takt & Råpunk Records in 350 copies (250 black and 100 blue vinyls) and follows the same pathways as the 7 Track EP:  Future Extinction is away from the Disease legacy and delivers kängpunk/D-beat punk, primitive and raw, sometimes brutal and sometimes catchy. There's a strong Totalitär influence all over the record as well a cover song. The record comes with booklet, is lengthy since it lasts over 32 minutes,available for srteaming in bandcamp and for sale from the band,the label and other distros


COTÄRD - Ep 2020

This is the second recording by D-beat punks COTÄRD from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This is a short of promo since the band says cassette release will come out soon and "Dedicated to all those people out there who suffer from mental disorders". The EP delivers 3 tracks of noisy raw punk, recorded and mixed by Yair Lopez in Domsday Records, January 2020, Mexico City.,m astering by Lenin Rojo, available in bandcamp


Löckheed - Conflict Delirium 7"

Löckheed's debute cassette was a brilliant piece of D-beat kängpunk and stands among the top demo releases of 2019. The band comes from Santa Rosa, California and  includes members of bands such as Korrossive, B-Ward, Riita, Deras Krig and Argentavis.
Conflict Delirium is the second release of Löckheed, it will come out as  7" in March 20th by Blown Out Media in 300 copies, 200 of black and 100 pieces of transparent blue vinyl. 4 songs run the sides of vinyl which comes housed in in glue-pocket sleeve featuring artwork by @archaicfilth. There will be a double sided insert with lyrics, photos and artwork.
One track is available for streaming in band's and Blown Out Media bandcamp and be prepared for Löckheed's early Disfear, Discard and Dischange worship to bash your ears.  This is the first 2020 release for Blown Out Media, a label that has released some great noise from bands such as Röntgen, Disapprove, Syrgas, Step to Freedom and Project GBG
Blown Out Media bandcamp
Löckheed  bandcamp
Blown Out Media bigcartel


Mobattack - Warfare

Warfare is the fresh new recording of  D-beat punks Mobattack from Riverside, California, USA. The band started nearly a decade ago and have several releases under the belt (a couple of cassettes, the split cd/lp with Disease and The side effects of war). Warfare consists of 7 tracks and lasts nearly 16 minutes and this is probably the best Mobattack recording so far:D-beat raw punk at its finest with fully distorted guitar and bass, amazing D-beat work on drums, shouted vocals full of anguish and wrath and lyrics about the usual topics.
The sound of recording is raw and primitive the way should be. Warfare is available in digital format in Goat Farm Studio bandcam page, (Goat Farm Studio is the studio the band recorded the tracks), hope to see a physical format release coming out
Goat Farm Studio bandcamp


Affect - Fucked Reality CS

This is kängpunk at its finest: Affect come from Varmland County, Sweden and in summer of 2019 they recorded Profit Victims, released as cassette by Black Konflik. Fucked Reality is band's send release, it comes as cassette and once again, Black Konflick is behind the release.
Profit Victims was an excellent piece of Swedish D-beat, Fucked Reality  continues in the same high levels of quality and delivers 5 tracks and nearly 11 minutes of Disclose worship in a total distort brutal Hardcore mangel. Available from Black Konflik as pro cassette
Black Konflik store
Affect bandcamp


Klonns - Vvlgur CD

Tokyo's new generation of Blackened Noise Violence Hardcore KLONNS, release new noise titled Vvlgur and it comes as CD for 2nd time, 1st time it was released from BANDCAMP BLACK HOLE, the new CD  consists of the four songs of Vvlgur EP,  furthermore there are 3 songs recorded for the split EP with Granule and 12 live tracks, recorded in several gigs in 2019. All this ear damaging material comes as cd by Black Konflik. A discography cassette of Klonns was released in 2019 by Sickhead Records from Malaysia
Black Konflik store

Black Uniforms - Straight edge my ass CD

Black Uniforms need no introduction and here's something by them: Orignally released as 16 track cassette in 1990 by Strul Tapes, Straight edge my ass sees the light of day again, this time as cd released by Black Konflik including 5 extra songs. This is the 2nd time Black Konflik re-releases a Black Uniforms release,after  Splatter punx on acid as cd in 2019.
Black Konflik store


Svaveldioxid - Dödsögonblick CS

Svaveldioxid's Dödsögonblick was one of the top kängpunk releases of 2019, recorded at Studio D-takt in June 2018 it was released as vinyl in 2019.a couple of weeks ago Janne Jutila finished a new mix of the tracks and according to the band, it sound even better than the vinyl release. The band decided its good enought to be released, so Headnoise Records and Distro will release it as cassette. The new mix is already available in band's bandcamp


Filthscum - Scumdog

one man army here: Filthscum hail from Zofingen, Switzerland, started in 2019  and Scumdog is the debut recording, available in bandcamp. There are five tracks and 11:20" of D-beat crust full of energy and power with fast paced D-beat druming and crunchy guitars, angry shouted vocals and the whole shit reminds of Driller Killer. This is great and much better than what you expect. There is a cdr version of the tracks. The good news is Filthscum is in the process of recording 14 tracks so new noise will be unleashed soon. After Nervous SS latest lp, Filthscum is another surpsrise in the one man army ares. As i said this is in bandcamp for your listening pleasure (or contact for a cdr copy)



CADÁVERES PODRIDOS is a punk band from Maracaibo, Venezuela incl. Juan from Doña Maldad and Mar De Rabia. Viva Nada is released by Aback distro in 300 copies of red and  black editions of vinyl and there's also a cd version. The bandbrings eight tracks of punk with strong South American taste and a post punk feeling, blending power and despair, anger and depression, wrath and pain. Lyrics deal with the political situation in the counry and in the South American continent . The tracks of Viva Nada were mastered at Bomb Factory in North London. The record is available via Aback distro as well other distros (google it!) and is avalable for streaming in bandcamp.
Mar De Rabia one of the bands Juan is involved, is going to tour in Europe this summer, in some concerts will play also as a Cadáveres Podridos


Bozgor - Pénzenergia

Bozgor was a short lived D-beat band from Szombathely, Hungary, formed by members of Gipsy SS and Önkiirtás. Pénzenergia is the one and only recording of the band, it is uploaded in bandcamp and it came to my attention after Diskobra posted about it in farcebook.  Pénzenergia (money power) delivers 8 tracks and 12:20" of  D-beat with the appropriate aggression and power needed for the genre. D-beat drums, agry shouted vocals in reverb, disrtored guitars delivering three chords riffs and pummling bass. Available in bandcamp and Youtube


Nightfeeder - Rotten Demo

Nightfeeder is a new band from Seattle, Washington, USA formed by 4/5 of Deathraid members. Rotten demo is their debute recording of 8 tracks incl. a Missbrukarna cover, currently available in bandcamp. Recorded during summer and fall 2019, it will come out as cassette in March. Awesome D-beat crusty hardcore in Deathraid'd vein, you can listen it in bandcamp and Youtube