Disanxian-The Greatest Outrageous Famine (cd/tape)

ok, this is not new release, comes from 2017 and the country of origin is China: The band is Disanxian (地三鮮) and The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道) came out as cassette and cd from Stoner Poem Productions and TIC (sublabel of  Dying Art Productions). Disanxian was born in Shenzhen city from the ashes of a band named Sick Reaction and includes people from Italy, Japan and of curse from China. Devoted to DIY spirit, they started their D-Zine webzine in 2016 (read here), the guitarist runs his one man project (here).
The Greatest Outrageous Famine  “is based on the famine “大飢荒” of China during the 1950’s using the punchline of Takeshi Kitano’s famous film Outrage (極惡非道)”. Music wise it consists of 14 tracks of Crusty Hardcore Punk including Discharge and Cryptic Slaughter covers. The release is lenghty enough since lasts nearly 28 minutes, the sound is raw and primitive, the D-beat driven force fuels the songs with energy. Do not expect top level production since the band says "in general we did this all lo-fi, low-cost and totally DIY." I don't know if the band is still active since in their bandcamp they say ""Disanxian was..", anyway give it a listening and watch them on stage in a full set vid, here



Unfair-Industrial collapse (tape)

D-beat from Kingston, Ontario, Canada: Industrial collapse  is the second release of D-beaters Unfair, right after the Holy Weapon of Peace earlier this year. There is not any information about the band, not any site, fb etc. Both of their releases came out in 2018 as cassettes on Portland based Go! Records. Industrial collapse comes in white tapes, brown covers and consists of six tracks and nearly nine minutes of old school D-beat punk. This sounds like a  blending of Discharge and Doom and could have been recorded back in early-mid '80's. Good shit! Cassette is available from Go! Records, also available for streaming in bandcamp

Unfair bandcamp
Go! Records bamdcamp


Insolent Wretch-Insane Civilized (Demo cd/tape)

D-Beat Raw Punk from Tampa, Florida, United States:  The band is totally a secret since there isn't any info on the web about them, Insane Civilized is currently available in digital format and soon will come out as cd and cassette.  It  consists of four tracks that run for eight minutes and brings old school flavored raw punk delivered in the usual stantards of noise and aggression. Not any reinvention of wheel, just simple and pure noisy raw punk, the way it has to be delivered. Currently in bandcamp and Youtube, wait for physical releases to pop up soon



D.N.A-Retrospective cd

D.N.A was formed in Sweden in the early eighties same time and along with Anti Cimex, Disarm, Shitlickers etc.They played in shows during these times and shared same stage in Sweden, they made several recordings, some were released and some not. This cd is a collection of all their material from this period. The vocalist of the band was Nillen, Anti Cimex member in the early demo and first 'Anarkist Attack' 7".
Retrospective brings classic 80's Swedish Hardcore Horror!, its a complete discography with 18 chaotic tracks taken from rare demo's, A Trip To The Land Of The Dead...And Back 12" , The Halloween Tapes 7" EP , Really Fast Compilation and Live. Released by Black Konflik in 500 copies.

Black Konflik store
A Trip To The Land Of The Dead...And Back 12" 
the Halloween tapes 7"


COTÄRD-Demo cd

This is Raw Punk from Mexico: COTÄRD is a new band from San Luis Potosí and here's their debut demo cd, co-released by Dogma Destroyer Rec.s, Exabrupto Rec.s  & Distro., Life In Disaster Rec.s and Mundo En Kaos Rec.s. The demo lasts twenty minutes, it consists of seven songs and delivers raw punk/kängpunk at its finest reminiscent of bands such as Warvictims, Electric Fineral and the likes. Pure D-beat with distorted three chord riffs and rough vocals. Recorded at Nebula Estudio, San Luis Potosí, mixing and mastering by Mattias Persson @Sceleris. Malmö, Sweden. artwork by Egor Korolevitch. All and all, this is an excellent piece of noise and hope to hear more by  them. Also available for streaming in bandcamp


Diisbomber-A Result Of War

Diisbomber is a new D-beat duet from Denver, Colorado, USA and yes its Diis and not Dis-name,  and this is their first demo, currently in digital format in bandcamp. A Result Of War delivers three songs, including Discharge's Always Restrictions classic and lasts nearly six and a half minutes and brings old school flavored D-beat. Not any reinvention of wheel here but nicely delivered D-beat the way it has to be. Sound quality is excellent and lyrics deal with anti-war, peace and equality. Wish only there were more songs here. Asi said this is currently available in bandcamp, hope so see a release in physical format



Disarm-Discography 1982-1987 (tape)

Another killer cassette release from Black Konflik and this time its one of the legendary kängpunk bands of '80's Swedish sene: Disarm complete discography 1982-1987, songs are taken from "Domd" EP, "Regeringstodda Mord" EP, "Last Studio Recording", "Demoversion", " Really Fast 3 Comp", "Live Jarva Folketspark", and "Live Birkagarder" track.
The 32 tracks discography was originally released as cd and vinylby D-takt & Rapunk Records in 2010. Eight years later Black Konflik brings it back as cassette, it comes with the "Domd"7" cover artwork and red letters.  One of the most important bands  from the 80's that change the landscape of world punk today!

Black Konflik store


LEXICON-5 Tracks Demo (cassette)

Female fronted Raw Punk from Seattle, Washington State, USA.: "Nearly inhuman levels of rage and power from Seattle's newest noise punk outfit featuring Madam KJ on (first time ever!) vocal shredding duty. Ferocious styles to say the least. LEXICON stalks like a newly liberated beast and pummels your senses to dust. Proper shit. 100 pro-dubbed cassettes housed in a custom J-card with extra insert. Recorded by Jose Mora. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Devin McKernan." (description of Iron Lung)
The cassette brings five tracks and running time of 8:20" of fast and aggressive, frantic, ear damaging raw punk. This is killer recording full of wrath. The cassette is available from Iron Lung, also in spotify and iTunes, not any band site around.

Iron Lung store


Carnage-34º23"41'N 132º27"17'E (Demo 2017)

"Carnage are a new band from Lisboa, Portugal playing apocalyptic mid tempo metal influenced Punk, without sounding as a copy cat band and surely having their own thing going, you can hear the influences of both great 80´s metal influenced U.K. and Japanese Punk scenes (Amebix / Antisect / English Dogs / G.I.S.M. / Gastunk....). "
The demo with the weird title was recorded in January 2017,  this coordinate indicates the city of Hiroshima and on cover artwork you can see the Peace Memorial monument in memory of nuclear destruction, it came out as cassette and it is still availble. music wise it consists of four tracks and 23 minutes of heavy, midpaced metal driven crust,infuenced by late 80's UK Crust (Final Dent is an Amebix, worship) and with a slight Japanese metallic crust flavor. All and all this is a nicepiece of stenchcore crust and delivers the goods. You can stream it in bandcamp or even better buy a copy from the band.
Future plans is the release of a 7" sometime in 2019 with artwork created by Stiv from Visions of War


Dism/D-Crash - System of Bullshit (split cd)

System of Bullshit is a split cd with Dism from Malaysia and D-Crash from China, released by Real Deal, a Beijing based punk/hardcore label.
Dism is not unknown to this blog, they hail from Kuala Lumpur and recently they unleashed a double attack with System of Bullshit split cd and a split tape with metal punks Speedwitch from PDX and don't forget their amazing Warmageddon cassette from 2017 and the split with Civil Evaquation. Here, they contribute five tracks delivring D-Beat inspired by Discharge, Anti Cimex and Doom legacy with a crusty flavor.  Excellent playing and sound quality, there is nothing to compain here. This is D-beat Crust at its finest from one of the best bands coming from this country.
D-Crash come from Beijing, they are active since 2012,they released We Abhor The War cdr in 2015and  Doom of Authority cassette in 2017, both releases on Diying Art Productions, and they are one of the few bands from China that i know, they bring five songs too and deliver Hardcore Crust with slight metal hints and inspired by the Japanese scene. great stuff by them too.
The cd lasts nearly 26 minutes, it is avalable from Real Deal and elsewhere (Revenge Rec.s Punk and Destroy etc etc), also available from steaming in bandcamp Real Deal has several other releases under the belt, available in bandcamp too


Recedant Somnia-st cd

Recedant Somnia come from Rennes, France and this is their self-released debut cd. The band was formed in 2017 and members also are/were in bands such as  Origin'hell, Hand of Blood, The Silent (t) error, The argument, Respawn and Defiance. The st (aka A Waked Up Nightmare) comes in cd format, it consists of 5 tracks and 22 minutes of blackened, melodic crust punk. There are excellent guitar riffs, dark and melodic lines, the band dives sometimes ito slower emotional parts but mostly runs in fast pace, the black metal influences come in the appropriate percenage and keep the band in the crust/melodic neocrust territory and all driven by D-beat.All and all this is a nice piece of blackened crust. Available in bandcamp and directly from the band



Total Silence-Was Born Only to Suffer...(cdr)

One more release from Total Silence, the one man project of Guile.Lundström from Duque De Caxias, this time is a four track cdr released by Decapitated Records in 100 copies. For those who are not familar with the band, Total Silence started back in 2013 as one man army and five years later has several releases under the belt. Was Born Only to Suffer... continues in the same pathway as the previous releases of the project and delivers D-beat punk with an old school flavor reminiscent of Besthöven (i hope to see one day Fofåo and Guile in a split release) and standing in the same high level of quality since 2015 and the days of Mass death and sorrow 12". The sound quality is excellent, the guitar riffs are interesting and total running time is nearly nine minutes. As i said this is available from Decapitated Records (not any link) and is also available in bandcamp along with the lyrics.


Proglottid-Bodies Changed To Dust

This is D-Beat Raw Punk from Massachusetts and to be honest i searched what  their name means: Proglottid is a segment of a tapeworm containing both male and female reproductive organs. Not any info on the web about the band, only what's in their bandcamp: Three gyus in the band, "Bodies Changed To Dust is a cassette, it comes in 100 copies and all proceeds from this recording will be donated to Border Angels. "Border Angels is an all volunteer, non profit organisation that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexican border." The cassette deliers nearly 10 minutes or  raw D-beat noise that kicks in after a 30 second acoustic intro. All elements neseccary for the genre will be found here: The rawness, the fury and primitive aggression of raw punk noise are all here. This is available in bandcamp and physical copies are available from the band since i didn't see it anywhere else and don't forget all money go for a good reason.



Vakna-Sworn of Sorrow

Vakna is a three man band from Indonesia and Sworn of Sorrow is threir second release, a cassette released by Jakarta based Doombringer Records. The Amebix logo and even the artwork will mislead you because Vakna is not a crust/metallic crust/black metal band but rather a Discharge/Wolfpack hybrid bringing also infuences from Japanese and South American scene and all these under a gloomy surface and a veil of darkness that add a hint of black metal increased by the cover artwork. Running time is 19 minutes of D-beat hardcore crust in eight songs including a cover of punk veterans Peace Or Annihilation, delivered through the crunchy guitar, sinister vocals and the usual D-beat drumming. The cassette is available from DoombringerRevenge Records,etc, also available for streaming in bandcamp



Slavery Farm-Reborn

Slavery Farm is a D-beat / death metal / crust-core band from Rotterdam, Netherlands, it was born in the cold winter of January 2016, "This four-headed tank is a symbiotic xenomorph that consists of members from Zonde, Rott'nDamned, Klisma Kock, and Cadaverous.". Reborn is the first release of band, comes as vinyl, it consists of twelve songs including an intro and delivers 25 minutes of wrathful crusty d-beat driven death metal blending (Swedish) old school death metal and Scandinavian D-beat crust, it has the metal power and heaviness combined with the crust energy and the lyrics come from the punk territory. You can get the record directly from the band, contact them via fb, it is also available in youtube



Last Agony-Demo 2018

Last Agony is a raw punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, including members of Absolut and IDNS, they were formed in 2017 right after Absolut called it a day and soon a three track demo preview was uploaded in bandcamp in June '17. This is their second demo, it consists of five songs, it lasts nearly six minutes and delivers frantic and chaotic raw punk, similar to Decade's recordings (the other band that was formed after the end of Absolut): A hellish sonic landscape with hyper fast D-beat pace, over-distorted guitars and bass and reverbed cacophonous shouts. A raw punk chaos. Curently only in digital format in bandcamp.



Dipfase-After the horror bomb (ep)

Dipfase is a D-Beat band from  Sumpiuh, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, After the horror bomb is the debut ep, it delivers six tracks. Once again, not any information about the band, This is raw and primitive D-beat with an old school feeling, including Discharge and Disclose covers.currently available in bandcamp