Nucturnal Scum-Demo 2016

Nocturnal Scum is a female fronted crust/stenchcore band from Berlin and here's their demo, released about a year ago. The demo consists of four tracks and nearly sixteen minutes of metallic crust: Nocturnal Scum incorporate crust and metal and deliver heavy, metal influenced crust by blending some classic bands of the genre (Amebix, Misery, Deviated Instinct) with the Swedish death metal bands of early '90's: There are slow and midpaced emotional parts, faster passages where the D-beat appears, metal edged heavy, metallic and solid sound delivered by the guitar duet and rough vocals by Katrien that fit nicely with the sonic hell, All and all this is a nice piece of metallic crust, simillar to bands such as Hellshock and the likes. I didn't find any info about physical release yet, this will come out as cassette in a few weeks, currently this is available in bandcamp for your listening pleasure. The demo was finished recently and not in January 2015 as is mentioned in bandcamp.


Serpette-st & Project-Hanin

Serpette is a punk band from Cahors, France, formed by four boys who are around their 40’s, who 've been playing in local punk/hardcore/rock bands and decided to join forces and play faster music, serpette means a little billhook in english but is also a knife with the same shape, so far they have released Project-Hanin in 2014  and the eponymous ep(?) in 2015, both releases are available in bandcamp, also there's a vid with Serpette on stage here, No any site, farcebook page, not anything but this bandcamp page.



Leash-demo 2015

Leash hail from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States and this is their first demo, the band was formed in August/September 2015 and includes people who are/were involved in bands such as Backstabbers Incorporated, Ramlord, Ultra//Negative, Vaast, Erotic City Blues Band and Leather Chalice, knowing these bands makes you undertand what to expect here: Outspoken advocates for the eradication of the human race in defense of the earth. The demo was recorded in Octomber 2015 and consists of six tracks and delivers D-beat crust punk, straight into your face, simple and minimalistic focusing on the basics and without any intros, acoustic parts or melodic overtures, the sound quality is excellent and the guitar duet has this thick, solid and metal edged sound accompinied by the distorted bass. All and all these fifteen minutes of noise are a nice piece of D-beat crust. I didn't see any physical release, tape, cd or whatever, this is currently available in bandcamp


Cazador-The God Liquid Demo

Cazador come from Colombia and bring some powerviolence shit in their four track demo titled The God Liquid. Starting with a mid paced instrumental intro and then bringing a hardcore punk/powerviolence hell inspired by Iron Lung, Crossed Out and Spazz, the noise is short, the demo lasts only 5 min and 10 secs. This is fast and frantic with violent outbreaks. I don't know if there is a physical release, currently available in bandcamp


Society Prison Complex-st

i checked my mail and i found about a dozen of bands waiting for their release to be posted here, so i have to be fast and post all these and starting by Society Prison Complex who come from Germoney, they are "a few Jerks playing negative music" and was born from the ashes of Life Ends, here e have their first recording which consists of twelve tracks of hardcore/pwerviolence/grindcore shit, this is fast, the band deliver the hardcore feeling and sound but with frantic grindcore passages and breaks, shouting vocals and even some D-beat parts. They blend these genres sucessfully, these songs are pe-version for a upcoming release and are available in bandcamp.



Cloaca-st demo tape

Cloaca come from Montreal and include people from Canada, France and Singapore, here we got their first demo which comes in cassette format and consists of seven tracks that last just over eight minutes, these numbers give you a first idea of expecting something extremely fast: Cloaca deliver furious and thrashing punk heavily influenced by USHC with some crust elements in it in songs such as Lurkers and Pig. This is raging hardcore full of wrath that moves in very fast pace, remiding the franting delivery of bands such as Tear It Up, Cut the Shit and the likes. If you like stuff like that then go for it. The demo tracks are available in bandcamp along with the lyrics.


Final Nightmare-Demo 2016

How about some more raw punk? Final Nightmare is a trio from Zúrich, Switzerland, they are a raw punk band and this is their four track demo, they started as Disbelief but had to change the name due a copy right thing. The demo was recorded during 2015 and is preety short, it last less than five minutes, it was recorded with a multitrack recorder and brings raw and distorted D-beat raw punk: This is simple, raw, noizy and distorted without any attempt of reinventing the wheel, just following the same road the noise raw punk bands walk. The guitar delivers the typical chaotic noise in three chords riffs, the rhythm section gives the D-beat driven pace while vocalist (who also plays the bass) shouts in English and Spanish, I do't know if there is any physical format of this demo, this is not even in bandcamp, currently there's just a youtube vid and a dnld link provided by the band. Enojy it!

dnld link


Warbombs-st tape

Warbombs is a D-beat raw punk band from Barcelos/Braga, Portugal and here's their debute tape, released by Raw'n'Roll Records and limited to 100 copies (first 20 will have a special promo pack including Tape+Tee), Musically this is another Discharge worship in the well trodden path we know from so many bands but also blending elements of the Extreme Noise Terror crustcore ferociousness. The eight songs and 8:35" of total running time deliver fast paced D-beat inspired by the usual suspects (Discharge, Varukers, etc), shouted vocals and lyrics about the familiar topics for the genre (war, corruption etc), there are typical three chord riffs with some nice ideas transformed into catchy riffworks, basic bass lines and decent sound quality. This is fast and aggressive and some Extreme Noise Terror hints pop up here and there. All and all this is another piece of D-beat, made with passion and love for the genre. The tape was released by Raw n Roll Rex and you can get it Hellprod, it is also available for streaming in bandcamp


Asherah-System failure demo II

Asherah is a five man act from Ashevile, North Carolina, United States and System Failure is their second demo after their four track first demo tape, released about a year ago, members were/are in bands such as Just Die!, Killing Solves Everything, Autarch and Disnomia. According to the band, they deliver "crust influenced emotional hardcore, with songs about dealing with depression, loss, racism, sexism and various political issues". System failure brings four tracks (two new and two old) of melodic crust/neo crust, emotional and mournful, this is what the haters call "hipster crust", The guitar parts have really interesting moments, the vocalist delivers rough yells/screams, there is no clean singing here, the lyrics are the usual for the genre personal poems, each song lasts three or four minutes and the demo ends after fourteen minutes, Comparing System Failure with the first demo we find less acoustic parts here and a step slightly closer to the crust territory. I didn't find any info about a physical release of this, it was uploaded in bandcamp in August 2015. As for the name Asherah, it appears in Semitic mythology, is a mother goddess who appears in a number of ancient sources.Akkadians, Hittites and even in the Bible. As epilogue: This is better than expected, no cheesy, no hipster shit, if you are into melodic crust, neo-crust, post hardcore, this is a nice demo for you. Both demos are available in bandcamp incl, the lyrics

System Failure


Suffer the Pain-Midnight sacrifice lp

Suffer the Pain strike again and this time with their first full lenght official release after a split ep and several tapes, the band need no introduction since all their releases are posted in this blog. Midnight sacrifice is released by Phobia Records and comes in 400 black and 100 clear/splatter copies, there is also a cassette on Masasiorangutan Records. The record consists of fourteen tracks including 2-3 old re-recorded songs, music wise it delivers primitive metal punk blending D-beat with Swedish death metal incorporating elements from both sides, crust punk and metal. The record moves in fast pace, the songs are short but there are slower/mid-paced tracks with a Hellhamer-ish flavor, the sound is primitive but decent for the genre, the guitar delivers distorted metal riffs, the old school death metal growls are there and the D-beat drumming fits nicely. All and all this is a solid piece of metal punk, if you want your crust with metal influences, if you want your death metal to be crust punk orientated then this is for you, This is available from Phobia Records or directly from Suffer the Pain, this is also available in band's and label's bandcamp


Dishope-Peace is more than the lack of war tape

Dishope hail from Germoney, they are a D-beat raw punk band and Peace is more than the lack of war is their cassette, released in 2014 by Mentalna Smrt Fanzin, As usual, i don't know anything about the band, anyway the cassette came out in 100 copies and consists of nine songs and fourteen minutes of raw and distorted D-beat: Dishope's noise is similar to Disclose and the myriads of bands with the same direction: Endless feedback of chaotic noise and D-beat driving force, the voice of singer has a Japanese feeling, i can only compare it with Japanese singers and the vocalist of Go Filth Go who has the same voice tone, Lyric wise the band is in the usual territory of anti-war, anti authority and meat means murder topics, Mentalna Smrt stands behind the Hellback/Nuclear Altar split tape and the Propast/Hellback/No Name/Nuclear Altar-4 way split tape, Copies are still available, you can get them contacting the zine, or get it from Discogs or stream it in bandcamp.



Discum-5 track demo tape

Discum is one man band from  Ciudad Neza, Mexico, formed in 2011 by a guy named Old Skull, the first demo came out in 2012 and was titled Against Oppressive State, it was followed by split with Absolute Indignation and a 4 way split with Faršas, Bruten and Absolute Indignation. 5 track demo is Discum's latest release so far, it first popped up in bandcamp and later it was released as cassette by Tyranny Grinder, a Thailand based label who releases tapes. The cassette lasts over twelve minutes and consists of five track incl. a Disclose cover, Music wise this is not another raw punk band as expected since a Disclose cover is included but a rough crust/grind machinery with brutal death metal vocals and D-beat drum work, the combination seems to work, the guitar has a thick and solid sound fitting with the monstrous vocals and the D-beat force. Disclose's Conquest is well covered with band's own feeling.  You can get a copy from the label and listen it in bandcamp



Casket Garden-In the name of nobody

Casket Garden hail from Tuskan, Italy and In the Name of Nobody is their first demo, released on digital format in bancamp in January 2015, i don't know anything about them, a review in a blog says this is a duet and thats all i found, anyway  In the Name... came out a year ago while a second demo titled The world against its self was released a few days ago, in the meantime they appread in several compilations. What we got here is heavy D-beat crust infuenced by the Scandinavian scene and some metal hints in the thick guitar sound taken from the Swedish Death metal bands,  the vocals are rough and shouted and the singers shout political statements, the whole shit sounds like a blending of early Disfear with Swedish death metal edged guitar (early Entombed sound), There are six anthems here and When the Innocent Die is well covered. This is a nice debut demo and delivers the good, i discovered it long time ago but i don't know why i didn't posted it yet. i don''t know if there is there is a cdr version, this is available in bandcamp. Hopefully The world against its self will be posted soon.


Total Silence-Mass death and sorrow 12"

Total Silence is one man D-beat band from Duque De Caxias, Brazil and Mass Death and Sorrow is the first official release after War Graves demo from 2013, Guile, the guy behind Total Silence formed the band in 2012, he's deeply into D-beat punk and after War Graves he contributed in a couple compilations while some more releases are planned for the future, Mass Death and Sorrow was recorded in 2015 and is currently available in bandcamp, it is going to come out as vinyl on Decapitated Recs in 300 copies and as cassette on PogoHai Recs, it consists of fourteen songs and delivers old school D-beat heavinly influenced and rooted in the usual suspects (Discharge, Disaster, Doom, Anti Cimex etc), the whole thing strongly reminiscent of Fofão and Besthoven, the typical D-beat elements are here: There are the typical three chord riffs with some really interesting ideas, basic bass lines, the D-beat drumming while the vocals are shouted with a harse voice surface, in other words this is good shit. The sound quality is decent, the recording is lenghty and lasts 31 minutes. As i said this is going to come out soon (February 2016), check it in bandcamp.



Disease-Distorted Minds vol​.​2​-​Neverending Hell

Disease need no introduction since all their previous works are posted here. 2015 was a great year for them since they released two ep's (Noise of Hell split with Dispose and Apocalypse of Chaos/Another Bombraid split w Warcorpse), as well the tape versions of ...till there's nothing left... (Tyranny Grinder), Another Nuclear Age and Atrocities of War split tape on No Name. And don't forget their tour in several countries in Europe during the summer. Despite the load of  releases, band's productivity  had as result some songs to not included in any vinyl, tape or whatever: Distorted Minds vol​.​2​-​Neverending Hell consists of five tracks that were recorded during the sessions for the split ep's. and were innitially planned for a split lp that didn't work out. There is no need to say anything about the music, Disease is the best D-beat raw punk band in Balkan hellhole and these tracks are not inferior to their other recorded material, sound wise the quality is in the same level and the Dispose cover is decent. These songs are available in bandcamp.



Discorpse-The war years

Straight from behind the mask of Warcorpse,here we got 'The war years' from Discorpse. Discorpse is the same guy from the 'one man d-beat machinery' Warcorpse evolving into more dirty and brutal noise. I think i can say that, all of you noise freaks will know what Discorpse is all about just even when you see the cover art. Want it simple? want it noisy? want it raw? Then this is just for you. There are no surprices here, no missleads, no long intros and endings, no nothing. If you expect anything else but d-beat storm you wont get it. This is full 19 mins of pure crusty d-beat raw punk. Doing homage to Doom, Discharge, Disclose and the rest of the d-beat/crust war legions, this whole album is sharing pure and sincere passion for d-beat and noise. If you like modern punk then this is not the sound for you, but if your into old raw sound this is the right deal. (Alex)

here and there


Lifelock​/​Rappa-split 7"

Here's a nice split with two bands that blast everything that stands in their way: Lifelock hail from Singapore and their great Who' ll Make Noise Not Music? tape was followed by the amazing And for What 7"  on Full Force Hardcore Destruction  (tape version on Blood of War and Blackhole 2012), Rapaa come from Morioka, Japan and include members of Guka, they have a couple of demos and cassette/cdr releases under their belt and this is their first vinyl effort. The record comes without cover, in a folder where the vinyl is placed in, music wise delivers a D-beat storm: Lifelock deliver three tracks and their Discharge./Doom/Disaster/Disclose worship, a total mind blowing side, things get faster on the other side with Rappa delivering four anthems of simillar D-beat hardcore with the typical rough japanese vocals and flavor,  All and all this is a killer split full of power and aggression, there is nothing to complain here, i hope a repress with cover artwork will pop up (and same for And For What 7" ), this was released by 4490 Records from Singapore and distributed in Europe by La Vida En Us Mus. Available for streaming in bandcamp, score a copy if you have the chance.