Arrastrasxs Bajo Un Cielo-Cobarde existencia

Arrastrasxs Bajo Un Cielo come from Chile, According to xxRuidoxx blog one of band's members is one of the punks who lost their life in the tragic incident during Doom's gig in Santiago, Chile about a week ago. Sad, sad, very sad shit...


Bonestorm-Life Is Poison Demo II

Bonestorm is a hardcore punk from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Life Is Poison is their second demo after a demo recorded in 2013, Life Is Poison delivers seven tracks in the vein of Infest, Weekend Nachos, Mind Eraser, Punch, etc, Available in bandcamp.


Ü-// tape 2015

Ü is anarchist black metal/ crust punk from Italy, // is their first release, strange name and title relaese, it probably means "circle-that-does-not-close" or whatever, Anyway, // is a limited edition 100 white hand-numbered tapes with a nice screenprinted cardboard box filled with sprigs and consists of eight songs blending back metal and crust, this is available in bandcamp.



Fast Fuckers-Demo tape 2015

Fast Fuckers come from Krasnodar, Russia and include members of Busywork and Endless Dispute,  the band was formed in 2015 here's their first demo tape, released in 50 copies, which consists of six tracks of primitive and raw D-beat hardcore, including an Agnostic Front cover. The demo is available in bandcamp and mediafire (link provided by the band)


Pissed Grave-Humans For Human Annihilation

This is the second release by Pissed Grave and is the follow up to their demo from 2013, for those who aren't familiar with the band, Pissed Grave come from TX, United States and include members of Tolar, Wild//Tribe, Rise of Necropolis and others, Humans For Human Annihilation  came out as cassette, it consists of  ten tracks (two of these appear in their first demo) and delivers the same grinding crustcore but this time the band sounds like it brough its own identity in noize makiing. This is brutal and furious and moves in the area of Disrpt and Destroy (Burn this racist system down) and such bands. The cassette was released by the Texan label Punk Alive  in 2014. Humans... is available in bandcamp too (there is a contact mail in case you want to score a copy)



Absolut-Hell's highest power promo tape

Some good news from these Canadian D-beat noise makers: Here we got three exclusive songs from Toronto's finest D-beaters Absolut on promo tape. These songs will feature on their new release on D-Takt & Råpunk Records, And since this includes two great bands and comes out on D-Takt & Råpunk it is obvious it can't be bad. This is their second official release after the amazing piece of noize Punk Survival lp  and a couple of demo tapes. Expect the same chaotic and distorted D-beat raw punk of their previous recordings in a new chapter, blending kängpunk and japcore and delivering sonic chaos. I said enough, go get a first taste of the upcoming D-beat hell.


Warona-2014/2015 ep

"We're Warona. It means Ворона or Crow. We're left-winged dark-hardcore from deep town in the center of Russia. We just uploaded our EP! But we don't know what to do with it. So we're looking for the label or another band for split to release our stuff! Now we have no tours at all and have no physical things to share our music with people. stuff was being recorded from the beginning of the 2014th till the end of the year". This is neocrust/dark hardcore from Saransk and 2014/2015 ep is their second release after their demo cassette from 2013, it consists of five tracks that last over twenty minutes and delivers pessimistic, melodic crust with screamed vocals (in Russian), acoustic parts, tempo changes from fast parts to emotional slower breaks. For fans of Alpinist, Madame Germen and such bands, this is available in bandcamp



Domini Canes-Black metal is for kvnts

One man black metal/with crust, punk and metal infuences: 'Domini Canes is one man band from uk, black metal, punk/crust, thrash, dsbm and death metal influences with a very slight industrial tinge and some pretty rough and raw production and mastering, lyrics covering religion, society, disillusion, philosophy, The cover art and the name of this demo was intended as a mockery of "all the black metal pseudo-elitism which seems so rampant these days".  The demo consists of five songs and is available in soundcloud.


Dead Human Ends-Visions of Doom

Dead Human Ends is a crust duet from Berlin, Germoney and include a guy sitting behind the drum kit and a girl who plays the guitar and does the vocals, (in some vids there is a session bassist). Visions of Doom is a four track demo recorded in 2014 and delivers brutal and aggressive crust, not any fancy shit here, just relentless crusty raw brutality. The demo is available in bandcamp.



Crisiss-Esparce el terror

Crisiss come from Manizales, Colombia, they formed in 2012 and include members of Doomsday and Deterioro, we met them about a year ago in their split with Mentes Destruidas. Esparce el terror(spread terror)  is their second demo, it consists of eight tracks, it was released a few weeks ago and in some way this is a blending of  Deterioro and  Doomsdayin, it delivers eight songs of crust with hardcore and South American anarchopunk influences coming from bands such as  Los Dolares, Los Crudos and others, the sound quality is excellent and i have to say that i liked these songs much more than their tracks from Adios Amigo. Esparce el terror is available in bandcamp




This is the second recording by the PDX crusties Dödläge, after their debut ep about a year ago . The new recording popped up in bandcamp and is titled as 7", there is no information in their farcebook about it, only " You can listen to it on bandcamp soon (in a few days or so) and tapes will come in a little while." so looks like we have the same story as th first ep which popped up in bandcamp and then was releases as cassette,  Anyway  the new recording comes with a crust/d-beat reminding artwork (dead bodies, skulls, bulletbelts and such shit) and the music behind this fits nicely: Raw, brutal and heavy d-beat crust in ten pieces of noise, slightly better than the debut ep. Brutal vocals, aggressive riffs with some distant grind hints, D-beat drumming, Need anything else? this is enough, The sound quality is excellent. All and all this is another great shit of noise, once again this band delivered the goods. Listen it in bandcamp and score a copy when it come out.



Never Human-Demo tape 2014

Another great Make Noise Not Music shit here: Never Human come from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was formed by punks who are/were also in a bunch of other bands such as Concrete Asylum, Contagium, Life Chain, Negative Rage, Castle Wolvestein, Negative Circles Envision and many others, The demo tape was recorded in January '14 and consists of seven tracks including a Necros cover, music wise it delivers raw and noizy punk with distorted guitars and cavernous vocals full of reverb and all this inferno comes under the D-beat driving force. Sounds good? yes it is and delivers the goods as it follows the tradition of Nova Scotia and Newfound Land bands in creating great pieces of noizy shit (Never Human members are/were in bands from these regions of country),  Check the link below. there's some email address if you want to get a copy. All and all this is a cool piece of distorted punk for all noize lovers out there, wish they continue and we ll hear more by them, enjoy it



LifeLock-Who'll make noise not music ?!!

LifeLock hail from Singapore and deliver noize not music: Don't know much about them ,apart from Who'll make noise not music ?!! they have the fresh new And For What?  which came out recently on tape and 7" format. Named after Doom's classic and having a title like this and a studded jacket on cover  make clear what we got here: Another Discharge clone delivers the noise we love,
"Noise and DISCHARGE influence in the vein of NO FUCKER. Their name is a DOOM reference, FYI. Same vocal devastation similar to ABSURD SYSTEM with wailing Scandi guitars held down by superbly done D-Beat. I picked this up to review specifically based on the fact that the cover is a studded jacket with DISASTER written on the back and I'm glad I did. Full Force Hardcore Destruction put this out" - Amelia - MRR #345" said enough, don't miss And For What?, its a killer release.

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there (Terminal Escape link) 


Sustëem Kooma-st

Sustëem Kooma come from Portugal, according to some info from their fb page members have Esthonian origin they must be a new band, there's no much info in their farcebook and this recording must be their first release,  it came out in December '14 and its a blast of D-beat: Sustëem Kooma revive the sound of early Warvictims and deliver D-beat raw punk with the same distorted guitar sound, riff work and deep low (male/female) throaty vocals, someone could say this is a forgotten Warvictims recording from mid-late '00's. Lyrics deal with the usual war themed topics and sound wise everything is perfect, The recording (st or Another Victim, Another War) is available in bandcamp, i didn't see any info about physical release. All and all this is agreat piece of d-beat punk, raw and chaotic, brutal and aggressive. For fans of Warvictims and the likes. I hope this will come out as vinyl and wait for more by them

youtube pt1
youtube pt2


Burnchurch-st lp

Now here is something really interesting:  Burnchurch is a new Dublin based band with ex/current members of Easpa Measa, Rat's Blood and Silence (from Poland) playing incredibly intense & melodic HC/Crust. Great guitar riffs, driving Basslines, D-beatish, forward drumming and Clodagh's remarkable voice. Reminding me in times of bands such as Preying Hands, Ballast, Unhinged, Garmonbozia and alike .... Those who know these bands, will love it - all others need to check it out!!! So powerful and convincing, it doesn't even need fancy shit like limited editions - just 500 black vinyls wrapped in thick gatefold cover. And dont forge the awesome artwork done by Sean Fitzgearld, the gatefold cover reveals the artwork at its greatness when open it (here), Brilliant! This is available in bandcamp along with the lyrics. The record is a co-release of several labels:Contraszt! Records, Dogs and Vultures Up the Punx and Trujaca Fala,


Deszcz new song

Deszcz crusties from Poland are goin to release a split with Agenda punks from Norway and they unleashed a new track in youtube and bandcamp, For those who are not familiar with the band, Deszcz come from Pozan, they are a melodic crust/ band and their first release Rain Keeps Falling was posted here about a year ago Their new stuff is in the same path of mournful, pessimistic crust with melodic guitars and screaming vocals. All bandcamp donation will go to Otwarte Klatki - Animal Rights Group

Trenchgrinder-demo 2015

Trenchgrinder hail from Brooklyn, NY, they formed after the demise of Atakke in late 2010, a long running NY crust/grind institution, and features members of Atakke, Anicon, Mutant Supremacy, Skullshitter, and Hasj.Their discography includes a demo from 2011 and a split with Skullshitter in 2014. Here we got their latest demo, released in 2015, it consists of three tracks and a blending of old school death metal. grindcore and heavy crust, this is heavy and brutal as it mixes the Bolt Thrower influences and some early '90's Swedish death metal hints with fast grindcore outbreaks and crust, There are no fratic blast beats and a million bpm in drum pace but just mid paced and fast parts, brutal vocals and political lyrics and metal driven guitar riffs, the whole demo runs over ten minutes. All and all this a great piece of brutal grindcore and death metal driven crust or crust influenced death metal, chooce the term you want, This is available in bandcamp along with lyrics.

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