Scavengers Circle - Beyond Repair

Scavengers Circle come from Västerås, Sweden (and originally also from Zagreb, Croatia) and Beyond Repair s their debut recording, available in bandcamp. The band is a duet with one guy plays the bass and the guitar and the other one sitting behibd the drum kit, both handle the vocal duties.
There will be a cd, self-released by the band and a cassette, released by Masasiorangutan Records from Indonesia.
Beyond Repair was recorded in December 2019, the sound quality is excellent, the recording consists of 6 tracks and nearly 13 minutes of a cool and interesting blending of punk, crust, D-beat and metal, all thrown in band's cauldtron. The band moves in the crust punk territory,  there are metal elements, there is a variety since the band delivers a nice appoach in each track and avoid to sound dull and repetitive, some crust punk here, some D-beat there, sometimes slower or more metallic here, some hints of melody there etc etc and all covered with a crusty guitar sound and the typical for the genre rough vocals.
All and all this was a nice surprise and an interesting debut release. Hope to hear more by them. Apart from the cd and cassette, the band also has thoughts about vinyl release. Check it in bandcamp (lyrics available) and Youtube.



Kolonaki SS - Tape 2019

Named after a wealthy and upmarket district in Athens, that is synonymous with the local financial elite, Kolonaki SS unleashed raw punk chaos with their 7 track cassette in 2019. The band follows the tradition of other local groups and hasn't any site or social media page so they are a short of mystery, their debut was a cassette in 2017 and this one is their second release. The cassette lasts 11:15" and brings chaotic raw punk "in the vein of Chaos U.K and Headcleaners put through a Violent Party Records filter machine. " (quote is from here).
Member(s) of Kolonaki SS are also in raw punks PissSniffers along with members from local crusties Discordance



Chaos UK - Just mere slaves cd & Stunned to silence cd

Two stunning releases from Black Konflik bringing some old Chaos UK releases back to light:  Just mere slaves  is a cd version of  Just Mere Slaves 12" from 1985 and also includes a 5 track live recording . Stunned to silence was oringinally a cassette released in 1985, the cd contains a 15 track Rehearsal from 1985 and 13 tracks Live in Japan (December 11th in 1985 in Rokumeikan, Tokyo, Japan). Available from Black Konflik's web store


Motron - Who'll Stop The Rain?

"Motron is a 5 piece band from Varese Italy, featuring members of Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought. With a blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock 'n' roll riffing we'll blow your ears and your mind away!!!
Open your beer and get ready to enter an hellish world populated by zombies, despair, death, rage and booze!!!."
First met Motron four years ago when their Eternal Headache LP was posted here,  In 2019 they are back and after the 2017 promo they offer Who'll Stop The Rain? to the world. The record comes in 400 copies of black and 100 limited,  numbered copies of marbled red vinyl, co-released by Calimocho Autoproduzioni, Up The Punx, Pasidaryk Pats, Nuclear Chaos, Missing The Point, Disastro Sonoro, Angry Voice, ZAS, Get Syro and Bologna Punx.
And about the music: There are 14 tracks here including a Nabat cover, 14 songs or Rawk n Roll, bringing Crust Punk and Rock n Roll in a lethal blending that delivers D-beat driven crust mixed with drunk Rock n Roll, thick guitars, catchy riffs inspired by Motorhead legacy, pummeling drums, filthy bass and hoarse deep low vocals spitting verses about booze, warfare and a dystopic world, so much familiar. There are many backing vocals here and there and the record runs mostly in fast pace and that adds more aggression.
All and all,  Who'll Stop The Rain? is a fine piece of metal punk, motorcharged punk, rawk n roll, call it whatever you want, its the kind of filthy tunes brought by Inepsy, Speedwolf , Overcharge, Children of Technology and many others. Once the music starts, it flows like a cold tasty booze in a thirsty throat for 28 minutes. The record is available via the labels who are involved and also in bandcamp, there you will also find the lyrics and infos about the recording, artwork etc


PLÏSSKËN - Class Conscious

Raw, destructive and chaotic punk from  Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Chaotic guitar and bass, manic beating of drums and desperate, cacophonous shouts from the singer.  Class Conscious  delivers all these in six tracks that last for 5:35" . The sound quality is raw and primitive. PLÏSSKËN is a new band, this is their first recording, available in bandcamp, not any info about physical release or anything at all



End Result - 15 Tracks Discograohy (tape)

This is a discography cassette of anarcho charged peace punks End Result from Los Angeles, California, released by Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records from Malaysia.
End Result bring raging hardcore in the vein of bands such as Crucifix and Iconoclast blended with a strong flavor of early UK hardcore. The cassette consists of 15 tracks repeated on both sides of the tape coming from their previous releases. The songs come from What Pain WIll You Sustain? (Demo 2017), split 7's with The Last Survivors (Hardcore Survives) and Phane (Mental Crash Records) and 3 Track Tour Cassette (all released in 2019)
The cassette is available from Hardcore Hell, Hammercharge etc There is also a cd version , avaible from Revenge Records, Blitz Records etc

Hardcore Hell store
Hardcore Hell bandcamp
End Result bandcamp


偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Kind of Noise 7"

And s the year is going to end in a couple weeks, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) come out of sudden and without any warning, they announce the release of a new 7" which is also available for listening in bandcamp, spotify and Youtube.
Kind of Noise comes in 250 copies of black vinyl and there are 30 copies of test pressing with alternate cover. The 4 tracks last nearly 10 minutes and deliver the frantic raw punk Paranoid is known for: 10 minutes of a merciless attack of raw and distorted noise with chainsaw guitar and bass sound, manic drum D-beating and desperate screams spitting rants about war, rebellion and social despair, all placed perfectly in the mix.
Saying more is needless, this is in the same level as their previous releases. The 4 tracks of 7" were recorded in Studio Mangel, Frösön, Sweden, May 25 2018 by Jocke D-takt. Mixed and mastered at Noise Room, Tokyo, Japan, December 3 2018 by Shigenori Kobayashi. Produced and arranged by Jocke D-takt. Layout by Bom-Bom Ljud & Bild Produktion. Japanese translations by Motokaaos. Layout by Bom-Bom Ljud & Bild Produktion. Japanese translations by Motokaaos. The record is available from the band

band's site


Warkrusher - All is Not Lost (Demo '19)

This band comes from from Montreal, Canada, featuring members of Napalm Raid, Parasytes, Disterror, IDNS, Mueco, Big Naturals, Metalian, and Zymotic so do not confuse them with Warkrusher from San Diego and Tijuana. All is Not Lost is band's first demo, its brings 8 songs including an intro and 18 minutes of heavy stenchcore crust inspired by Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, SDS, Bolt Thrower, Effigy, Misery, Fatum, Swordwielder etc This is heavy as hell metallic stenchcore..This is available in bandcamp. I didn't notice any band site around, All is Not Lost came out as cassette, available from the band  Revenge Records in Japan.


Swordwielder - System Overlord (tape)

Stenchcore crusties Swordwielder from Gothenburg, Sweden, released System Overlord on Profane Existence and Scream Records. System Overlord is a piece of brilliant stenchcore heavily influenced by the classic bands of UK scene of mid-late '80's. A cool review is here and you will find more in PE's site and everywhere in the web, i don't need to samy more you probably have listened in or already have got the record, . Now Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records from Malaysia co-release the cassette version. A song titled Narodnik couldnt fit the vinyl but according to the band it will be in cassette and cd version, so it seems you will find it here.

Hardcore Hell store
Hardcore Hell bandcamp
System Overlord on Profane Existence bandcamp

Hellbastard - Hate Militia CD

Hellbastard was one of the founders of crust punk sound and genre, their groundbreaking Ripper Crust was recorded in 1986 and gave name to the new genre.
After the Ripper crust cassette the band recorded Hate militia in summer of 1987, in this recording they made a step into metal territory and started adding some metal elements that can easily be discovered here but they stay in the crust fields too balancing somewhere in the middle.
Here we got the CD version of Hate Militia released by Black Konflik who contiues to re-release some old diamonds: This is the first reissue of the originally released cassette. This CD contains 12 page booklet with classic photo, band liner notes and the original 8 tracks plus 7 bonus unreleased tracks taken from rough mix of Natural Order LP from 1989, also comes with obi strip. A totally raw & dirty classic crust!

Black Konflik store


Dislexya - Dis Is Nightmare

Dislexya is a new D-beat band from Finland and here is their first release. Dis Is Nightmare consists of 8 tracks plus one intro and one outro and delivers 12 minutes of D-beat with old school flavor. Not any novelties no acoustic parts but pure old school D-beat. Available in bandcamp,  not any other band site or info about physical release.



Criptas - 2 Tracks ep

Criptas hail from Mexico and this 2 track ep is a piece of old school death metal and crust punk. The band seems to love the old school D-beat driven death metal and blend it with crust punk and deliver an evil and dark crusty death metal or death metal orientated crust or call it whatever you like it. The sound quality brings an old school feeling reminding of the Swedish scene of early '90's while  tthe vocals and D-beat drumming keep thhe whole thing in the crust punk territories. Total running time 8:30". Available in bandcamp



Membrane -st 7"

This is raw, overdistoerted and primitive punk coming out of Oalkiand, California, United States: The band delivers six tracks of noise, This is the description by Byllepest Distro, thedistro/label that is going to release it as vinyl:
"Stripped of the self-righteous nature that usually contaminates too many raw-punk charged modern bands, Oakland's Membrane brings a ferocious mix of d-beat, stompy hardcore enveloped in a wall of distortion.
Membrane makes D-Beat more fun and catchier than it's been in a long time. Some tracks shine through with a general Disclose feel while a couple of their tunes break that formula by daring to rock the fuck out. Those songs highlight the faster ones to create a sense of completeness that few new raw punk EP's manage to capture.
Membrane might remind you of many other bands, while still remaining excitingly different. No matter if you're into Fight Back era Discharge, GAI or The Headcleaners, there is something here for you."
Two tracks all songs of the upcoming ep are availalbe in bandcamp


KIAL? - 6 Tracks EP

KNAL? hail from Brittany, France, and this 6 track recording is their debut release
6 Tracks EP comes out as cassette in 120 copies and will come out as 7" vinyl in January/March 2020, it brings approximately 8 monutes of noisy and distorted hardcore raw punk with shoyed echo=ed vocals in Spanish (song titles are in Spanish),. The cassette is available from the band, you can contact via bandcamp (not any band site around)



Disprove - Total Disprove (tape)

Total Disprove is a discography cassette of Japanese D-beaters Disprove, released by No Name Records from Ukraine. Disprove were active back in '90's, they released 2 ep's, the eponymous 7" and the split with Avgrund, both  recordings were Discharge worship and were recently remastered and digitaly released in bandcamp. The band was connected with bands such as Beyond Description, Discript, Vivisection and Senseless Apocalypse..
Total Disprove delivers the 9 tracks of these recordings,the cassette cmes in 102 copies,the songs are repeated on side b and the cover includes the artwork of both 7"s. Available from No Name.

ASKÖ - PUNK? (tape)

ASKÖ is a new band, they come from Portugal and PUNK?  is their 8 track demo of D-beat sonic inferno,  its a cassette released by Iminent Destruction Records.
No any info about the band, PUNK? is a nice surprise of well deliverd D-beat: This is is the debut release of the band and brings aggressive D-beat punk full of energy and wrath with shouted vocals. The 8 tracks (including Disclose's Fear of The Nuclear Age cover) come in pro-made cassette with inlay, limited to the small run of 50 hand numbered copies, Lyrically, "they sing about Animal Rights, Nuclear War, Sexism, ACAB and carry a general scorn of the current Punk scene" Available from Iminent Destruction store and bandcamp

Imminent Destruction bandcamp
Imminent Destruction store.


Löckheed - 4 Track demo tape

D-beat Raw Punk from Rosa, California,USA. Löckheed is a new noise making band, this 4 track cassette is their first release and its really great. Distorted and aggresive D-beat kängpunk with raw and priitive sound and a singer shouting anti-war lyrics. Not any novelties but the usual raw punk arrack. Thecassette comes in 100 copies is available from the band and also in bandcamp. Recorded/mixed/mastered by Kevin, the singer  at Lizzcharge who also did the cover artwork and the layout. All and all this is a amazing debut release and Löckheed manage to stand on the top of the pile of numerous D-beat bands that pop up everyday. The band will play some gigs in next month in the local area (LA, Fresno, Tijuana, San Diego), there is no any site but their bandcamp page. Hope they will record new songs soon