Pisscharge-Edën lp

Pisscharge is a new D-beat hardcore punk band  inspired by 80's and '90's  Brazilian hc/punk scene  and also heavily influenced by Discharge. Started in December 2017 and band members come from several countries, Brazil, Chile and Germany, all living in Linden, Hannover and as they say "We sing in different languages about what we think are problems that threat the planet. Antifa Punk, no Grayzone!", well this sounds good!
The record consists ofe thirteen songs of D-beat with metallic surface, angry vocals from Kassandra who sings in Portuguese (and that increases the Latin American feeling), fast D-beat drumming with some slower breaks, excellent sound quality and social, left-political lyrics. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at DNA Anti Studio, Celle and artwork was made by Lakshmi Weiẞmann, it comes in 500 copies of black vinyl, track #7, Marielle is dedicated to Brazilian activist Marielle Franco, a Brazilian politician, feminist, and human rights activist who was murdered in March 2018. Franco had been an outspoken critic of police brutality and extrajudicial killings, shortly before her death she became chairman of a commission for the investigation of military interventions in Brazil.
The band is quite active with their concerts, and in the summer they are going to play in More Noise For Life Fest. Edën is available from Aback and many other distros,  also available for streaming/downloading in bandcamp. You can read a review in Punkdistro



Sordid Dogs-Necropunk

Sordid Dogs hail from Greece, they are a Blackened D-beat Punk band, they were formed in 2017 and Necropunk is their debut ep, released by Chainsaw Distro as cassette and Auto Recordings as cdr in 2018. members are/were in black metallers Human Serpent and Isolert.
Necropunk was recorded during November 2017-February 2018 and was mixed and mastered by the band, it delivers five tracks including one Hellhammer cover and incorporates the old school D-beat and crust punk with the first wave of black metal (Venom, Hellhammer, etc): D-beat drums, old school sound, simplistic and catchy riffs and all these blended with the haunting dark feeling and grim spirit of Hellhammer and early Venom while tthe throaty shouts of singer fit nicely. Hellhammer's cover is nicely covered and its the closing track of ep that lasts thirteen minutes
Overall, Necropunk is a honest and nice effort of old school/blackened D-beat punk and lacks nothing that could make it sound shit. Not something you haven't listened before but surely an enjoyable release with its energy,power and memorable guitar works. Tape version available from Chainsaw Distro also for streaming in bandcamp, cdr is sold out. The band has also two split tapes under the belt, one with Besthoven (soon out on Chainsaw Distro) and one with Abigail, covering with this way the spectrum of their influences, from D-beat punk to black thrash metal. Enjoy it

Chainsaw Distro


Noise Aholic-Discography

The last hours a youtube vid with a band named Noise Aholic has become a little viral since i see it posted around in facebook, the spiked jacked on cover artwork and the title of release, D-Beat Chainsaw Noise make obvious what we got here, i decided to give it a listening and from the first moments i was knocked donw: Ferοcious and relentless crusty D-beat raw punk at its finest! A perfect sonic feast for the Raw Punk and D-beat lovers.  A quick search gave more information: Noise Aholic is the one man project of Owe Inborr from Dispyt and D-Beat Chainsaw Noise isn't his only recorded material: A random search in Youtube gives a few more results , there are totally five releases, all of them recorded during 2018 (actually 3-4 months ago), all of them delivering the same D-beat noise attack, some are more into raw punk D-beat and others with more crusty flavor but always delivering endless feedback of punk noise aggression. Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered by Owe Inborr at Wolfthrone Studios. Honestly this was a surprse. Noise Aholic hasn't any site, no bandcamp, no facebook, but all recordings are available in youtube.  Owe is the owner of Wolfthrone Studios, hope he will be have this D-beat fever in the future and to record some more. Anyway here's his work so far:

Never Stop The Madness
D-Beat Chainsaw Noise 
Our Beautiful World
Giong to War
Noise Overdose 


PHYSIQUE-The Evolution of Combat

The Evolution of Combat is the new vinyl release of noise punks PHYSIQUE from Olympia, Washington. They started a few years ago and each member is a bond in a grid that connects many many bands in Olympia and Boston and some of them have delivered great releases (G.L.O.S.S., Crimex, Jæng, ETERAZ, Rash Togue etc etc). The Evolution... follows the East Coast tour tape from autumn 2018, the groundbreaking  Punk Life is Shit MLP and I Hate it!!!! tape ep from 2018
The Evolution of Combat is their second vinyl release, comes out on PDX based Distort Reality and delivers a relentless storm of distorted punk noise: Over-distorted guitar and bass, desperate shouted vocals and a merciless drum attack, all together create a sonic D-beat driven inferno. The attack lasts 12 and half minutes and during this time, there is no escape since the band never stops for a breath.
Overall this record has everything needed: Ferocious anger, power and wrath, a sonic fuck off to the rotting society. Available from Distort Reality and apart from the stantard  there is a test press version with alternative cover and limited to 25 copies. Let me predict it: This is is going to sold out very fast so make your move quick if you want to score a copy. The record is available for streaming/downloading in band's bandcamp.

Distort Reality store
PHYSIQUE bandcamp


Nocturnal Scum-st ep

And as the cold winter plagues Eiropean continent, Nocturnal Scum unleash hellish fire and their stenchcore attack makes the freezing cold a bit bearable, or do they make the temperature dive into more cold? Anyway, Nocturnal Scum formed in Berlin, Germany a few years ago, their first work was their 2016 demo and their first mark of solid metallic crust/stenchcore. Two years later they strike again with a six track ep and hell yeah, they deliver the goods!
The new material comes out as 12" MLP on Angry Voice Records, it was recorded in winter 2017/18  in band's rehearsal space, it was mastered by Enormous Door and artwork was made by Ernst Morsch. Music wise, the band remains devoted to the old school stenchcore they brought in their demo. Heavy metallic guitar riffs, driving bass, rough female vocals from  Katrien (ex-Last Legion Alive) and clanking drums with slower/midpaced parts and D-beat when the pace goes faster. There is an old school feeling, this rotting, primitive sound reminiscent of '80's/early '90's  crust and stenchcore from UK: The spirit of Deviated Instinct, early Hellbastard, Extinction of Mankind and Amebix seems to live in Nocturnal Scum and  reflects on their music and the eerie front cover artwork.
All and all this is a great piece of stenchcore crust delivered in 300 copies of vinyl, available from Angry Voice Records, the ep is also available for streaming/downloading in bandcamp along with lyrics.Listen it and let there be hell!



Stench of Death-Scars of Terror

Stench of Death who are named after Raw Noise's first 7", hail from São Paulo, Brazil, they  a crust punk/crustcore band, they were formed back in 2010, sometime they called it a day, they came back in action in 2018 with Scars of Terror and a single track release and apart from these they have the 4 way split cd with Whipstriker, Nuclear Frost and Infamous Glory (2015) and a contribution to A Tribute to Disrupt - Undead 2xLP (2013). Aparently not much activity all these years but 2018 seems to be a cool turning point and Scars of Terror is a great come back.
Scars of Terror was recorded in 2018 it is available in bandcamp but not any information about physical release and hell yeah, this is so fucking great and deserves to come out as cd or vinyl: Music wise it is a piece of monstrous crustcore: fast, brutal and full aggression, a perfect combination of early Extreme Noise Terror and early Doom. Bringing a crustcore storm that lasts over nineteen minutes long, Scars of Terror sounds like a perfect blending of A Holocaust in Your Head and Warcrimes Inhuman Beings or Bury the Debt, delivering seven songs, of fast, D-beat drive crustcore with rough vocals and even the slower tracks, Religion Fuck Off and Civil War deliver the goods. I guess everybody loves early Doom and Extreme Noise Terror so you are going to enjoy this belter.
Overall, this is a great piece of brutal crustcore and a nice find to me, i hope to see it in physical format and hope to see more from the band, this is available for streaming in bandcamp



Münchner Hell-VICIO! VICIO! VICIO!

First post for 2019 is a band from Latin America: Münchner Hell was a nice find for me, they are a D-beat punk from Colima, Mexico, they were formed in 2015 and VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! is their third release after Luces de la Muerte (lights of death) and Keepers of the d​-​beat key (now thats a cool title, ism't it?), both released in 2016. The band toured and played many gigs in Mexico and members were/are involved in other local punk and metal bands.
VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! consists of six tracks and delivers D-beat crust punk with thick and heavy guitar sound, amazing work with catchy guitar riffs with some glimpses of melody, pumelling bass and deep low vocals from a singer who sings in Spanish. All songs are in  the same fast or faster pace, sound quality is rough and the six tracks of release last nearly 14 minutes.Favorite tracks: Banados en fuego, Cae la noche, Vanzetti and Sacco
All and all VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! is a nice effort and worth to listen,  a great piece of rough D-beat crust and the way they deliver it in this rough sound, it really works well. It is available in youtube and bandcamp (along with lyrics) as well all Münchner Hell releases but i didn't see anything about physical release.



DISM/Speedwitch-2 way split (tape)

This is the last post for 2018 and here we got one split tape and a surpise for your ears: 2 way split is a split cassette with DISM from Malaysia and Speedwitch from Oregon, United States. DISM is not unknown to the frequenters of this blog since all their previous releases are posted here but this time they bring a surpsise and prove that they got the balls to do it: Instead of bringing their usual D-beat cust, coming straight from they '80's and inspired by Discharge, Anti-Cimex and Broken Bones, this time they deliver the glam metal, heavy metal, the metal attempt, this thing call it whatever you want, of Discharge's Grave New World. Yes this s happening here. High pitched/falsetto vocals similar to Cal's from 1986 days, more metallic riffs  and all this spirit that was born with Grave New World and bands such as Thisclose and Decade (in their last release) try to immitate, there is even a song titled Grave New World Order in their tracklist. Somehow the band balances its roots with this new pathway, the sound hasn't gone heavy metal though and as they said they did it only for this release.
On the other side we find Speedwitch, they describe they music as Ripper Crust and  they deliver Metal Punk, a combination of Bathory and Venom throwing in their cauldron old school black metal and speed metal in a catchy blending with a healthy little dose of Rock n Roll. They contriibute four tracks too and this was their swan song since now they continue with different name, Their tracks appear also in Distorter LP
2 Way Split is released by Dismania Porductions, DISM's own label and comes with stickers and pin badges.

promo video
DISM-Grave New World Order
DISM-Never Regret
DISM-Hide the truth


Tribünal-D​-​Beat Beast

Tribünal is back after an almost two years hiatus, for those unfamilar with the band, Tribünal is one man band from Hildesheim, Germany, meat-free, god-free, drug-free ideals are stated in bandcamp and seem ok. The project started a few years ago by S who changed slightly the music direction in his releases: From D-beat/D-beat Cust in his debut FTW, to raw punk in All Hope Is Lost (tape), Helpless (tape) and Watch you suffer (tape) and then a turning to Swedish death metal in Age of Iron (supposed to come out as 7").
D​-​Beat Beast is the latest recoding, it consists of four tracks, recorded and mixed during summer '18, mastered in December '18 and marks another slight change: D-beat driven tracks with the simple verse/chorus structure (plus a break with some cool solos), typical for the genre riffs and crunchy guitar sound inspired by the Swedish crust scene reminiscent a combination of early Disfear and Skitsystem and some melodic moments inspired by Wolfbrigade, excellent sound quality, rough shouted vocals, lyrics are dealing with personal topics with the exception of the opening track,Nuclear Winter wich deals with the post nuclear destruction nightmare, As about drumming, it is D-beat nicely placed in the mix. S used drum software in his previous releases, he probably doess here too but drums section is so well worked and you can't recognize if is either real drummer or a drum software.
All and all D-Beat Beast is an excellent come back to action, incorporating the Boss HM 2 sound of Swedish Death Metal into D-beat and Crust,  everything is well done and there 's nothing to complain here. Currently available in bandcamp but not any ifno about physical release.



Disbaja-Time is​.​.​.​Cruel Master!

Disbaja  hail from Zagreb, Croatia, they are a D-beat crust band, they formed a few years ago and released Realms of Absurd in 2015. Realms...  was a piece of intense D-beat Punk, three years later and after some line up changes, Disbaja is back with a new release and this time they explore the metal territories and deliver a nice blending of D-Beat with Crust and Metal
Time is​.​.​.​Cruel Master! consists of 13 tracks including one intro and lasts for 34 minutes, music wise delivers a combination of D-beat Crust and Metal: Short and fast paced songs, rough shouted vocals and D-beat drums while the metal edged guitar riffs and nice solos add some diversity that makes the whole thing interesting. The guitar sound is crunchy and the band remains in the Crust Punk territory all time without straying in metal pathways despite the metallic riffs, lyrically they deal with personal issues.
All and all, this is a nice D-beat crust release with the appropriate metal flavor, didn't see anything about physical release, Time is​.​.​.​ is currently available in bandcamp and youtube



K//19-Total Collapse Of Society

K//19 is a D-Beat Raw Punk band from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy: Their name is probably its taken from K-19, one of the first Soviet submarines carrying nuclear ballistic missiles. During its first journey it faced some nuclear reactor problems, radiation leaked and caused the death of 22 sailors who tried to fix the damage, the sample of intro is taken from K-19: The Widowmaker, a movie about this sub's journey, so the origin on band's name is obvious. Band members are also in bands such as Stigmatized etc
Total Collapse Of Society is the first demo of band, it is available in bandcamp (guys please add the lyrics!) and also in youtube and delivers D-Beat at its finest: Catchy riffs, shouted vocals, fast (D)-beat pace and an old school flavor making it sound like it comes from '80's or '90's. This is fuckin great and the band desn't need endless distortion to deliver the goods. Six songs including a Raw Noise cover and nearly 14 minutes of D-Beat. Hope to see a physical release of it and wish the band to record more.



Disanxian-The Greatest Outrageous Famine (cd/tape)

ok, this is not new release, comes from 2017 and the country of origin is China: The band is Disanxian (地三鮮) and The Greatest Outrageous Famine (極餓非道) came out as cassette and cd from Stoner Poem Productions and TIC (sublabel of  Dying Art Productions). Disanxian was born in Shenzhen city from the ashes of a band named Sick Reaction and includes people from Italy, Japan and of curse from China. Devoted to DIY spirit, they started their D-Zine webzine in 2016 (read here), the guitarist runs his one man project (here).
The Greatest Outrageous Famine  “is based on the famine “大飢荒” of China during the 1950’s using the punchline of Takeshi Kitano’s famous film Outrage (極惡非道)”. Music wise it consists of 14 tracks of Crusty Hardcore Punk including Discharge and Cryptic Slaughter covers. The release is lenghty enough since lasts nearly 28 minutes, the sound is raw and primitive, the D-beat driven force fuels the songs with energy. Do not expect top level production since the band says "in general we did this all lo-fi, low-cost and totally DIY." I don't know if the band is still active since in their bandcamp they say ""Disanxian was..", anyway give it a listening and watch them on stage in a full set vid, here



Unfair-Industrial collapse (tape)

D-beat from Kingston, Ontario, Canada: Industrial collapse  is the second release of D-beaters Unfair, right after the Holy Weapon of Peace earlier this year. There is not any information about the band, not any site, fb etc. Both of their releases came out in 2018 as cassettes on Portland based Go! Records. Industrial collapse comes in white tapes, brown covers and consists of six tracks and nearly nine minutes of old school D-beat punk. This sounds like a  blending of Discharge and Doom and could have been recorded back in early-mid '80's. Good shit! Cassette is available from Go! Records, also available for streaming in bandcamp

Unfair bandcamp
Go! Records bamdcamp


Insolent Wretch-Insane Civilized (Demo cd/tape)

D-Beat Raw Punk from Tampa, Florida, United States:  The band is totally a secret since there isn't any info on the web about them, Insane Civilized is currently available in digital format and soon will come out as cd and cassette.  It  consists of four tracks that run for eight minutes and brings old school flavored raw punk delivered in the usual stantards of noise and aggression. Not any reinvention of wheel, just simple and pure noisy raw punk, the way it has to be delivered. Currently in bandcamp and Youtube, wait for physical releases to pop up soon



D.N.A-Retrospective cd

D.N.A was formed in Sweden in the early eighties same time and along with Anti Cimex, Disarm, Shitlickers etc.They played in shows during these times and shared same stage in Sweden, they made several recordings, some were released and some not. This cd is a collection of all their material from this period. The vocalist of the band was Nillen, Anti Cimex member in the early demo and first 'Anarkist Attack' 7".
Retrospective brings classic 80's Swedish Hardcore Horror!, its a complete discography with 18 chaotic tracks taken from rare demo's, A Trip To The Land Of The Dead...And Back 12" , The Halloween Tapes 7" EP , Really Fast Compilation and Live. Released by Black Konflik in 500 copies.

Black Konflik store
A Trip To The Land Of The Dead...And Back 12" 
the Halloween tapes 7"


COTÄRD-Demo cd

This is Raw Punk from Mexico: COTÄRD is a new band from San Luis Potosí and here's their debut demo cd, co-released by Dogma Destroyer Rec.s, Exabrupto Rec.s  & Distro., Life In Disaster Rec.s and Mundo En Kaos Rec.s. The demo lasts twenty minutes, it consists of seven songs and delivers raw punk/kängpunk at its finest reminiscent of bands such as Warvictims, Electric Fineral and the likes. Pure D-beat with distorted three chord riffs and rough vocals. Recorded at Nebula Estudio, San Luis Potosí, mixing and mastering by Mattias Persson @Sceleris. Malmö, Sweden. artwork by Egor Korolevitch. All and all, this is an excellent piece of noise and hope to hear more by  them. Also available for streaming in bandcamp


Diisbomber-A Result Of War

Diisbomber is a new D-beat duet from Denver, Colorado, USA and yes its Diis and not Dis-name,  and this is their first demo, currently in digital format in bandcamp. A Result Of War delivers three songs, including Discharge's Always Restrictions classic and lasts nearly six and a half minutes and brings old school flavored D-beat. Not any reinvention of wheel here but nicely delivered D-beat the way it has to be. Sound quality is excellent and lyrics deal with anti-war, peace and equality. Wish only there were more songs here. Asi said this is currently available in bandcamp, hope so see a release in physical format