Crutches-FörlOrAD lp

Now here's something really good: FörlOrAD is the new lp by Crutches, after a five month process it was released this summer by a bunch of labels and consisting of ten D-beat blasts: The band is not unknown to Crust Demos since i have posted all their releases so far. The new lp comes in gatefold cover and in 500 copies (100 clear and 400 black) and is a co-release by some well known labels :Phobia, Distro-y, No Enough, Rawmantic Disaster, Up The Punx and Distro Rakkos, Music wise and once again the band delivers the goods with frantic and aggressive D-beat, blending the legacy of Discharge, Anti Cimex and Crude SS with the chaotic  noise and intensity of Disclose, Framtid and the likes, only Condemned is quit different with its spoken word and slow pace in the vein of Doom's Cults of Human Sacrifice and Prey for our Souls from Corrupt Fucking System. The sound quality is perfect, lyric wise there is strong anti-fascist, anti-nationalistic and anti-capitalist message in there, the singer shouts in english and swedish and there is a guest vocal and lyrics contribution by Alba, a 9,5 year young kid in the last track titled Pissregn:"Pissregn, rasistjävel, dra åt helvete!!!!!" Great! Once again we find Stiv from Visions of War in artwork (he made the artwork of Lurad lp a year ago). All and all FörlOrAD is rager, great music, great lyrics. nothing to complain about, This is available from the aforementioned labels and also in bandcamp for streaming.




Disbrigade is one man D-beat army from Quito, Equator,  Andrés the guuy behid this project started sometime in 2014 or so since all releases uploaded in bandcamp are dated in 2015, so far there are nine releases, including splits with Infërno,  Atomization and a cover song release as well. some of these came out as physical releases (One Man Army, Disnoise, Sobreviviente del Viaje Espacial, Aislamiento and split cd w Infërno came out on Pluteras Rec.s). Music wise Disbrigade delivers the D-beat of Discharge, Disclose, Besthoven and such bands. bringing hateful chords, empirical wisdom against authority, government and the world's decline. Really good noise,. As i said all recorded material is available in bandcamp, get it.



Hellbomb-Unreleased demo 2013

Hellbomb is (was?) a raw D-beat punk band from Syracuse, New York and this is their unreleased demo from 2013, do not confuse this band with Hellbombs from Jakarda, Indonesia. I don't know if this is their only recording, there is a photo of a  7 inch in their facebook page, (just covers not vinyls) but  can't find anything about it but this vid.  Anyway Hellbomb deliver raw d-beat noise influenced by Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Extreme Noise Terror, Disgust, Hellkrusher, and Napalm Death. The 5 tracks of unreleased demo there are also in their ReverbNation page. Members are also in a band named D.O.G.



Disjawn-Ghetto D-beat demo 2015

Dis band name + spiked jacket on cover artwrok = make clear what we got here, furthermore when there s the "D-Beat" term on release title. Disjawn come from Point Breeze in South Philadelphia and Ghetto D-beat is their debut release and as you have already understood this is another piece of pure D-beat: Nine songs and twelve minutes of raw punk rage, filthy but decent sound quality, desperate shouted vocals and lyrics dealing with the usual topics (nuclear fear, weed, social slavery etc). thundering bass, three chord riffs and total distortion, This is it. Available in bandcamp


Arquivo Morto Power Tosco-Carnificina Conteporânea

My since apologies to the band for taking so long to post this shit: Arquivo Morto Power Tosco come from Paulista, Brazil and Carnificina Conteporânea is their third delivery after Falsa Democracia back in the distant 2007 and Destruindo o Seu Conforto split with Diskórdia from Chile.  Carnificina Conteporânea brings six tracks of fast, ferocious and brutal blending of crust, grindcore and powerviolence, Main influences are Doom, Hiatus, Hellnation, Extreme Noise Terror, Jesus Cröst, Magrudergrind, Rot, Cruel Face, Disrupt.  This is brutal and chaotic, most songs hardly make it over one minute. This is available in bandcamp

Krigssystemet-Who's next to be the fucking government? demo 2014

Here's some really great piece of D-beat noise shit: Krigssystemet hail from Malaysia and Who's next... is their six track demo tape released in 2014, there is no any band site  and not a trace of them on the web so i can't tell if they are still active. Who's next... consists of over of nine minutes of Swedish D-beat punk, with raw and distorted guitar, heavy pammellig bass and the usual D-beat. This contains all shit needed in this genre: Ear destroying noise, the appropriate levels of distortion, aggression, wrath and power, Great tape, can't find a bad thing here. Artwork was made by Fahmi Reza, This was released by Hellforced Records, Blood of War Records and Bebal Mailorder and copies are still available. Score a copy or have a listening in bandcamp


GaAsp-demo 2015

the band with the strange name GaAsp is a crust/hardcore band from Portland OR, they were formed in 2014. "We recently self-released our debut cassette on June 13th, available for free download on Bandcamp. The band takes influence from punk-metal, crust and 80’s hardcore, including Sacrilege UK, Celtic Frost, Amebix, and Deviated Instinct. Lyrical themes include life struggles, social politics, religion and mysticism." Good.. good.... The tape was recorded in 2015 by Adam Becker,  Mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Influences mentioned: Sacrilege, Amebix, Axegrinder, Venom, Deviated Instinct, Bolt Thrower, Cro Mags, Mammoth Grinder. Give it a listening


Konglomelarat-demo 2015

Konglomelarat come from South Borneo, Banjarmasin, Indonesia and here is their demo, the demo in bandcamp has two songs, their ReverbNation page has four tracks, Anyway this is rough and chaotic punk created by some kinds who all they want is to make noise. Not pure D-beat but tupa-tupa rawstreetpunk here. The sound quality is raw and primitive. give it a listening


Butrön-Lanza Térmica

Butrön come from Barcelona and Lanza Térmica (thermal lance) is their first release, it consists of ten tracks (incl. a Los Crudos cover), recorded at Thrashzone studio in 2013 and released as cassette on Allau Records  in 2014, there is as vinyl illustration, probably for a future vinyl release.  Lanza Térmica delivers sixteen minutes of agry power crust violence (thats how the band describes their noise), the tape is available in band's page in bandcamp and in Allau Rec.s page as well, physical copies are available for only 3 €

here and there


Vacant-When it rains

Vacant come Montreal, Canada and When it Rains is their debut or at least they say so, a year ago a release named The Weight Of Existence was on bandcamp but not anymore. actually they sent a mail to Crust-Demos but it was during the hiatus times of blog. Anyway Vacant is a hardcore band, they deliver a type of emotional hardcore you can't say its post-hardcore and such stuff, i m not into this subgenre so let me copy paste the brief review from Dyin Race: "If you just can’t get enough of emotional hardcore acts in the vein of Touche Amore, La Dispute and Defeater, I’ve got a new band for you to add to your radar.  Montreal’s Vacant" this is it. I should add here that they got nice lyrics, When it rains came out as cd and is available in bandcamp



Brain Corruption-, Artifacts Of Humaniy

Brain Corruption is a Grindcore band located in Bremen area, northern Germany. they started back in 2009 and they have shared the stage with bands such as Cyness, Yacöpsae, and many others. Artifacts Of Humanity ep was released in 2013 by Solvent Abuse Records and it was recently re-released on tape by the Indonesian label Playloud Records. Music wise it delivers ten tracks incl. a Ulcerrhoea cover and a shitload of grindcore noise with some crust elements, this is brutal, shredding and chaotic grind with a crust flavor and monstrous guttural/strained vocals, Brain Corruption is a duet and totally into DIY ethic and attitude, Artifacts Of Humanity is available in bandcamp by the band and Solvent Abuse as well.



BEDA-3 Track Raw Demo 2015

BEDA, the one man raw punk army from Belarus strikes again with a three song demo recorded and released in digital format in bandcamp, this is the third recording by this guy after Let The World Crumbles To Ashes and Happy Nation, both available in bandcamp and posted here. The new 3 Track Raw demo is in the same vein and starts with an acoustic intro and then a storm of distorted, primitive and raw D-beat punk kicks in, if you have listened the previous works then you know what to expect, The demo last over ten minutes. Apart from BEDA this guy stands behind Evil Punk Records.



Crotchmutt-And now tape 2015

Crotchmutt come from Toronto, Canada, i posted their V Series demo about a year ago, And Now is their  brand new cassette, which delivers seven tracks of Dis punk D-beat coming straight from the early '80's era of Discharge and Anti Cimex, Really great uk/scandi D-beat and i hope i ll hear new recordings by them soon, no need to add anything here, this is pure D-beat punk for the the genre's lovers, you can get a copy from Sub Parr and Soap and Spikes or directly from the band.



Wildspeaker-Sylvan demo 2015

This band is not new here since i posted Revenge of the Hunted some months ago. Wildspeaker is a female fronted blackened crust band from Texas, USA. Wildspeaker originally started out as a crust/hardcore band and evolved to have a darker and more brooding sound. Characterized by pounding drums and apocalyptic guitar riffs. The singer has a growl that moves the music from gloomy to desperate. Sylvan consists of two tracks and nine minutes of blackened crust heavily influenced by doom and hardcore punk,  Sylvan songs will appear in Wildpeaker's upcoming full lenght. These tracks is a DIY/home made recording/mixing


Troglodytes-Avoid/Survive tape

Troglodytes come from London and was formed by the guy who's behind the one man project Sesso Violento: Avoid/Survive is a cassette ep that delivers ten songs and nearly eight minutes of blistering fast and abrasive harsh hardcore punk in the vein of Aerosols, Vile Gash, Nazi Dust and Raw Nerves. The band include members of british grind and black metal underground acts Cthulhu Youth, Cease to Exist and Turbo Chong. All and all this is a nice piece of shitty and raw noize with fast drumming and guitar riffs and shouted vocals. This is limited edition of 50 copies (40 clear + 10 red with folded lyrics insert) and was released in March 2015 and is available Yamabusi Recordings


Terania-Demo 2015

I want to apologise to the band (and all bands that i haven't posted their work yet, this blog is almost dead and rarely there will be updates), anyway Terania is a noizy quartet and hails from Adelaide, Australia, they are a new raw punk band they have already shared the stage with Mob47(!) and Kromosom and here we have their demo, recorded in December 2014, "Two guitars, two vocals, filthy bass and punk rock drums. We draw on our backgrounds which collectively cover fastcore, powerviolence, grind, black metal, crust and anarcho-punk, but then boil it down to it's raw punk roots" The demo was "recorded at the Animal House through a live desk into a laptop and mastered in under twenty-four hours by Stuart Rose, the songs on the demo are about bike locks, fracking, the commercialisation of education, and welfare reform (in that order). We also sing about marsupial moles, coffee, coming a croppa, pirates, sleeping rough and a pile of other things, we even have a power violence song about kittens." The demo consists of four tracks of distorted and filthy raw punk, This is available in bandcampalong with lyrics. Apart from this demo, Terania appear Noise from Hell Vol 17 and Mania For Conquest Vol 1 digital compilations
Check them also in Tumblr and ReverbNation



Arrastrasxs Bajo Un Cielo-Cobarde existencia

Arrastrasxs Bajo Un Cielo come from Chile, According to xxRuidoxx blog one of band's members is one of the punks who lost their life in the tragic incident during Doom's gig in Santiago, Chile about a week ago. Sad, sad, very sad shit...