Diskobra - Agónia

Agónia is the latest and fresh new release by D-beaters Diskobra from Budapest, Hungary. The band started back in 2013 and has several releases tapes and vinyls. Agónia was recorded in August 2019, it is currently in bandcamp and cassette release is coming soon, it consists of eight tracks and sixteen minutes of D-beat and delivers the goods: There's no any  reinvention of wheel but pure D-beat with the usual guitar riffs, basic bass lines, shouted vocals and songs structure, The old school D-beat without the need of endless distortion, the way is played to be as close as can be to Discharge.
The sound quality is excellent and lyrics are a bit melacholic and exress inner darkness: Kobra sings in Hungarian but there is english translation in bandcamp: "What can you take away from someone, who has already lost everything?" looks like someone from the band had bad times lately, Anyway Agónia is a great piece of  D-beat, congruts to the band for this little piece of D-beat shit. Stay tuned for the physical release.



Dismotivny/Escöria - Dia Apos Dia (split tape)

This is a split tape with Dismotivny from Argentina and Escöria from Brazil, the cassette came out in 100 copes and is co-released by many labels:Two Beers or Not Two Beers Records, Lonely Noise Records, Crust Or Die Collective, 13 Tumbas, Prptesta Distro, Antipoder DistroNihil Punk Attack, Los Pajaros Records, Humanidade Cancer Distro, Manaos Distro, TUFO Rec Distro label.
Dismotivny released a split tape with Besthoven in 2017 and are going to release a split cd with Nihil, here they contribute three tracks of crusty D-beat with old school flavor.
Escöria is a long time standing band from Rio Grande do Sul, they started in 1996 and they have many releases under their belt, they deliver three tracks of D-beat crust punk with crunchy guitat sound and rough throaty vocals, each band sings in its native language.
Total running time for the cassette is over 15 minutes, there is a download link provided by the bands (thanks Gattus!) including artwork, enjoy the noise!

dnld link


Warshit - Impossible To Forgive

The cover artwork shouts loud this is D-beat: The band is Warshit from Moscow, Russia, not Warsick from Canada.  Impossible To Forgive is the second recording of these D-beat punks after Born to Serve tape, it comes as cassette released by Enrage Records and consists of 9 tracks and nearly 17 minutes of D-beat crusty hardcore. Recorded live at Pentagram House studio by Igor Butz, cover design by Vika. Available also in bandcamp (along with lyrics) and youtube.



The Passing - Demo 2019

Raw, primtive and distorted D-beat from Los Angeles, California, USA: Distortion to the maximum for the guitar and bass, deep low shouts drown in reverb and D-beat drums. Five tracks and 8:40 of noizy running time. This is ear slaughtering noise not music thing, enjoy it in bandcamp


KLONNS - Discography 2016 - 2017

KLONNS is a new wave blackened hardcore from Tokyo, Japan, this is their discography cassette released by Sickhead Records from Malaysia  The cassette delivers eight tracks taken from band's both ep's

KLONNS bandcamp
Sickhead Records store


PissSniffers - Demo 2019

Chaotic and primitive D-beat Raw Punk from Athens,Greece: PissSniffers is a new band formed by members of Discordance and Kolonaki SS. Their demo was recorded in August 2019 and delivers six tracks (incl. a Anti Cimex cover) of distorted raw punk with a singer vomiting his hungs drawn in reverb. Total running time 8:30. The demo is available in youtube, the band hasn't any site



K-19 - Nevermind the Human Decay

K-19 from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy strike again with Nevermind the Human Decay , their second recording after Total Collapse of Society from 2018. Their first work was a piece of D-beat with old school feeling, in Nevermind... they add some crust flavor in guitar and works really nice. Five tracks and 15:20" of crusty running time, available in bandcamp.


JANKY - Dead society 1983-1987 CD

80's Japanese punk from Yokohama along with Systematic Death, Mad Conflux , Toxic Noise etc This is cd version of the LP on  FOAD Records. Released by Black Konflik Records
Distributed in Malaysia and Singapore by Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL), Warcloud Records ( KL ),Sickhead Records ( PHG), ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR ), GOB Distro ( JHR ),Green Peace Distro ( JHR ),Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK ), Azadghei Distro ( SG)

Black Konflik store


Syrgas - Brinnande Lik EP

Syrgas come from Varmland County, Sweden and Brinnande Lik is their debut EP, there are four guys in the band although in this recording are mentioned three of them. Brinnande Lik comes in bandcamp and also as cassette on Blown Out Media, it consists of five tracks and nearly twelve minutes of Swedish D-beat käng punk, reminiscent of Anti Cimex with crusty flavored sound  of Wolfbrigade in guitar, minus the melodic leading parts. This is excellent Swedish D-beat, Hope to see physical release and more recordings by them

Blown Out Media store


Stagnation - !!!

Tokyo noisecore heroes Stagnation come with 3 track violence craziness of DISORDER in their blood! Limited to 150 copies only. Relased by  Black Konflik.
Stagnation is a long standing band with a shitload of releases under their belt,  you can read a Maximum Rock n Roll interview here (but only if you can read Japanese)

Black Konflik store


Romantiker - Demo 2019

Chaotic raw punk from Stockholm, Sweden, born from the ashes of Honnör SS. Romantiker's demo consists of 4 tracks and lasts for 6:15" and delivers noisy raw punk, simillar to Honnör SS releases. This is chaotic and frantic as can be. Currently available in youtube, actually this is the only sign of the band, there's no any site or social media or whatever about them



Braincëll/Zikade - split 7''

Japanese/ Malaysian crust punk collaboration!!  3 bulldozing tracks from Braincell(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and 2 crashers from Zikade(Tochigi, Japan) that give us the best of late 80s/ early 90s UK crust. If you are a fan of Doom, Sore Throat and early Peaceville/ Earache Records discography then this is for you. Mastered by Bri Doom. Artwork by Rebecca Criminal Flowers and Na Primitive War. Releases on 17 Aug 2019 in celebration with Hardcore Victim's 10 year celebration fest.  Braincell will be appearing on this day.



Disapprove-Not my world

D-beat crust punks Disapprove from Kuopio, Finland, are back with Not My Word, their 3rd recording after Life's Hell (2017) and Agony of War (2018). The band continues to deliver the same high levels of excellent D-beat crust punk in 5 songs and nearly 10 minutes. Recording, mixing and mastering by Erkka Närhi. Currently available in bandcamp and youtube
Not my world and Agony of War comes as one release ubder the title Devastation by Blown Out Media in November 2019 as 12 inch vinyl.



Atomicdeath - Phantoms Of The New Realm

"....through the barren wasteland comes ATOMICDEATH with their brand new musical onslaught entitled "Phantoms of the New Realm"....an ode to all that is nasty, crusty and dangerous....these slabs of heavy as hell anthems will come to light very soon...keep those fire burning and stay vigil for ATOMICDEATH...."
Sacrilege worshipers Atomicdeath hail from Malaysia and Phantoms Of The New Realm is their debut, released by Legion Music,  Atomicdeath was formed about two years ago, and now deliver Phantoms.. which comes out as cd in July 26th for The Gathering 2 day fest (along with a bunch Legion releases). The band loves Sacrilege and brings old school thrashing metallic punk, two tracks and a video are already availabe in bandcamp and youtube.



PURGÄ - Demo 2019

Raw and primitive D-beat from Broojkyn, New York, played by some latino punks. This is the first recording of PURGÄ, and here they deliver 8 tracks and nearly 7 minutes of  raw punk with distorted guitars and bass, chaotic vocals drawn in reverb and the usual D-beat drums. This is noisy as can be and only played to cause ear bleeding. Available in bandcamp


Dispërdicio - Demo 2019

D-beat from Trujillo, Peru: Dispërdicio is a quartet and their demo conists of three tracks of old school flavored D-beat and 6:20" of running time. The recording is raw and primitive, t he demo is available in bandcamp and yotube



Struggles - Demo 2019

Struggles hail from Sisak, Croatia, they are a new band and this is their first demo.The band delivers 5 tracks and nearly 11 minutes of dark and melodic crust hardcore also descibed as neocrust in the vein of Alpinist and such bands. The demo is available in bandcamp