Hellish View-Visions of Raw (demo)

Hellish View formed in Minneapolis, USA, in 2017, Visions of Raw is their first demo and one of the best Raw Punk demos for 2017. Named after a Disclose song, the band recorded ten songs in 8 track recording and delivers the perfect Disclose worship, i bet Kawakami smiles from heaven when listening this. Distorted and raw guitar and bass sound, D-Beat pummeling drums and agonizing vocals from hell, created an amazing D-Beat/Raw punk inferno. These guys have captured the feeling of raw punk sound the best way they could do. The demo lasts for nearly fifteen minutes, the first run of tapes was sold fast and a second round on Minneapolis based Desolate Records sold fast too. And the good news: Rawmantic Disasters will released it as 12 inch. Great! And here's a few words from Revenge Records about the demo:
"It is closer to DISCARD than the initial DISCLOSE aiming at DISCARD! What?
US 3 piece from Minneapolis D-BEAT RAW PUNK 1st pro copy cassette with 10 songs in 2018 by the new group! Because the band name uses the DISCLOSE story also on the sleeve in the song title of DISCLOSE, it is obvious that it is DISCLOSE warship, but this sound is amazing!
This is exactly RAW! And a very simple D - BEAT RAW PUNK with blackness of salt plum which makes you want to give a clown!And this is also wonderful This vocal roaring in vain with a crooked voice like dying!This vocal is very similar to DISCARD and it is awesome!



Ironhawk-Cemetery of Steel

With a band name, artwork and release title like that and considering their first demo was titled Boozehounds from Hell, you probalby guess this is a motorcharged/metal punk band: Well, you are correct: Ironhawk hail from the Tasmanian wastelands, south of Australia, they started in 2012-13, they are two guys and one girl and they deliver crust metal, according tho them, they are influenced by Motörhead, Hawkwind, Sacrilege, Amebix, Onslaught, Axegrinder, Bathory Venom etc, Cemetery of Steel is a cassette released by Heavy Chains Records & Tapes, it consists of three songs of post-apocalyptic crust metal  and a blending of Amebix, Venom and early Bathory in eleven hellish minutes. The band revives the old school sound perfectly, fuckin awesome!  no need to say more, the cassette is available in several distros.



Future Terror-Toxic Greed (promo tape)

Richmond seems to be the birthplace of some great raw punk bands, Destruct, Relief and now Future Terror are some of them: Future Terror formed about a year ago and released We Are All Fucked an amazing piece of kängpunk noise in four tracks and a slight Doom flavor. Toxic Greed is their new work, three songs (plus one intro) in a promo tape for a new LP thats going to come out in the future. Following the steps of We Are All Fucked, Toxic Greed brings the same sonic hell, this time more chaotic, with full distortion and reverb and vocals drown in echo. All and all this is a nice shit of noise, blending some Swedish D-beat (Anti Cimex, Disarm, etc), there's nothing to complain here, its the perfect noise for your ear drums! the cassette is available from the band.



Blockade-Demo + 2 Trax Flexi

Time for some endless feedback of noise: Blockade is a raw punk band from Melbourn Australia, they started in 2017 with an ear damaging 3 track demo (there is a No Name release but probably came out in Australia too))and this year they recorded and selfreleased a 2 track flexi,  Runstate Tapes released the demo and flexi tracks on tape in 100 copies including sticker and delivering nearly 10 minutes or raw D-beat noize. The cassette is still available from Runstate Tapes, the flexi just came out and you can get it from Soap and Spikes. No need to say more crap, let the music do the talking.



Destruct-Human Failure (tape)

Destruct hail from Richmond Virginia, USA and Human Failure is a four track cassette  of raw punk: No infos about the band this is probably their debut cassette. Music wise, you are going to get thrashed by a merciless storm of noise and a ferocious mixtire of Disclose and Totalitar: "In the current day, buzz words such as "Raw punk" and "D-beat" are constantly thrown around in effort to label bands heavily influenced by Discharge. While a great number try to emulate this style, few deliver with any substance. Destruct are a rarity; not only by having well-crafted songs that contain urgent, and crushing riffs, they also capture raw, yet powerful, sonic clarity. Four songs in the tradition of Disaster, Totalitar, & Disclose. Mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room Studio in Tokyo for maximum earache. Limited to 200 professionally duplicated cassettes." this is the description in Agitate Records where is still available. Available also in bandcamp. No need to say more. enjoy the noize


Contrast-6 tracks

Contrast is one man D-beat band from Petrozavodsk, a city located in northwest Russia, no any infos on the web, only a bandcamp page with no information. This is the debut release of this guy, uploaded in Bandcamp in December 2017 and probably recorded sometime earlier. As the title says, this recording consists of 6 tracks and brings nearly ten minutes of old school D-Beat, the quality is rough and noisy and fits nicely with the genre, the riffs are smart and catchy,  the vocals are angry shouts drawn in reverb. All and all this is a nice piece of D-beat shit and considering the fact that there is only one man behind this and probably doing everything until the songs come out in their final form, this is way better than your expectations. Hope to see more by Contrast in the future or even this in physical format.



Arid-Scars of War

This is Blackened Crust from Chicago, Illinois USA: Arid  describe them selves as "Anti-fascist, Anti-state, Anti-human and Misanthropic D.I.Y. band", they first appeared with their demo recorded in 2014 and Offerings cassette ep released in 2016. Scars of War delivers five songs incl. the cover of Doom's Nazi Die, the music ballances between crust punk and black metal, sometimes diving into infernal black metal realms and then into typical crust parts,the vocal style ranges from black metal high pitched shrieks to the crusty deep low throaty howls and that makes the whole thing more interesting. Nazi Die is nicely covered and it is not the only anti nazi song here. Nice and interesting effort and what they do really works. The release is available in bandcamp along with lyrics. Arid is part of Dystopian Cult Records & Warcrust Records



Plaguefiend-st ep

Another remarkable stenchcore/crust release, this time coming from Copenhagen, Denmark, Plaguefiend first appeared in 2015 with their demo tape. "Plaguefiend is a heavy, D-beat driven crust/stenchcore band from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in the fall of 2014. Our music is influenced by many different styles and bands in the genre. We try not to put ourselves too much in a box, but rather incorporate various sounds and elements we like. The goal just is to create raw and brutal music." The ep is courrently available only in digital format and delivers three tracks and nearly nine minutes of heavy crust, there is an announcement about vinyl release on Wargame Records this summer, nice!



Mobattack-The side effects of war

Mobattack is a D-Beat Crust band from Riverside and Corona California, started about seven years ago under the name Disband and members are/were invlolved in other bands such as Holokaust and others, we know them from the split cd with Disease,posted here (this was recently released as vinyl by by Unified Resistance Records) and from Live Doomsday cassette on Desörden from 2014.
The Side Effects of War was released by Civil Records, a label based in Azusa, California, USA, and is currently only in digital format in bandcamp, it delivers 23 songs including the re-recorded songs from the split with Disease. The release is lengthy since reaches 44 minutes of running time, this is enough to satisfy your longing for d-beat and brings you fast, angry and ferosious D-beat crust. The cover of Disclose's Conquest is nicely done. Hope this will come out in physical format



Zygome-Demo 2018

This is heavy stenchcore crust from Halifax  Nova Scotia, Canada, the band includes members from Contagium, Fragment, Imbolix, Outcry and others, considering this fact its hard to expect something bad: The demo was released by Runstate Tapes in cassette format in 100 copies, included sticker and lyrics. Metal edged riffs and ungry shouted vocals in four tracks and ten minutes of  old school metallic heavy crust that reeks infernal stench from the depths of '80's (Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder), no surpsise this is already sold out, Currently available only in bandcamp, Soap and Spikes Revenge Rec.s and probably elsewhere.



Phisique-Punk Life Is Shit MLP

Raw punk  from Olympia Washington, USA: "By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. PHYSIQUE manages to hit both points by channeling the classic DISCHARGE/Kawakami (RIP) model of poetic, simplistic sloganeering and carefully crafted, noise fueled D-Beat punk music. "Punk Life Is Shit" exists to fight the nightmarish reality of inept politicians, capitalism, colonialism, gender struggles, Jesus useless Christ and impending nuclear war that we all live in.
8 songs pressed on 500 copies of 140gr black vinyl with an etched B-side, 22x22 double sided poster and digital download card all housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket. Photography by Yet Demeanor, Art by Bee, Fucker and Devin N.D.B.. Recorded by Joey at Left Field. Mastered by Will Killingsworth." (From Iron Lung bandcamp)

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Ulcer-Vandalism + Live (Tape)

Ulcer is a stenchcore project from Japan and includes ex-members from Effigy and Axewield. This is a cassette released by Black Konflik from Malaysia, Was recorded in 2016 and was innitialy released on vinyl by Doomed To Extinction Records in 2017, the tape version brings you as bonus 30 minutes of live recording at Hiroshima Spyder 02 December 2017. Music wise and as expected the band delivers metallic crust simillar to the bands afforementioned before and for fans of Axegrinder and Amebix. The cassette comes with new cover artwork and since this is on  Black Konflik, expect some top quality cassette release

Black Konflik blog
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Άπνοια-Θρίαμβος του Μίσους (tape)

Άπνοια (Apnea) come from Kozani,Greece and Θρίαμβος του Μίσους (Triumph of hate) is their  third release after Ωδή στο Χάος (Ode to chaos) tape/cd and the split tape with Besthoven. Θρίαμβος του Μίσους is released by Extreme Earslaughter Records (Punk,Metal,Grind label based in Athens, Greece) in pro-tape limited to 100 copies. Following the same path as their previous works, the band delivers D-beat punk at its finest level, they get better and better in their releases, this is the one i like the most. 25 minutes and nine songs of fast D-beat driven hardcore punk with the exception of track #6 Διχόνοια (Discord)  which is slower and emotional before the outbreak in the final part. Excellent cassette! this is also avalable in bandcamp along with rest releases, hope to see them one day on vinyl.



Akrasia - First Demons-Birth of the Void LP

Catalysmic Space Crust from Oslo, Norway. Yes the description sounds weird but this is what is about: "The debut recording of Akrasia now finally on vinyl. A cataclysmic and massive crust-monster from Planet Oslo, Norway, that sounds like it's made out of bits and pieces of Amebix and Venom with Hawkwind's "Space Ritual" and heaps of Killing Joke in the mix. A huge monolith of black vinyl and eight tracks of "space-crust" if you might say so. Includes digital download. Limited on 320 copies in black vinyl!" (from Punkdistro description). Recorded at Blitz, Oslo 2015-16 Mixed at Blitz , mastered at Enormous Door . Running time 35 minutes of a crust stellar hourney. This monster is co-released by Ruin Nation and Sjakk Matt Plater



Disease-Desperate Screams 2014-2017 (tape)

Raw punks Disease need no introduction and i m glad to follow them since their early days, Desperate screams is a cassette released by No Name in 60 copies and is a partial discography of the band with 32 songs (yes, the band was and is very profilic) from the Apocalypse of Chaos 7" and Atrocities of War (tape) splits with Warcorpse, The Nightmare Is Real spit 7" with Dispose, We Lose Everything (tape), Neverending War Crimes'' 12'', Destructive Noise Raid 7'' and as epilogue the cassette ends with a live song in Aalborg/Denmark-22.10.16 from their European Tour 2016. Total running time one hour of D-Beat Raw punk Disclose worship. Following the Euro Tour 2016 and Dis Nightmare Will Never End... European Tour 2017, the band will hit the road again this autumn with Rawapocalypse Approaches Tour visiting Balkan countries and well squats in central and south Europe, in the meantime another release, a split 7" with Besthoven just came out on Rawmantic Disaster and Televized Suicide


Total Silence/Nefärioüs D-saster - Total DIsaster split cd (2018)

Here we are again after nine months pause, Crust-Demos is still alive, we are going to bring you some demos that came out lately and ar worth enough to give a listening. Anyway, lets kick some noise,and we are going to start with the same band posted in the beginning of this hiatus: Total DIsaster is a split cd with Total Silence and Nefärioüs D-saster, Total Silence is not unknown to this blog since all releases were posted from time to time: D-Beat one man band from Brazil and already has several releases under the belt,  Guile.Lundström the mastermind behind this powerhouse contributes four songs of D-Beat  in the usual top level of his previous works including a Crude SS cover. Nefärioüs D-saster is a Death/Crust band from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with thrashy shreding guitar, D-Beat drums and brutal vocals, this is primitive and raw home made recording, a sonic vomit in four tracks too including a Disrupt cover.  Released by Decapitated Records and Grave of the 80's distro

Total Silence bandcamp
Nefärioüs D-saster bandcamp


Total Silence-Noise Punk Bombardment (τape/cd,2017)

Another release from Total Silence, Guile's one man project : Noise Punk Bombardment is goin to come out as cassette and cd on Decapitated Records and is currently availabe in bandcamp. For those who are not familiar with the band, Total Silence is one man D-beat band from Duque De Caxias, Brazil and already has a bunch of releases under his belt. Noise Punk Bombardment brings six tracks and nearly thirteen minutes of D-beat punk full of energy and anger and simillar to Besthoven. There is an old school flavor, Guile doesn't need overdistorted guitars and endless feedback of reverb to deliver the goods. All and all this is a great release with catchy riffs and excellent sound quality, soon to pop up as cassette and cd on Decapitated Rcs.