Kawakami Nightmare & Nulevoy Effect-split cd 2012

Disclose worship from Belarus/Ukraine vs dark neocrust from Russia: I posted Kawakami Nightmare's demo in here so you can find a lot of info about them, their next release, the spit with D-beat-ers Disgod on Total Punk Records floated very fast on blogsphere (grab it here if you already haven't) and so does their latest work (thanx Eugenio!) which is a split with Нулевой Эффект (Nulevoy Effect) from Arkhangelsk, Russia. This is the best Kawakami Nightmare recorded material so far and delivers their cult for Disclose (a cover of Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare is included as well as Discharge's Always restrictions) in five songs. I don't know anything about Nulevoy Effect, they bring five tracks of dark heavy D-beat influenced crust with screamed vocals in Russian, thick guitars with some emotional melodies popping up (Без Права Дышать) and add the gloomy pessimistic feeling of neocrust genre.
Link is provided by Eugenio of Kawakami Nightmare


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