SNARA - Artillery Demo

One more fresh new release. SNARA hail from Montreal, Canada and was formed by people who were/are in some great noisy raw punk and crashercrust bands such as Mueco, Zymotic, Project GBG and others and the history the members carry says a lot about the quality of noise you re going to get here. Artillery comes as pro cassette and was co-released by Black Konflik and Sickhead Records from Söm, Pahäng, Malaysia , it consists of four tracks of crashercrust noisy punk in the vein of Zyanose, Gloom and such bands. Not any sound sample here but there is a youtube vid and it will rock your ears with a noise attack and a blending of the aforementioned bands. This is sold out from Black Konflik but still available from Sickhead Records  but you can find it from Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL),Warcloud Records ( KL ), ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR ), Green Peace Distro ( JHR ), Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK ), Azadghei Distro ( SG )

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