Project GBG-Demo 2018

Now this is a killer demo: New brand Swedish Raw Hardcore band from Canada, featuring members of Absolut, Mueco and Ultrarat. 4 tracks demo devastating for fans of Anti Cimex Shitlickers , Bombanfall and Anti-Bofors. Sounds great and it is!  Raw and filthy D-beat punk the way it has to be and one of the top demo//cassette releases of this year for the genre. Released by Black Konflik in 100 copies and time of noise is 5:20", i wish only there were more songs.This is already available from Soap and Spikes and uploaded in youtube for for listeming pleasure enjoy it and get a copy

Black Konflik store

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Skategimp said...

great revew. this is the shit!! I think there's actually 100 released as 'no color vinyl, & maybe 250 in black vinyl. totally ripping burly and raw!! cheers!