Zymotic-8 Tracks demo

Another great noise punk band from Montreal, Québec, Canada: Zymotic includes people involved in bands such as  Mueco, Parasyte, Blockade and Project GBG. 8 Tracks demo comes in caseette format and delivers noisy and destructive crashercrust bringing the Disclose and Framtid  guitar sound and riffs and also heavily influenced by the noise of Osaka's bands such as Zyanose and Defector and even Collapse Society, This is good and delivers the (noisy) goods and as Sorry State says "The production style of crasher crust can serve as a crutch for weak bands to hide behind, but that’s not the case here.". Two songs are available in bandcamp for your listening pleasure. 8 Tracks demo is currently available in several distros (Soap and Spikes, Sory State, Revenge Records etc etc, )

youtube full demo

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