Arseholes - PHL 2019

Arseholes is a Raw Punk band from Philadelphia USA, including members from Pollen, NeverEndind Mind War and Mauser, Nevermind The ****here's The.... was their debut cassette and a blast of raw punk in 2018 on Black Konflik and Sickhead Records. Here we got their fresh new cassette titled PHL 2019, co-released by the same labels and considering the bands members are/were  involved, this ca not be bad: PHL 2019 delivers nearly five minutes of noisy and distorted raw punk of Shitlickers era of Disclose. Wish there were more tracks. Black Konflik run out of cassettes but Sickhead Records still has copies so act fast before its gone. The cassette is available in youtube

Black Konflik
Sickhead Records
Sickhead Records store

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