Deformation Quadric - Do not be fooled by the state

Black Konflik is synonymous with quality in underground and recently released some killer releases, non surprisingly most of them (Snara, Gerogrogenbakutai, Arseholes) were sold out instantly, so here's one of them still available at the moment: Here we got some noise punk crasher from Deformation Quadric from Osaka - city, Japan., 4 new track recording ofh traditional 80's Japanese Noise punk, featuring member of Poikkeus and ex Hatsuri. Released by Black Konflik as cassette. Available in Malaysia and Singapore from Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL), Warcloud Records ( KL ) , Sickhead Records ( PHG), ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR ),Green Peace Distro ( JHR ), Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK ) and Azadghei Distro ( SG )

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