Disbaja-Time is​.​.​.​Cruel Master!

Disbaja  hail from Zagreb, Croatia, they are a D-beat crust band, they formed a few years ago and released Realms of Absurd in 2015. Realms...  was a piece of intense D-beat Punk, three years later and after some line up changes, Disbaja is back with a new release and this time they explore the metal territories and deliver a nice blending of D-Beat with Crust and Metal
Time is​.​.​.​Cruel Master! consists of 13 tracks including one intro and lasts for 34 minutes, music wise delivers a combination of D-beat Crust and Metal: Short and fast paced songs, rough shouted vocals and D-beat drums while the metal edged guitar riffs and nice solos add some diversity that makes the whole thing interesting. The guitar sound is crunchy and the band remains in the Crust Punk territory all time without straying in metal pathways despite the metallic riffs, lyrically they deal with personal issues.
All and all, this is a nice D-beat crust release with the appropriate metal flavor, didn't see anything about physical release, Time is​.​.​.​ is currently available in bandcamp and youtube


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