Tribünal-D​-​Beat Beast

Tribünal is back after an almost two years hiatus, for those unfamilar with the band, Tribünal is one man band from Hildesheim, Germany, meat-free, god-free, drug-free ideals are stated in bandcamp and seem ok. The project started a few years ago by S who changed slightly the music direction in his releases: From D-beat/D-beat Cust in his debut FTW, to raw punk in All Hope Is Lost (tape), Helpless (tape) and Watch you suffer (tape) and then a turning to Swedish death metal in Age of Iron (supposed to come out as 7").
D​-​Beat Beast is the latest recoding, it consists of four tracks, recorded and mixed during summer '18, mastered in December '18 and marks another slight change: D-beat driven tracks with the simple verse/chorus structure (plus a break with some cool solos), typical for the genre riffs and crunchy guitar sound inspired by the Swedish crust scene reminiscent a combination of early Disfear and Skitsystem and some melodic moments inspired by Wolfbrigade, excellent sound quality, rough shouted vocals, lyrics are dealing with personal topics with the exception of the opening track,Nuclear Winter wich deals with the post nuclear destruction nightmare, As about drumming, it is D-beat nicely placed in the mix. S used drum software in his previous releases, he probably doess here too but drums section is so well worked and you can't recognize if is either real drummer or a drum software.
All and all D-Beat Beast is an excellent come back to action, incorporating the Boss HM 2 sound of Swedish Death Metal into D-beat and Crust,  everything is well done and there 's nothing to complain here. Currently available in bandcamp but not any ifno about physical release.


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