Disbaja-Realms of absurd ep 2015

I want to apologize to all bands who have send their work here and didn't see it posted yet but i ve been thru some shitty situation the last weeks when  i finally got some free time to update the blog so there is no mood to sit down and listen this and that cos i have to, it becomes an obligation and thats shitty, allow me to post some shit that i like for a while.
Disbaja come from Zagreb, Croatia and here is their first official recording. I don't know anything about them, the name of band, the cover artwork, everything shouts this is a D-beat punk, and more or less that's what it is. Realms of Absurd is a fifteen minutes noise attack in nine anthems, influenced by Discharge and Varukers. There is no any novelty here, some may say this is just another D-beat band and there is nothing new to contribute but to all of us who love this noise this is not problem, Realms of Absurd delivers fast  beat that sometimes gets faster, thrashing guitar riffs and shouted vocals and all this noise  has some power and energy to deliver and this is its strong point. No need to say anything else. This is available in bandcamp along with the lyrics


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