Ansiax-Demo 2019

Ansiax come from Paris, France and was formed by Polish, Colombian and French punks, current and former members of Sinnaciön, Czosnek and Barren. Demo 2019 consists of 10 tracks and 16 minutes of D-beat driven hardcore punk with female vocals in English and Spanish. Apart from this,the band has a split LP with Sangrando Ruido, Miserere and Mohan from 2018. Demo 2019 is available in bandcamp


Glaükoma-4 Track Flexi

Raw punks Glaükoma from Belarus just released a 4 track flexi on Symphony of Destruction in 275 copies with screenprinted diecut cover. The band is located in Minsk and recently released the  Alle Må Dø demo cassette. 4 Track Flexi  is available from Symphony of Destruction and Revenge Records




Sick and filthy D-beat from Netherlands: Verkrust is a duet from Groningen and Slaughter is their second recording after Dance Between The Bombs, it delivers 11 tracks of crusty D-beat including Doom's Police bastard, with filthy and raw sound that reeks crust stench from the past. This is good. You can smell the stench while listening to it.



Waste of Time-Anarchy And Weed 4 My Daddy

D-beat driven crust hardcore from Denmark. Waste of Time is a quartet from Copenhagen with a couple recordings under the belt, Anarchy And Weed 4 My Daddy is their 3rd release so far, available in bandcamp and brings eight tracks of D-beat crusty hardcore with female vocals



False Ritual - st 7"

False Ritual is a new D-beat band from Portland, Oregon, United States, formed by people involved in several bands such as Total War, Dead Hunt, Apocalypse Now, Deathcharge, Bellicose Minds and Bog People. This is their first 7" released by Doomsday Records in 300 hand-numbered copies, recorded in December of 2017 at Red Lantern Studios by Adam Becker and mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Conrol. Music wise, the band delivers 4 tracks of D-beat raw punk with at its finest, inspired by Discharge, Disaster and Anti-Cimex. This is really great stuff! Apart from this the band has an unreleased recording from 2017 (here). Also available un bandcamp



Avslag-Avenir Incert

Avslag is a Raw punk band from Barcelona, Spain and this is their debut demo, Avenir Incert, which comes as cassette. The demo brings 10 tracks including a Totalitär cover, it comes in 200 hand-numbered copies on silver solid cassette and black-clear box  and delivers 13 minutesof raw punk with a swedish flavor. Available from the band (mail address in their bandcamp)



Headsplitters-st cassette

This is cassette version of the new LP by this NYC D-Beat Rawpunk heroes! 16 track full of brutal and violence Hardcore. Vinyl Released by Desolate Records (US) & Rawmantic Disasters (EU) and cassette by Black Konflik

Headsplitters bandcamp
Black Konflik store
Desolate Rec.s store

F.U.P.-Noise and chaos / Discography cd

Sapporo-city 80's Brutal wild Hardcore with full complete discography and tracks coming from 1988 until 1991 featuring "Non stop war" demo, "Nothing action nothing have" v/a , 'Bootleg" EP, 'Bootleg plus" Re-recording, "Sapporo city Hardcore" v/a, "No!!" Reh, "Stop the lawless an act " 8 track + Live 1991 and "Final" cassette. One of the best Hardcore band came along in same area with NAPALM, GAIZIN, GEROGEROGENBAKUTAI, SLANG etc. Released by Black Konflik

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Shotgun- No medicine can cure a fool / Discography CD

Another release from Black Konflik and this time its a cd: Shotgun is a Sapporo-city Hardcore Punk band featuring members of F.U.P and other bands. This is a discography cd and deliver fast and angry female fronted Japanese Hardcore. Limited to 150 copies

Black Konflik store

Regime-Bury them now

Regime hail from Moscow, Russia, this is the second ep of the band, it consists of six tracks of old school flavored D-beat and delivers pure Discharge worship. Recorded at Pentagram Studios, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Released by Black Konflik in cassette format and 150 copies, available also in bandcamp

Black Konflik store

After-Demo tape

Here's the demo cassette of After, an amazing band from New York, United States, including members from  Headsplitters and others. The cassette is released by Black Konflik and Sickhead Records in 100 copies, and delivers six tracks of D-beat raw crust hardcore massacre. The cassette is also available in bandcamp and Youtube
Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL)
Warcloud Records ( KL )
Sickhead Records ( PHG)
ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR )
GOB Distro ( JHR )
Green Peace Distro ( JHR )
Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK )
Azadghei Distro ( SG )

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Affect-Profit Victim

Noisy and chaotic raw punk from Varmland County, Sweden: Distorted guitar and bass, D-beat drums and a singer who shouts in reverb and reminds of Kawakami. This is in the vein of Disclose, Disease, D-Clone and such bands. Profit Victim delivers five tracks and nearly eleven minutes or raw punk. Available in bandcamp



Step to Frredom-The Rotten Era

Step to Freedom from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, is one of these hidden diamonds in bandcamp. They are a long standing crust punk band, they "were formedr in late 2007. In 2009, the mini-album "Without making the first step, losing the last hope" was recorded, released in limited copies and distributed only in the territory of the Russian Federation. In 2010, the demo "Faces of Death" was recorded. In 2014 they released the album "Social Zombies", a liited edition was released on audio cassettes. "Cemetery for the Humankind" was released in 2017" and The Rotten Era is their fresh new release. Recorded in Noveber and December 2018, it consists of 4 tracks and 15 minutes of metallic crust/stenchcore inspired by bands such as Misery, Antisect and early Hellbastard. This is really so good beyond any expectations. Didn't see anything about physical release, this is available in bandcamp




Chaotic raw punk from Leeds England, UK. Distortion to the maximum for the guitar and bass, D-beat drums, vocals are drawn in echo and reverb and the singer bsings in Spanish. The demo brings four tracks , it came out as cassette on Cold Comfort, also available in bandcamp



Voice of Crows-Cyber Demonstration 2019

Voice of Crows sent this demo, they hail from Ohio and back in 2016 we posted their split with Hadar Ura, here. Apart from this split the band has several other demos and cassettes under the belt, all availablein bandcamp.
Cyber Demonstration comes in digital format and consists of 12 tracks of a frantic and chaotic blending of hardcore, grind and crust. Fast and short songs (9 tracks end before the time last more than a minute), blasting drums and rough throaty vocals. Available in bandcamp


Black Uniforms - Splatter punx on acid (cd)

Another release from Black Konflik, bringing another old classic, this time from Black Uniforms: Splatter punx on acid is a cd re-issue, oringinally released by Hardcore Holocaust in 2001, the cd come with paper sleeve jacket and obi strip and its limited to 500 copies only. Splatter punx on acid is a compilation and consists of songs from demo recordings and appearances in compilations

Black Konflik store


Diisbömber-st & Down in the trenches

D-beat crusties Diisbömber from Denver, Colorado, USA, seem to be very profilic since recenly they unleashed two digital releases in bandcamp. For those unfamiliar with the band, Diisbömber (yes its ii) started as duet a few months ago and now they are three member band, they are a D-beat band with crusty flavor, their first release was A Result of War in November of 2018 and was followed by their eponymous and Down in the trenches, both came out in April 2019. Following the same pathway since their debut, Diisbömber deliver D-beat crust with crunchy guitar sound, shouted vocals and typical song stroctures, Motorhead's  classic Bomber is amazing cover, lyrics about anti-war, peace and equality and against corrupt, oppressive, warmongering governments. All releases are available in bandcamp, didn't see anything about physical release.

st bandcamp
Down in the trenches - bandcamp