Criptas - 2 Tracks ep

Criptas hail from Mexico and this 2 track ep is a piece of old school death metal and crust punk. The band seems to love the old school D-beat driven death metal and blend it with crust punk and deliver an evil and dark crusty death metal or death metal orientated crust or call it whatever you like it. The sound quality brings an old school feeling reminding of the Swedish scene of early '90's while  tthe vocals and D-beat drumming keep thhe whole thing in the crust punk territories. Total running time 8:30". Available in bandcamp



Membrane -st 7"

This is raw, overdistoerted and primitive punk coming out of Oalkiand, California, United States: The band delivers six tracks of noise, This is the description by Byllepest Distro, thedistro/label that is going to release it as vinyl:
"Stripped of the self-righteous nature that usually contaminates too many raw-punk charged modern bands, Oakland's Membrane brings a ferocious mix of d-beat, stompy hardcore enveloped in a wall of distortion.
Membrane makes D-Beat more fun and catchier than it's been in a long time. Some tracks shine through with a general Disclose feel while a couple of their tunes break that formula by daring to rock the fuck out. Those songs highlight the faster ones to create a sense of completeness that few new raw punk EP's manage to capture.
Membrane might remind you of many other bands, while still remaining excitingly different. No matter if you're into Fight Back era Discharge, GAI or The Headcleaners, there is something here for you."
Two tracks are availalbe in bandcamp


KIAL? - 6 Tracks EP

KNAL? hail from Brittany, France, and this 6 track recording is their debut release
6 Tracks EP comes out as cassette in 120 copies and will come out as 7" vinyl in January/March 2020, it brings approximately 8 monutes of noisy and distorted hardcore raw punk with shoyed echo=ed vocals in Spanish (song titles are in Spanish),. The cassette is available from the band, you can contact via bandcamp (not any band site around)



Disprove - Total Disprove (tape)

Total Disprove is a discography cassette of Japanese D-beaters Disprove, released by No Name Records from Ukraine. Disprove were active back in '90's, they released 2 ep's, the eponymous 7" and the split with Avgrund, both  recordings were Discharge worship and were recently remastered and digitaly released in bandcamp. The band was connected with bands such as Beyond Description, Discript, Vivisection and Senseless Apocalypse..
Total Disprove delivers the 9 tracks of these recordings,the cassette cmes in 102 copies,the songs are repeated on side b and the cover includes the artwork of both 7"s. Available from No Name.

ASKÖ - PUNK? (tape)

ASKÖ is a new band, they come from Portugal and PUNK?  is their 8 track demo of D-beat sonic inferno,  its a cassette released by Iminent Destruction Records.
No any info about the band, PUNK? is a nice surprise of well deliverd D-beat: This is is the debut release of the band and brings aggressive D-beat punk full of energy and wrath with shouted vocals. The 8 tracks (including Disclose's Fear of The Nuclear Age cover) come in pro-made cassette with inlay, limited to the small run of 50 hand numbered copies, Lyrically, "they sing about Animal Rights, Nuclear War, Sexism, ACAB and carry a general scorn of the current Punk scene" Available from Iminent Destruction store and bandcamp

Imminent Destruction bandcamp
Imminent Destruction store.


Löckheed - 4 Track demo tape

D-beat Raw Punk from Rosa, California,USA. Löckheed is a new noise making band, this 4 track cassette is their first release and its really great. Distorted and aggresive D-beat kängpunk with raw and priitive sound and a singer shouting anti-war lyrics. Not any novelties but the usual raw punk arrack. Thecassette comes in 100 copies is available from the band and also in bandcamp. Recorded/mixed/mastered by Kevin, the singer  at Lizzcharge who also did the cover artwork and the layout. All and all this is a amazing debut release and Löckheed manage to stand on the top of the pile of numerous D-beat bands that pop up everyday. The band will play some gigs in next month in the local area (LA, Fresno, Tijuana, San Diego), there is no any site but their bandcamp page. Hope they will record new songs soon



Metachrist - Final Bloody Master (tape)

Raw and primitive guitar sound, old school feeling, insane guitar solos coming from the '80s death metal era, three chord riffs and D-beat for the fast parts, metal edged guitar works for the slower and emotional and echo-ed shouted vocals. This is Metachrist from Canada who revive the '80's UK crust in their Final Bloody Master 5 track cassette. Many classic '80's and early '90's crust (and D-beat crust as well) bands are mentioned as their influences and the band managed to deliver an alloy that reeks  crust stench. Final Bloody Master delivers 2 fast and 3 mid-paced emotional tracks and 17 minutes of old school stenchcore crust. This is filthy, sick and raw the way should be and comes in home dubbed onto blank factory tapes with photocopied j-card. Cassettes are available from the band, available also in bandcamp



GESS - Suffer Damage cd

This old cassette is the latest Black Konflik Records release along with INFLUËNZIA tape (posted here). GESS was a noisecore band from Kyushu, Japan back in early '80's, they were known to have recorded in 'VIOLENT PARTY' in Kyushu and along with bands such as Confuse, GAI, Seig Heil and No Cut were members of local scene and Kyushu noise-core sound. Suffer Damage was a cassette released in 1983, now Black Konflik continues to dig old gems and re-releases it as cd in 500 copies. The cd comes with the original artwork, it consists of 11 tracks and over of 16 minutes of Kyushu's noise punk, also influeced by bands such as  Disorder and Chaotic Dischord. This is for noisecore frends and GAI and Confuse sound lovers.  GESS later continued as Lydia Cats including two GESS members and released a couple of 7" (incl. 2 flexis) and one 12" EP

Black Konflik store

Collapsed - Raw Live 2017-2019

Collapsed is a new D-beat band from Bali Indonesia and Raw Live 2017-2019 is their debut recording available in bandcamp. Np much about the band on the web, only their bandcamp page
The cover artwort and logo font shout this is Discharge D-beat and that's what it is. Collapse deliver 7 songs (including an intro) of a raging storm of D-beat heavily influenced by the Swedish  scene and bands such as Mardröm, Warvictims, Dödsdömd, Desperat, etc. Actually the band covers a Warvictims song and this is the band they stand closer with the guitar riffs and singer's voice and singing style
Raw Live 2017-2019 lasts for over 11 minutes and according to the release title the songs were worked during the last years since 2017, These guys manage to deliver the goods. Not something new  no novelties or any acousric intros and such shit but pure D-beat worship. Raw Live 2017-2019 is available in bandcamp for your listening pleasure.



Helvetet Recs new releases

Helvetet Records is a label/distro located in Lima, Peru and recently unleashed a bunch of amazing discography cd releases of old classic bands,
Excrement of War - Brutal Devastation: this is a discography cd of these UK crust vets , here you will find all songs of E.o.W. recorded and released on vinyl, (for more check here) the cd comes with obi strip.
Crudity - Total End cd: Here we got the Crudity discography, it consists of 20 tracks (from the demo tape 1985 that appeared in Stockholm Mangel comp. as well the band's only gig at Ultrahuset. Stockholm 12/09/1984
Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit for Consumers : Originally released as cd in 1995 by Ataque Sonoro, it delivers 30 songs and its a short of discography, consisting of songs from demo, 7"s and splits as well some compilation songs.
Fear of War - Warsongs 1985-1987 : This was previously released as cassette and vinyl and now as cd, it brings 14 songs ,its the complete studio recordings of band from demo, unreleased 7" and contributions to compilations
All releases are licenced by the bands and come with obi-strip. Find the label in facebook too


Ladrona - st (2019)

D-beat punk from Costa Rica with eho-ed female vocals: Ladrona come from Alajuela the second largest city of island and includes members of Hembolia Cerebral and Barrakas, this is the debut release (there's also one song recorded in 2017 in ther bandcapm), it consists of 7 tracks including a Destino Final cover and delivers nearly 13 minutes of old school flavored D-beat punk, fast, prinitive and aggressive. There's no any reinvantion of wheel, just pure and simple D-beat. The singer shouts in spanish and reminds of Saira from Deterstion and  Janick from After the Bombs/Parasytes/etc. Available in bandcamp and Youtube



Svartmatik - Ord Mot Ord

Svartmatik (black math) come from Sweden, they are a Crust D-beat duet with one guy singing and playing the guitar and one (D)-beating the drums. Ord Mot Ord (words against words) is their debut demo, "recorded sporadically through January to March 2019", it delivers 6 tracks and nearly 17 minutes of Crust/D-beat, with raw and crunchy guitar sound and the typical riffs we fnd in the genre, the usual D-beat and shouted sinister vocals.in Swedish This is fast, tight and cathcy crust, the guitar has this swedish metal tone and the mix is well done, there's a slight Black Metal vibe brought by both guitar and vocals, just imagine Darkthrone's crust era in a fast version. The demo comes in dihital format in bandcamp. There's no any site or any info abou the namd on the web.



Disbrigade - Extirpación de los Cánones de la Belleza

Extirpación de los Cánones de la Belleza (Extraction of the Canons of Beauty) is the latest release of D-beaters Disbrigade from Quito, Equator, the band started as one man project a few years ago abd now irs a three member band with two dozens of releases under their belts. Andrés, the founding member, also runs Pluteras Records and is behind Cabina del Terror.
Extirpación,, songs were recorded during March of 2019, vocals were recorded in September and Octomber.  There are 5 songs and 8 minuts of old flavored D-beat, actually Disbrigade followed the same pathway since the beginning and continues to deliver this old school-ed D-beat, they just get better and better
The recording is available in bandcamp as well all Disbrigade releases and there's a lot stugg to listen to. Pluteras Records is going to released it soon but the format is not identified yet.



Conquest - FOAD tape

A few weeks i posted the cassette of Conquest an obscure D-beat band from Montreal, Canada, There's n't anything on the web about the band, or the demo, just a Youtube video and some posts in facebook. Now the band releases a second cassette titled FOAD, it delivers 4 tracks and nearly 6 mintes of D-beat and its even better than their first cassette. The recording seems to come from different session to first cassette, it has better sound quality and delivers the goods better. This is amazing pure D-beat, i don't need to say anything ,enoy the D-beat!



Combat Shock - Future Kill (demo [2019)

Combat Shock come from  Ventura, California, USA, they are a five piece D-beat punk band and Future Kill is their debut demo, released as digital release in bandcamp. There's no any info about the band and the recording, just a page in bandcamp.  Future Kill delivers 4 tracks and nearly 7 minutes of D-beat  driven hardcore punk with angry shouted vocals. This is solid and wrathful.. Enhoy it!



Skürnaa - Demo tape 2019

D-Beat Crust from Thessaloniki, Greece: Skürnaa (i have no idea what their name means) formed  in 2018 or 17, they played several gigs and recently uploaded their first demo cassette in Youtube. The cassette will come out in a month or so and following the "tradition" of other greek bands (Dishönor, PissSniffers, Kolonaki SS, Βähallä), Skürnaa haven't any band page or social media or whatever.
The demo cassette consists of 12 tracks (including the eponymous microsong that lasts only a few seconds) and 15 minutes of D-beat with crust flavor on guitar, rough vocals in greek language, the usual fast and sometimes faster D-beat and decent sound quality. Everything is well placed in the mix and the band delivers the D-Beat goods.
The drummer also plays in Dishönor., the cover artwork was made by Khaos Art. The demo will come out soon, i hope to hear news for more recordings from them




New cassette EP from INFLUËNZIA, released by Black Konflik Records.  INFLUËNZIA  is a noise crusher crust outfit from Kuantan, Malaysia and  KØNFLIK is their 2nd release after a 5 Track ep from 2018. The new cassette brings 5 tracks of devastating noisy crusher crust with strong influences from Japanese crust and Finnish Hardcore. This is pure noisy chaotic punk. Limited to 200 copies and available from a network of distros or label in Malaysia and Singapore (Spyder45 Record store ,Campbell complex ( KL),Warcloud Records ( KL ),Sickhead Records ( PHG), ZUATH Generation Distro ( JHR ),GOB Distro ( JHR ),Green Peace Distro ( JHR ), Bebal Mailorder Distro ( MLK ),Azadghei Distro ( SG )

Black Konflik store