Stagnation - !!!

Tokyo noisecore heroes Stagnation come with 3 track violence craziness of DISORDER in their blood! Limited to 150 copies only. Relased by  Black Konflik.
Stagnation is a long standing band with a shitload of releases under their belt,  you can read a Maximum Rock n Roll interview here (but only if you can read Japanese)

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Romantiker - Demo 2019

Chaotic raw punk from Stockholm, Sweden, born from the ashes of Honnör SS. Romantiker's demo consists of 4 tracks and lasts for 6:15" and delivers noisy raw punk, simillar to Honnör SS releases. This is chaotic and frantic as can be. Currently available in youtube, actually this is the only sign of the band, there's no any site or social media or whatever about them



Braincëll/Zikade - split 7''

Japanese/ Malaysian crust punk collaboration!!  3 bulldozing tracks from Braincell(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and 2 crashers from Zikade(Tochigi, Japan) that give us the best of late 80s/ early 90s UK crust. If you are a fan of Doom, Sore Throat and early Peaceville/ Earache Records discography then this is for you. Mastered by Bri Doom. Artwork by Rebecca Criminal Flowers and Na Primitive War. Releases on 17 Aug 2019 in celebration with Hardcore Victim's 10 year celebration fest.  Braincell will be appearing on this day.



Disapprove-Not my world

D-beat crust punks Disapprove from Kuopio, Finland, are back with Not My Word, their 3rd recording after Life's Hell (2017) and Agony of War (2018). The band continues to deliver the same high levels of excellent D-beat crust punk in 5 songs and nearly 10 minutes. Recording, mixing and mastering by Erkka Närhi. Currently available in bandcamp and youtube



Atomicdeath - Phantoms Of The New Realm

"....through the barren wasteland comes ATOMICDEATH with their brand new musical onslaught entitled "Phantoms of the New Realm"....an ode to all that is nasty, crusty and dangerous....these slabs of heavy as hell anthems will come to light very soon...keep those fire burning and stay vigil for ATOMICDEATH...."
Sacrilege worshipers Atomicdeath hail from Malaysia and Phantoms Of The New Realm is their debut, released by Legion Music,  Atomicdeath was formed about two years ago, and now deliver Phantoms.. which comes out as cd in July 26th for The Gathering 2 day fest (along with a bunch Legion releases). The band loves Sacrilege and brings old school thrashing metallic punk, two tracks and a video are already availabe in bandcamp and youtube.



PURGÄ - Demo 2019

Raw and primitive D-beat from Broojkyn, New York, played by some latino punks. This is the first recording of PURGÄ, and here they deliver 8 tracks and nearly 7 minutes of  raw punk with distorted guitars and bass, chaotic vocals drawn in reverb and the usual D-beat drums. This is noisy as can be and only played to cause ear bleeding. Available in bandcamp


Dispërdicio - Demo 2019

D-beat from Trujillo, Peru: Dispërdicio is a quartet and their demo conists of three tracks of old school flavored D-beat and 6:20" of running time. The recording is raw and primitive, t he demo is available in bandcamp and yotube



Struggles - Demo 2019

Struggles hail from Sisak, Croatia, they are a new band and this is their first demo.The band delivers 5 tracks and nearly 11 minutes of dark and melodic crust hardcore also descibed as neocrust in the vein of Alpinist and such bands. The demo is available in bandcamp



Contrapact - demo 2019

Contrapact is a new band from Portland, Oregon and includes members of some well known vands such as Vastation, GAASP, Terminal Conquest and Erradict. Here we got their first recording, a 5 track demo of metallic motorcrust at its finest. Engineered and mixed by Jesse at Low Shelf Recording. Mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios,  the demo lasts seventeen minutes of D-beat driven crust punk with some healthy dose of Motorhead. Excellent motorcharged punk. Available in bandcamp



Prophecy of Doom - Insanity reigns supreme CD

A killer release from Black Konflik and this time the label brings the demo of these UK grindcore legends: PROPHECY OF DOOM hailed from Gloucestershire and immediately made an impact on the UKHC / grind / death scene in the late 80s, becoming firm favourites of John Peel and standing out for their unique lyrics and subject matter focusing on philosophy and psychology.   Insanity reigns supreme is band's demo from 1988, released by BK as cd in 350 copies.

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PLANARIA - Kokiu 00:12:35 (cassette & cd)

Japanese Brutal power violence Hardcore crust, 10 track featuring member of Visitor, Abraham Cross, Expose, Quang Duc Asylum and Square The Circle Released by Black Konflik as cassette (200 copies) and CD,

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Affect-Profit Victim (cassette)

i posted this raw punk ged a few months ago,now Black Konflik just release it as pro cassette. Noisy and chaotic raw punk from Varmland County, Sweden: Distorted guitar and bass, D-beat drums and a singer who shouts in reverb and reminds of Kawakami. This is in the vein of Disclose, Disease, D-Clone and such bands. Profit Victim delivers five tracks and nearly eleven minutes or raw punkm Recorded and produced by Affect at Speedball studio,Karlstad 2019.Intro on "No gods no masters" & guest backing vocals on "Blood money" & "No more 核戦争" by Martin Abraham. Limited to 150 copies

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Pesadez-Realidad de la Perversión Humana: Una Mirada al Reino de la Muerte

Noisy and chaotic D-beat raw punk from Heredia, Costa Rica, this is the second recording of Pesadez after a promo rehersal, it delivers nearly ten minutes and six tracks of frantic raw punk, it comes as cassette released by Kaos Dystro Records (Venezuela / Catalunya) limited to 50 copies, also available in bandcamp


Wolfbrigade-The Enemy: Reality LP out in 2019

Wolfbrigade hit the studio back in April to lay down tracks for their new LP out later this year.
The new LP ‘The Enemy: Reality‘ is due out later this year on Southern Lord Records, recorded in April at the Wolfden Studio in Stockholm ran by Wolfbrigade very own Jocke Rydebjer. This will be the follow up to their ‘Run With The Hunted’ LP released in 2017. ‘The Enemy: Reality‘ will be the bands third LP released on Southern Lord as part of the release deal signed in 2011 with the other LP being 2012 release of ‘Damnded’ LP. 


Zygote-89-91 cd

A Zygote compilation with tracks taken from demo and live recordings from 1989 until 1991. Original released in 1993 on vinyl by Skuld Releases and now reissue on cd version by Black Konflik.
Zygote formed after Amebix split in late 1980's and included former Amebix members Spider, George Smutpig & Stig with the addition of former The Smartpils member, Tim Crow. The band was short-lived and only released one full-length album.

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Absolut-2019 Demonstration​-​Denver Edition

Canadian D-beat noise makers Absolut are back in action and 2019 Demonstration​-​Denver Edition is their first new recorded material, in time for the Fatal Mistake Fest (June 14-15th. Denver, Co). The new demo delivers four tracks of a crashing D-beat storm of noise and is available in bandcamp
Absolut is going to play several gigs in next weeks (check the bandcamp and fb pages) as well in A Varning from Montreal fest


Martyrs-Demo 2019

D-beat hardcore punk from Seoul,South Korea. Martyrs is a new band, formed by people involved in bands such as Find the Spot, Banran, The Kitsches, Flush, 잡초, Arryam, Crawler, LxPxPx 기타 개등등 etc. The demo consists of five tracks and last 9:30 min, released by MYDY Records in cassette format, also available in bandcamp and youtube