K//19-Total Collapse Of Society

K//19 is a D-Beat Raw Punk band from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy: Their name is probably its taken from K-19, one of the first Soviet submarines carrying nuclear ballistic missiles. During its first journey it faced some nuclear reactor problems, radiation leaked and caused the death of 22 sailors who tried to fix the damage, the sample of intro is taken from K-19: The Widowmaker, a movie about this sub's journey, so the origin on band's name is obvious. Band members are also in bands such as Stigmatized etc
Total Collapse Of Society is the first demo of band, it is available in bandcamp (guys please add the lyrics!) and also in youtube and delivers D-Beat at its finest: Catchy riffs, shouted vocals, fast (D)-beat pace and an old school flavor making it sound like it comes from '80's or '90's. This is fuckin great and the band desn't need endless distortion to deliver the goods. Six songs including a Raw Noise cover and nearly 14 minutes of D-Beat. Hope to see a physical release of it and wish the band to record more.


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