Carnage SS-And for what? 7 track ep

Carnage SS come from Anchorage, Alaska, started as one man band and this is the first release as band with three members. Noah, the guy behind this has released some great shit in the past (check Chaotic Assault of Raw Noiz, Horrific Tragedy etc) and now has the help of two other guys.  And for what?  delivers 9 minutes and 30 seconds and seven tracks of D-beat raw punk, noisy and aggressive the way it has to be, nothings reveals there are three young kids making this noise. Echoed shouted vocals and lyrics about the usual topics, three chord riffs, distorted guitar and bass, pummeling D-beat drums. And if all these sound generic, then give it a listening, everything is ok and  there is nothing to complain. The sound quality is decent for the genre, artwork was created by a Diseuros member. nd for what?  is available for free in bandcamp. Said enought.



Anonymous said...

Good to have you back on track since a while! Have been waiting a long time for new posts. And here's a little note for you:
Check out the new LP "Hypnop├Ždia" from EKRANOPLAN. It's avaible for "name your price" on bandcamp. It's worth to take a listen!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! Is there any way to contact you, i´m interested in have a demo poster here. Do you hace mail? tnx

7inchcrust said...

Anonymous 1: thank you, i ll check Ekranoplan as soon as i can
Anonymous 2: write in comment here a brief history of the band, influences, connection with other bands etc and links of demo or band site/page (bandcamp, farcebook etc etc)