Colapsø-Demo 2018

D-Beat Crust Punk from Monterey, Mexico: Colapsø is a new band and this is their first  demo. The band includes people from bands such as Chimera , Hellcharger, Heädshöt and Frägments and the main influences come from bands such as Cop on Fire and the Swedish scene, they are going to record new tracks soon and they will be on tour in August. The demo is short since it lasts less than five minutes, it was recorded and mixed by Yair Lopez from Doomsday Records (a DIY label from Mexico DF, involved in the releases of Apärä, Charged SS, No Dogma and many many others) and mastered by Lenin Rojo (Mula Terca Rec.s,. Trazacielos) and consists of three tracks of D-Beat Ctust with filthy and noisy sound, angry shouts for vocals and lyrics in Spanish, this is old school driven D-Beat but with the modern distorted and heavy sound, reminiscent of Warvictims guitar and bass works. Good shit. The band is goin to enter the studio and record nine songs .The demo is available for free in bandcamp, listen and enjoy. thanks to Robert for the additional infos


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