Discommand-Hell is Here

Deathly crust metal from Stuttgart, Germany: Discommand started in 2017 with War is Terror, a heavy piece of crust with death metal influences, D-beat and doublebass drumming and rough vocals. The band describes their music as an effort "to portray the horrors of war and our contempt for different aspects of human destructiveness. this is anti war and totally anti right-wing shit! . Well said.  Hell is Here is their last and second full release since their other two releases, Nuclear Winter is ep and Mesmerize is a single track. Hell is Here lasts nearly twenty minutes, it brings seven tracks including an intro and music wise this is crust metal with hardcore and death metal influences,metal-edged and thick guitar sound, rough crusty vocals, D-beat and also doublebass drumming. Lyrics deal with sociopolitical topics. This came out as cassette and cd, self-released by the band, and is also available in bandcamp.


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