Product Zero-Guerra 2012

Product Zero is one man project from Malaga, Spain, it was formed in 2012 by Gaspar who carries a history in local bands before decide to create his own vehicle of music expression. His over-productivity has born several releases in a few months: So far, eight releases in 2012 till now classify Product Zero in the Agathocles"we-release-many-records-per-year" rank but both bands of course  haven't anything common in music: PZ' influences vary from stoner rock to emotional doom and from drone to metal and to hardcore and crust. Guerra sounds slightly different to the rest releases since is a kinda faster, more aggressive and rough and reaches the territories of hardcore but still carrying the experimental mood and a short of industrial-ish feeling. There is a fast pace in drumming and probably a drum machine does the work , rough brutal and distorted vocals and punk/hardcore guitar riffs. Lyrics are in Spanish and English. Not the straight forward D-beat-crust-hardcore you could expect but something different since the inspiration comes from Black Sabbath, Earth, Mudhoney, Fugazi, Melvins, Nirvana, Sunn O))), Yawning man, Kyuss, Slo Burn... Next release from Product Zero is planned for September (this guy never gets tired...), you can stream Guerra and  the whole Product Zero discography on bandcamp or score some cds and cassettes of releases delivered worldwide for 6'66. Thanx to G. for sending this (cheers!)



aStroStrich said...

Thanx for the review! it's great. You can download all the albums for free in bandcamp too.
PS. i'm the drum machine ;)

7inchcrust said...

Cheers G!i corrected it!

Alma said...
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