Peace Or Annihilation-Reborn And Distort tape 2005

Peace or Annihilation is a D-beat band from Jakarta, Indonesia, they formed in 2004 and started delivering a Discharge/Disclose worhip, they became known with their No Tomorrow  4 way split lp with Kruel and the widely known Warvictims and Besthoven. So far they have several releases under their belt: Reborn And Distort demo tape from 2005, Skull Fucking Armageddon - Demolition Of Raw Sound Assault (2009, Shogun Rec.s ) and split w Deportation (2010.RadicalHC Records ), the Horrific Disturbing Visions Of War tape and cd(on Black Seeds )and  Fear Control (2011,Shogun). This is rather the announcement of availability for free streaming and download of some of their releases than a demo post: Fear Control LP and Skull Fucking Armageddon... 7" are available in band's bandcamp page, so go grab it
Reborn And Distort delivers five tracks and nearly nine minutes of raw and distorted D-beat hardcore.I don't need to rant anyshit about it. Here is a review of Fear Control written by Daniel Sorry State recs :“Debut vinyl LP from this raging Indonesian crust band. Obviously inspired by Discharge and Disclose, this is some bruising, punishing d-beat with metal tinges. The rhythms remind me more than a little bit of Sacrilege, but the music is much more straightforward and direct than that band's metal-inspired sound. Still, there's a lot going on here... great riffs, bruising rhythms and absolutely feral vocals that are right up there with Disclose themselves. Definitely one of the better noisy crust releases I've heard in a while... if you're spinning records by old bands like Anti-Cimex or modern ones like Bloodkrow Butcher and Besthoven, then this one's for you. “
Download link of Reborn and Distort  is  blatantly stolen from the amazing Indonesian Hardcore Punk Documentary blog. I hope someday they will upload the split w Deportation

Reborn And Distort
Fear Control LP
Skull Fucking Armageddon7"

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