Bio Atómico Terror-Masacre cd ep 2012

Bio Atómico Terror hail from one of the corners of the world, Valvidia in southern Chile. they started as one man band as a way of expression of feelings born of continuous destruction of life by mankind and human's apathy and soon became a quartet, the first effort was the six track Evolución Macabra demo tape (check one song here), recorded and released  in 2010 by Acción Ilícita Distro Sur. Masacre is their first official release it comes in cd format and came out in collaboration of several labels (La Lluvia No Cesará, Acción Ilícita Distro Sur, Apocalyptic Monolith, Maldita Cruz,Virus Punk, Bombas De Odio and Quien Calla Otorga.The cd consists of eleven songs and nearly 24 minutes of  (death) metal influenced brutal crust: Fast drumming with blasting parts, metal driven and thrashing guitar riffs, decent sound quality, rough and brutal vocals standing above the instruments and with singing style and brutality that make it sound like coming from a death metal band singer, lyrics are in Spanish. The whole thing stands between old school death metal of early '90's and crust. This is brutal as hell.
Masacre was sent by Fernando, guitarist of Atomico Bio Terror (thanks!) dnld link includes a .pdf file with covers and lyrics sheets. Acción Ilícita, is the distro/label behind Hörrör Humänö cd, (posted here) and releases of Hoy Queremos, Ruido Sur, Los Kiltros etc.
No more bullshit ranting, go get it, visit  Bio Atómico Terror facebook, click a dis-like or just say hi!


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