HorribleXhangover-Demo tape 2012

Here's a short as horse fart demo tape from HorribleXhangover (what a brilliant name! its brings on some deja vu shit! doesn't it?) the one man grindcore project of M. Sasquatch  guitarist of crustie grinders Warkrusher (their demo was posted here) from Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego (TX, USA), with Sasquatch handling all instruments and another guy doing the drum programming. The tape consists of only two songs, Day After (Slow & Painful Death) and Day of...(Alcoholic Annihilation), both are fast, violent, brutal and short with a few seconds less than two minutes total demo running time. There are the usual drum blasting parts, outbreak parts and breaks that lead to beat changes and as expected vocals are brutal, guitar sound is raw, crustie and crispy instead tuned down and heavy a ton burring everything beneath, the whole shit is very short so there is no room to say "it sounds like this, sounds like that" or to blurb a lot, a few more songs would complete the sonic chaos and things would be perfect. As i said the demo comes in (home made) tape format, if this is a promo tape for an upcoming tape or cd with more songs then its ok since these tracks give a signal of the pathway the band grinds. More songs! More noise!
There is a video on Youtube with the whole demo and a raw version with no vocals of Day of...(Alcoholic Annihilation) here, Download link is provided by the band (Thanks M.!)


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