Matanza Civil-Plaga final & El grito de la destrucción

Matanza Civil hail from Salamanca, Spain and deliver their diy anarcho hardcore in the vein of aggressive Latino American anarchopunk bands (@patia No, etc). They started in 2004 and so far they recorded two cd's(?):Plaga final & El grito de la destrucción (at least these appear on the web,their myspace has no much infos). Each cd consists of eleven tracks, sound of Plaga final is raw and seem to be older recording while El grito.... has better sound quality. They offer their recordings for free in their myspace

Plaga final
El grito de la destrucción


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Anonymous said...

Here is 2 way split of Russian crustgrind band E123 and Belorussian
anarchopunk band I Know

7inchcrust said...

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