Hospise/Warborn-split ep

Time for some Russian crust: Hospise and Warborn team up and deliver a 7 inch split and over of 14 minutes of crust: Hospise bring a 7:43" hymn of mournful and emotional, dark, black metallic crust in the vein of From Ashes Rise, Leadershit and the likes while Warborn unleash two tracks of metal edged crust. Works of both bands were posted here and there with shitload of ranting so there is no need to say anything about them. Only 200 copies are made and you can make an order from Hidden Rainbows, MiraVoice, Chucky the Rat and Angry Chuck Rec.s. This is the web-version of this split and offered for free for downloading, the link includes mp3's and lyrics in .txt file. Many thanks to NerdPunk for this, cheers!

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