E123/I Know-split cd (2011,Black Cardinal)

This is not a demo but a split cd with two bands coming from east Europe: E123 is a grindcore / crust from Kirov, Russia, they are vegetarian/vegans with politically aware lyrics. Their first song starts with an intro that seems to be the prelude for a melodic crust inferno but what comes later is a mix of grindcore and crust with dual vocals (brutal growls vs angry shouts) and some interesting moments. Good and raw shit.
I Know come from Lukashenko's country Bellarus and include members of Antiglobalizator, Jiheart, NKVD and others, they are a female fronted anarchopunk band and a collective "focused on spreading our political message. we create our noise inspired by different political and social events that affect us. we hate the system of lie, violence and opression that rules modern world. we are trying to change something around us, we know that it's hard, maybe we can only force someone to think about that sick situation" and they have a few releases under their belts. (check their myspace for more and if you are interesting of Bellarus scene check 375 Crew). They reminded me of old Aus Rotten (minus Dave Drenga's lyrical Armageddon).
The cd comes in pasteboard envelope and includes a sheet with lyrics and comments by bands members. dwld link includes txt files with lyrics and translation in english.


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