Wheelchair X 4-Bald and dead ep 2010

Dr' Aids anti-Jordan Kyle Celebrity hate core has a partner in crime and its name is Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair: Bald and Dead is a concept EP focusing on the life and death of English reality TV star Jade Goody. J Cody was a Big Brother celebrity who was banned from the show because of racist comments against died by cancer in 2009, that's all i know about her but Wiki has more needless info bout her
Bald and Dead is nine track piece of shit starting with a slow intro and continues with eight short, fast and violent songs of powerviolenc-y and grinding hardcore kafrila with shouted/growling vocals.
Weelchair x4 hail from Scotland, they were formed in 2008, they have facebook page and they have a split tape w xHaroldshitmanx, they are going to tour in Europe this summer.

there you have it


cathyarv said...
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Bobby King said...

Thanks for posting us, man ... we're from Scotland and we were formed at the end of 2008. We're planning a European tour this summer. Bobby Wheelchair.

7inchcrust said...

thanks Bobby,cheers!

wheelchairs said...

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