Uptight Bastard-st CDr 2010

Another D-Beat crust punk shit from Greece: Uptight Bastard hail from Athens and this is their seven track CDr recorded sometime in 2010. Mike from Fifteen Counts... has posted a rehearsal recording and reviewed one of their gigs. The CDr came in 500 copies including lyrics and brings thirteen minutes of Motorhead influenced drunk D-Beat Crust n Roll blending crust, D-Beat and old school hardcore under the blessing of uncle Lemmy. Sound stinks alcohol, songs have catchy riffs, guitar is thick, vocals are rough, lyrics deal with booze and being wasted and drums lead each song to fast yet steady beat. i loved the guitar solos in No Hope and Old Dirty World, really awesome. Give it a listening!
Many thanks to Mr Rockenrollocaust.


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blacktooth said...

Super-pissed drunk-punx. Just drunk enough to stomp major ass & not pass out. Excellent skate-punk soundtrack, as well. Cheers for the post!