Dr Aids-Necroquegcuntcore demo 2010

This was offered by Agz (thanks dude), the guy who runs Lord Agz! Punk As Fuck 77 not 666 blog and its the demo of Dr Aids, the band Agz plays in. The cover artwork might make you suspicious about facing some goregrind shit and band's name and demo's title maybe will make you think of a goregrind/porngird bullshit but this is crusty flavored hardcore: Imagine Chaos UK and Conflict playing crust versions of their songs with growling vocals and you got this shit. There are five tracks and there are some really nice parts in the thirteen minutes of demo's running time. Sound is raw, lyrically...well i will not say a word, there is a pdf file with lyrics and you can read it, you also get the arwork scans.

here mp3
there m4a
and here lyrics,covers and diarrhea
and there cover,band pic,


The Artist Formally Known As Agz said...

Cheers for that bro hahaha nice write up :) I didnt know you'd done it I was just looking for a pic on images & seen the cover clicked it & Im here now!! Celebrity hate core it could be called as well haha, the front pic is of Jordan & Jeremy Kyle to be honest as there both horrendous humans!!! Nice one bro I'll put the link on out facebook page as well ;) Were also a 5 piece now 2 vocals new bass player & drummer so the next stuff should be fuckin brutal!!

7inchcrust said...

Cheers and happy new year,i just saw your fb page,nice! thank you! no i don't have any problem with the lyrics, i just wanted to warn the ultra political correct people, thats all. and yes fuck celebs! (didn't know who is this Jordan, i google'd right after i red the lyrics)