Mediocracy-Human progress,endless regress cd (2010)

Mediocracy come from Romania, actually they are the first punk band from this country that i discover thanks to Masken and Blogg as Fuck. Human progress,endless regress is their first cd after four years "constant line-up changes, problems in finding the right people, rehearsal places, money and so on" you can find more details about them here.
Human progress,endless regress is surprisingly much better than i expected and considering the country of origin makes it more exciting: Sound quality is great and unleashes the energy and power of band, there are some sludge emotional parts mixed with crust punk with some nice leading guitar parts and and brutal screamed/yelled vocals. Nine tracks recorded live in their rehearsal room and last over 38 minutes. The band offers the cd for free including artwork with lyrics. Well done guys, wish ya the best!


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