Life and Death-Rehearsal 2010

Life and Death is a grind/crust act from Argentina and include Nico (bass) who runs Hellbender blog. This rehearsal is one of their early recordings and consists of five tracks including some covers. Police Bastard and Utopia burns (strange choice, not an old ENT cover?) are great and well played, La muerte tu perd¤ân and Rencor are nice too. Vocals are brutal grunts, bands covered here are Doom, Extreme Noise Terror and Nausea (NY). The problem is the bad sound of recording but despite this shit the band members reveal their skills and deliver some goods. Nico told me that they have some new songs and new covers (Wolfpack, Terrorizer etc), i d be glad to listen new stuff by them



nico said...

heee thanks for posting this one.
we're still waiting for the new recording, but hopefuly, we'll get it out in a month or two.
in fact, the main idea is to make a split with general chaos, too (we play together quite often).

well, thanks again, and we'll keep in touch! cheers!!

7inchcrust said...

hi Nico,glad to see you again.hope to hear news about new recorded material and the split soon, cheers! :)