Unlearn-Demo 2010

Review from Stereokiller.com:
"Pennsylvania hardcore has another new band to look out for. Unlearn based out of Reading, PA are five pissed off dudes blowing off steam on this four track demo. This is a ferocious glimpse at Unlearn. The focus is hardcore, but clearly there is a huge metal influence. This is exactly what I think of when I hear the term metalcore. Not all the garbage that passes under the banner these days. It is impossible not to make obvious comparisons in the music with a band like Integrity. Impressive guitar leads and solos and without over indulging and sounding forced. The pounding drums and rumbling bass keep this demo moving with force. Vocalist Nick has a rough and loud delivery that is remarkably clear despite the nature of the songs. Lyrically these guys need a hug. From the opening shouts between the intro and first song it is obvious they have some animosity towards everything. The production on this demo is definitely something to make note of. Everything sounds clear without being too polished. Each instrument fits perfectly in the mix and the vocals lay over top just right, even the gang vocals have an impressive pop."

demo is offered for free:link

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