Disrespect-demo (cdr-2003)

Disrespect was formed in Minneapolis in 2002 by some guys who carry a long history in bands such as Misery,Hellspawn,Children of Barren Wasteland,Dreadnaught,Pissed, Destroy and Civil Disodedience, including Dan,founder of Profane Existence Rec.s
Their discography includes three ep's on Profane Existance:st('03),"Justice in a Bag"('04) with the unforgetable cover artwork and "Wartorn"('05),they also appeared in "Profane Existence's 15-Year Anniversary Comp vol 1" cd and in a Anarchist benefit comp cd released by Fight For Your Mind Records
Before all these, in autumn of 2003 they recorded a six track cdr demo, 175 handnumbered copies were made (nr 41-175 copies included an extra track,a Violators cover) delivering 80's hardcore/punk influenced by the UK scene, with shouting male/female vocals,all out political lyrics,thin guitars and a retro 80's feeling.
A few months later, in spring of '04, the Discharge'd cover artwork (which is a counterfeit of a classic photo of a murder in cold blood in Vietnam) and five demo tracks will appear in the eponymous ep. Two years later In spring of 2006 Disrespect disbanded
More details in their website
2:Reagan's ghost
3:Hillbilly hellfire
4:No sign of life
5:Rich kid
6:Drug song

link is dead but you can download the demo & the 7"s here
Disrespect-st demo

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