Masskontroll-Carrion (1994,tape & cdr)

No need to say much about who were these Portland crusties, you probably know and you have already met "No gods no mastering plants" tape.
Masskontroll's Carion demo was recorded in Seattle, WA in January 1994, there was a tape version with insert and a cdr version with paper sleeve and insert.
There are nine songs of raw and brutal crust strongly influenced by the Swedish and Japanese scene, the sound quality is ok but things get harder with the two last tracks that come from a gig and the quality of recording is not the best ....
Anyway this is a real great shit presenting the beginning of one of the most important bands of PDX scene of 90's
01:Intro -Countdown to annihilation
02:An exercise in pointlessness
03:Recycle or die
04:Pint after pint
06:I love Amerikkka
07:Pain, bloodshed, and war
08.War torn corpse
09:Work is horrendous


Anonymous said...

yeah coool ... masskontroll .. thanx

Unknown said...

serĂ¡ que vc pode arrumar o link? abirgado

Anonymous said...

Recorded in Portland. Released on tape. CDr was not even available in 94 as far as we knew.