His Hero is Gone-Medicine of thieves (tape,1995)

His Hero is Gone formed in 1995 by members of Copout,Man With Gun Lives Here, Sob Story and FaceDown. Soon after, they recorded "Medicine of thieves" a demo tape with nine tracks and 20 minutes of their influential dark crust. The tape was distributed by Partners in Crime Records (now Ebullition). Pat Davis(guitar/vocals), a founding member of HHIG appears in this recording, he left the band and was replaced by Yannick Lorraine (ex Union of Uranus member) in "Monuments of thieves" lp.
There's no need to say anything else. You all know HHIG so you know what you get here.
I don't know if this cover is the original,i checked the web but there's no trace if this tape around
01:Like hell
02:View from a holding cell
03:Ghosts of regret
04:Re-entry examination
05:The oracle
06:of thieves
08:Thanking your lover in sincerity
09:Boms away


Bak said...

great! thanx for this one,hhig fuckin' ruled!

Anonymous said...

thanks, great post!!

DogArgentina said...

i didnt know that this existed!really happy now!great post!

Anonymous said...

PiC is not Ebullition. Good post.

douglitas said...

Holy shit, up until now I didn't know this demo existed. A quick google search and I found a blog post with a dowloadable link and I'm fucking listen to it this very minute! What a find. If you told me I'd hear "new" HHIG in 2019 I would have fucking laughed at you.

Check it out!: http://sophiesfloorboard.blogspot.com/2017/01/his-hero-is-gone.html