Detestation-Unheard cries (tape,1996)

Carrying a history in bands such as Defeat, Deprived and Masskontrol, Detestation was formed in mid 90's within the wave of great bands that appeared these years in Portland scene. They recorded the Unheard cries tape in March 1996 and released it on Consensus Reality delivering eight tracks of a crust storm: Scandi influenced riffs, bashing drums, hard beating rhythm section and the characteristic Saira's vocals, creating a great combination. The band speeds on and on, there are only a few slower parts, lyrics deal with politics, they cover Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave and the sound quality is dissent. Detestation disbanded round '98 when Saira left the band, the remaining members formed Warmachine and latter went on in bands such as Hellshock, Atrocious Madness, Severed Head of State and others
01: Why do they cry?
02: Consumed by your greed
03: Class warped
04: No fucking funny
05: Crutches
06: Unheard cries
07: Searching for oblivion
08: Children of the grave (Black Sabbath cover)
09: Anticimex-Warmachine(live at Gilman,July '96)


Fernando Aquilini said...

The best crust band of the world!!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!! TANX!!!

Anonymous said...

hey by any chance do you have the Dead America " Demo " from orange county? cheers

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. Why Do They Cry is classic, and this band pounds you down.

rayss said...

hello thanks for greAT blog can yo reup ths please
ray ss