Aus Rotten-We are denied. they deny it (tape,1992)

Can you imagine a punk band being chased by a bunch of drunk violent chaos punx for being too leftist? Hmmmm.. yes if the band is a red-communist band and some ultra chaos punx during the gig decide to give a lesson .... But if this band is Aus Rotten, an anarchopunk band, then a fact like this is beyond logic. A shit like this happened back in mid-90's in San Antonio, Texas and AR were almost gun targets for being too leftist.. This story was on Broken's old site (a fellow band from New Haven, Connecticut, their guitarist Jim Martin joined AR for their short tour in Germany in 1997)
We are denied..they deny it, is AR's first recorded material, recorded back in 1992 and consisting nine tracks of their anarcho-hardcore / crust. Dave Drenga shouts his political statements, tempos vary from fast to midpaced, there are some 80's hardcore influences on guitar works, the production is raw and the band sound a little bit noisy.
01: Vietnam is back
02: Media faith
03: Out tonight
04: Urban decay
05: make it end
06: Getting to me
07: Final decay
08: Denied
09: My life


P&A said...

Hoorray! But I deny you ever put this up! :-D

7inchcrust said...

i m denied,i can't deny it...:)

Punko said...

Hi, can you reupload ???!!!

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