Hellshock-Ghosts of the past (tape)

Hellshock was formed in 2001-02 in Portland, Oregon and include members from great crust legends such as Detestation,Atrocious Madness,Remains of the Day,React etc. They have released several eps's(Warlord, World darkness, st ep), a split 10"/cd wityh Effigy, and two full lengths (Only The Dead Know The End Of War" and "Shadows Of The Afterworld") blending in their crust the influences from Misery, Amebix, Antisect and the likes with metal influences coming from 80's metal bands such as Hellhammer.
Ghosts of the past is a demo tape with recordings from 2002 and it consists a bunch of heavy midpaced metallic crust with emotional riffs, nice leading guitars, slow/midpaced drums and gruff vocals. An excellent demo for those who like midpacedmetallic crust.
01: In the company of fools-Ghosts of the past
02: Beauty
02: Your world
04: Passage
05: Olympus

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