Mobattack - Warfare

Warfare is the fresh new recording of  D-beat punks Mobattack from Riverside, California, USA. The band started nearly a decade ago and have several releases under the belt (a couple of cassettes, the split cd/lp with Disease and The side effects of war). Warfare consists of 7 tracks and lasts nearly 16 minutes and this is probably the best Mobattack recording so far:D-beat raw punk at its finest with fully distorted guitar and bass, amazing D-beat work on drums, shouted vocals full of anguish and wrath and lyrics about the usual topics.
The sound of recording is raw and primitive the way should be. Warfare is available in digital format in Goat Farm Studio bandcam page, (Goat Farm Studio is the studio the band recorded the tracks), hope to see a physical format release coming out
Goat Farm Studio bandcamp

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