Atomkrig - Fire and Brimstone

Atomkrig from Portugal are back with their 3rd release, titled Fire and Brimstone. The band is based in Lisbon and members are/were involved in bands such as F.D.P.D.C., Reltih, Barba de Sapo, A Tree of Signs, Disthrone, Scum Liquor, SustĂ«em Kooma and Extreme Unction. Their debut 7" came out in 2016 and was followed by Hell on Earth in 2017
Fire and Brimstone was recorded in 2018 and is currently available in bandcamp. Music wise delivers D-beat Crust with '90's flavor, crunchy guitar and rough deep low vocals in the vein of Doom, Hiatus and '90's Scandinavian D-beat bands. There are 10 songs incl. a Doom cover and last 19 minutes. The sound quality is excellent and helps the band deliver the goods. All and all this is a nice effort and hope to see a physical release coming out.

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