Forclose - Fear of Bombs EP

Disclose worship at its finest! Forclose come from Passaic, New Jersey, United States and Fear of Bombs is the 1st recording. Seems its a one man band, since this guy Seanie Underage played, recorded, mixed and mastered the songs. Fear of Bombs is a 3 track EP, available in bandcamp and delivers a perfect Disclose immitation in both music and singing: Totally distorted raw punk and shouts reminding of Kawakami. This is amazing! I don;t know if there is physical release, i highly recommend this to Disclose fans and wish for more from Seanie.


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GuajiroPunk said...

Thanks friend for all the shared music I send you is a compilation of my city Medellin- Colombia, We made it in quarantine: https://sofocacionenpanicovol1.bandcamp.com/releases, if you are interested I share the master sound in wav, mp3, ogg: https://mega.nz/file/iQ8BgZIQ # CDJzzZTuw40S6lqQ-_LtGiOJZhCvZvBvjdT59QpRgnQ

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