Crutches-D-Beat Tsunami 7" (2012,Phobia,Pissed Off, Not Enough)

A  new release by Crutches from Malmö, Sweden: Crutches was born from the ashes of Project Hopeless (back in the day, i used to have a small poster of them on my wall) and we met them a few months ago with their Demo tape. D-Beat Tsunami was released in October 2012, it consists of three songs and nearly nine minutes of angry yelled/shoted vocals, lyrics in Swedish, noisy and chaotic guitars and the usual D-beat drumming: "From the ashes of a D.I.Y. A//E political punk madness which was created during a decade, Crutches takes off in a scene of raw d-beat punk that's chaotic and dirty as hell. Three songs recorded in the old fashioned way, 4 channel tape-recorder, and with the fabulous help of Matte P. This turned out as raw and noisy as it could be". The record was released by Phobia Records, Pissed Off Records Not Enough Records, 300 copies on black vinyl were pressed, including 70 copies of limited edition metal welded cover (The regular sleeves weren't ready in time for the mini-tour. So the "sleeves" of  tour version were made out of metal plates with the title welded into. Incluldes a lyric insert and a 42 x 59 cm fold-out poster." (taken from Discogs. description)


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