Koszmar-Polska Dupa demo Tape 2012

Koszmar is a three scum act from Vancouver British Columbia and include people with Polish roots involved with R.O.C., After the Bombs, Violent Nun and other bands, Polska Dupa  is their demo tape released in summer of 2012. Here we have some noisy madness with raw distorted guitars, insane shouted vocals and thrashing D-beat drumming all blended in raw D-beat punk inferno of an eight song noise symphony. The tape includes a six track iPhone demo recorded a month before Polska Dupa, on the B-side ( Those recordings include early version of 6 of the songs that appear on Polska Dupa). This was released by Black Trash Records (Austria) and Less Slow More Go (Holland). Less Slow More Go version includes the iPhone demo, Dan from Less Slow More Go did the mastering work. Cover is a 2 sided pro printed a4,one side in Polish other in English, the Canadian version of demo was self-released and consists only the eight Polska Dupa songs. Koszmar sent this many moons ago with a download link which now is dead,but you can get the demo from their bandcamp, cheers guys and my apologies for the long delay.


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KOSZMAR said...

Thanks for putting us up, much appreciated! We never did get the tape released through Black Trash, I really should change that on our bandcamp. We recently recorded an EP and LP so keep an eye out for those in the new year!