ill Content-Demo 2012

This is metallic hardcore from bay area, California:" "Formed in 2004, this is fastcore straight outta Oakland, CA with some heavy 90's metal leanings. Made up of some old timers from the punk scene of the area, this is definitely for those who are fans of DRI, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT and avid readers of one of my favorite zines around, Short, Fast and Loud. This isn't just straight up thrashcore, there are blastbeats, midtempo and even melodic parts with some throaty low-end grind vocals in addition to the primary singer. Not essential, but not badly done." Well, Maximum Rock n Roll said it all about Ill Content  in MRR #351and if this is not enough then check the reviews of Razorcake and Short, Fast and Loud in band's bandcamp.
Link is provided by the band.


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