Agonie-Demo cd 2006

Another band from France: Agonie were a five piece crusty anarcho-hardcore band from Paris, they formed in 2005 and called it a day in 2007, in 2006 they recorded this demo which seems to be their only recorded material. The band included on bass the guy who runs the mighty and criminally underrated Terminal Sound Nuisance blog and you can read a much more detailed review here so is the best thing for you to skip my crappy writing and read Earslaughterers story. But if you insist to stay here….then lets roll it: The demo came out on cd format, it lasts over nineteen minutes, it consists of seven songs including the mutilation of Disorder’s Police State and brings chaotic crusty anarchopunk-fastcore with totally distorted guitars, fast bashing and sometimes chaotic drumming and yelled/shouted vocals, the whole shit reminds of Disorder or to coin Earslaughter's writting “a shamelessly raw and drunken wrestling fight between Mankind ?, Contropotere and Disaffect when they were just starting to play their instruments, or we were just ourselves, which is probably the best thing to be..”. The sound is raw and the whole chaotic feeling  is close to raw D-beat noise punk bands, the artwork was hand-made, the demo package included lyrics, btw the download link is from Terminal Sound Nuisance (so "link provided by the band" fits here), and includes scans of covers, inlays, etc, lyrics are in French, unfortunately there is no translation in English but there ‘s explanation of each song's lyrical content in Terminal’s post. All benefits from the demo went to a prisoner support fund.
 No more useless ranting. Go get it and don't forget to Visit Terminal Sound Nuisance.Thanx to R. for the link.



The Earslaughterers said...

Hey there,
I'm only just seeing this. Thanks for posting it and promoting Terminal Sound Nuisance, that's very sweet of you!


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Cheers!keep up the great work!

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