Vomit Assault-Raised for the slaughter​.​.​. Until they kill us all

Don't get fooled by the name, this is not a goregrind and not a grindcore related band; Vomit Assault is a four piece melodic crust act from Kansas City, United States and Raised for the slaughter​.​.​. Until they kill us all is their first one sided 12" and the follow up to a three track demo. Band influences come from several territories, from heavy D-beat bands to melodic and metallic crust of Nux Vomica and from the epic crust /post-hardcore of Fall of Effrafa to the blackened crust-metal/punk of The Makai, the singer is also in another band called At Your Throat. On the opposite side of vinyl there is hand screen printed logo of the band.
The record lasts over twelve minutes since both songs are lengthy. First song, Raised for the slaughter​ starts with a bass driven emotional atmospheric intro (great intro!) and soon turns into a fast crust attack with screamed vocals, d-beat drumming, metal edged riffs and melodic guitar lines popping up here and there, the acoustic breaks appears again in the middle of the song, the second track  Until they kill us all is in the same vein with slightly slower tempo and an acoustic break too, the sound quality is decent. The record is available for free in their bandcamp
The demo tracks are in the same vein with the usual metal influenced riffs, acoustic breaks etc but the sound is raw and distorted.
Vomit Assault are going to west coast tour in the first two weeks of September, go to their gig if you can.


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