Kaos SS-Life-ill Demo 2012

Brutal crust with extreme metal influences from Scandinavia: Kaos SS is a five piece crust act from Trondheim, Norway, they formed in late 2011 and recorded this five track demo in spring ’12.If there is a word to describe this then the word is “Brutal”: Kaos SS mention Anti Cimex, Rattus, Extreme Noise Terror, Asocial and raw punk as their influences but they also added tuned down heavy guitar sound, fast bashing drumming and dual attack from the brutal growling vocals, in their raw punk and hardcore influences  and reached close to metal territory by creating a crustier version of the death metal/crust hybrid subgenre of Winds of Genocide in the level of atrocity and brutality. Brutal and heavy as hell K-beat . The demo was written, rehearsed, recorded, mixed and mastered within 3 hours, I wish only  there were more tracks here and the whole demo last longer cause it really rulz. The freshnew upcoming release, the six song Mayhem Purgatory Force 7" is uploaded in bandcamp, you can stream it here.

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