Versklaven-Demo tape 2011

This is the demo tape of Vesklaven from Austin,Tx, United States, they are a female fronted crust band, they include people from Dissent, Vivisect, War Master, Delta Block and their name means "to enslave" in German language. The demo tape consists of five tracks plus four live recorded at Houston Free Thinkers Party, this is basically metallic hardcore/crust influenced by Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder, Sacrilege (they cover Life Line) and Antisect, the sound quality is very very raw, actually they sound like a raw punk band playing metallic crust. tape was released by Fermented Chaos, copies are still available, dlnld link is provided by Ivan the guy behind the label,(thanks again!). Versklaven are going to east cost tour with Abduktion this summer, support them when they come to your town.


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