Abduktion-Demo tape 2011

Oh yeah, i loved this shit, here we got something really good and a nice surprise for your ears: Abducktion hail from Houston Texas, US and bring you absolute Shitlickers/Anti Cimex/Disarm worship: Trashing three chord riffs, d-beat drumming and shouted vocals (in both English and Spanish) paying homage of over of thirteen minutes to the aforementioned bands and the Swedish scene of '80's. Is there anyone who don't like Shitlickers or Anti Cimex? there will be none who's going to dislike this. Hands down, this is a killer demo.This is the second pressing of the demo released by the Houston based label Fermented Chaos, the tape comes in red, blue and yellow paper and is still available so go grab a copy while you still can. Download link is provided by the label (thanks Ivan, this is a great demo and i m waiting for the Versklaven tracks), Abduktion are going to tour U.S.'s east coast this summer with Versklaven (from Houston too), check em when they come to your town.


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why!why must mediafire not.let.me download.xD