Pololtia Micpetlacalli-2012 ep

Another release of Pololtia Micpetlacalli, Alexander's Experimental Raw Black Metal/Folk/ Dark Ambient one man project from Peru. I have posted his two demos here and you have an idea of what you get, here we have a one track ep that lasts eighteen minutes long: After a tribal/ambient-ish emotional intro there come some raw black metal outbreaks with wicked high pitched black metal vocals and followed by atmospheric emotional parts with narratives and this repeats again and again till the end, once again the lyrics are basically in nahuatl but this time some parts are in Spanish. As it is known there is no any music instrument here except the percussion (and the Incas pan pipe or whatever is this flute sound), i don't know how he created this black metal guitar sound but he did it well and its obvious he worked on the track much more than he did in his previous recordings.


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